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Witnesses have described several strange occurrences at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, including cold spots, unexplained flashing lights, ghost children, and the loud sound of soldiers on horseback marching. At the entrance between two pillars, a Revolutionary War soldier’s ghost has been seen marching back and forth or standing guard. Ghostly recurrences of French and Indian War battles also have been noted in this area. At the Old Gym, once used as a wartime morgue, screams and pounding have been heard. At the cemetery, ghostly soldiers are said to march, and at the finance building (once a hospital), rumor has it that the walls in the basement are painted red for a grisly reason: to mask the blood stains. An apparition of a lady in white is also said to haunt the woods nearby.

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Plattsburgh Air Force Base
Plattsburgh, NY
United States

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44.653889, -73.46555599999999
Clinton County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Parc, NY (1.1 mi.)
Plattsburgh West, NY (2.7 mi.)
Plattsburgh, NY (3.2 mi.)
Cumberland Head, NY (5.3 mi.)
Morrisonville, NY (5.5 mi.)
Peru, NY (6.0 mi.)
Keeseville, NY (10.3 mi.)
West Chazy, NY (11.7 mi.)
Dannemora, NY (13.5 mi.)
North Hero, VT (14.2 mi.)


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  1. I heard men laughing on the back side of the old stone barracls. Me and my husband were walking on the oval and felt a strong breeze that lasted a minute and boots stopping like they were jogging. My husband Nate coryea walk up the steps to building number 666 and grabbed the lock and something from the inside was knocking.

    • I have lived on the old Air Force base, so i can tell you with absolution, the address numbers on the base don’t go up that far. I lived almost at the end and I was in number 152.

      • The building 666 is the small brick building behind the gray barracks. The number plate is on the upper left hand side of the back wall. Shine a light on it as the paint has long since faded to nothing. As a child growing up on the base, myself and a friend of mine were walking the trails in the woods near the side gate (a dealership is where the gate was). After leaving the woods to return home we turned and looked back to see what appeared to be a woman standing at the edge of woodline. Being young we ran like hell. I can’t say for sure I saw anything now as an adult, but the image is etched in my mind.

  2. I have actually lived in the houses on the oval and spent a lot of time in those areas, where there is undoubtedly a history to the place, I have never seen or heard ANY paranormal activity either in my old residence or around the base, but the way the stories go, the occurrences would be rather frequent and hard to miss, so i therefore have reason to be skeptic of this particular “haunting”. Do I believe in ghosts? Absolutely. Have I seen one? I think so. At the old Air Force base? No. This opinion of this particular “haunting” is based solely on my experience. I do think that there could be spirits (or something of the like) there, simply due to it’s history, but I have not experienced any of the particular occurrences stated above.

  3. I worked at the Sunoco gas station at Skyway Plaza (across the street from the old base)for a total of six years. I also lived in a rental house next door to Red Maples Apts.on Rt.9 South. There is most definitely paranormal activities going on in the area! I have witness ed the following…soldiers marching and apparitions in the little cemetery off Rt.9, men talking and walking on the platform at the long gray old barracks building, sounds of horses trotting at the old base entrance, and cold temperatures in the gym. When my daughter was walking our German Shepard, on the road next to the old barracks buiding, our dog got spooked by something at that location. He would not budge and was whining while looking at the building. I think many soldiers chose to stay and refused to cross over. I without a doubt, Plattsburgh Air Force Base is definitely haunted. (especially the old base)

  4. My family had a little boy about 6 or 7 who used-to visited us at night. We had one bedroom my kids wouldn’t sleep in so we put them together in one room. So one night I was putting the kids to bed and the little boy came in the room ,when over to my daughter crib, looked at her, turned around saw me and ran out. After that I started to notices the doors at night would open and close like someone looking to see who in the room. My son still remembers seeing dad’s boots walk by them self.

  5. i walk through the base every morning with my brother we hear cannon blasts gunfire and we once saw an apparition in a window right across from the gas station in skyway i will tell you all that yes i truly think it is haunted and should be the no.1 most haunted place in plattsburgh

  6. I was on Plattsburgh AFB for NCO Leadership School in 1991, so I lived on the old base in dormitory. On a Friday night everyone went into town and I was probably the only one to stay behind. I was running around the track and did about 15 miles venire I stopped. I was drinking water, while I did a lap walking to cool down as I came around the flag pole between the dorm and the old gym
    There was a girl walking and I stated walking towards her yelling you can’t be walking back there it is very dangerous.

    The girl was wearing white, and looked like a goth teenager. I did notice that the closer I got the brighter the light was between the dorm and gym.
    I went into the dorm and called the security police. A car came by with rwo SP’s. I was excited and told my story that it is dangerous behind the on the railro as d tracks it’s on a hilll. They looked at each other in a serious manner and said, “Should we tell him”? They said the see ghosts all of the time and the girl is one…we have seen her plenty of times. I called their seargeant and he confirmed he has soon her before.

    I didn’t believe and thought it was a practice joke. I went into the dorm and took a shower and went to bed.

    I saw a ghost show on TV and they spoke about the exact story of seeing a teenage walking on the tracks on the old base.

  7. back in the 80’s, we lived on the new base. my ex was stationed there. we had 3 children. my little brother came to spend a week with us. he was around 11-12 yrs old. we lived in a 4 apt complex and had the end unit. one day as we was finishing up with the gardens this strange event happened. i uncoiled the water hose to water the flowers. my brother was holding the hose. the water started coming out and my brother dropped the hose. all of a sudden the hose started getting sucked into the ground. we both tried hard to pull it out. after we realized it was no use and the pull on the hose was starting to pull on the water pipes hooked to the building. we decided to unscrew the hose from the pipes. witch was very difficult, but we did manage to unscrew it. the ground sucked the whole hose down in it. my brother was so scared that he called my mom to come n get him right then. i never did find the hole to show my mom. it disappeared. . can u explain this? i will never forget the fear on his face. he never visited me there again, even with mom.

  8. So this doesn’t come from my own personal experience, but I know someone who has had an experience here. He was working the night shift in one of the booths? Idk if it was a booth but it was outside, during a blizzard, and very early am. He was doing his job, and a soldier walks by his window , and straight into the woods. He went out to go inspect it and there were no foot prints or anything. So that’s something…

  9. I lived on Nevada Oval in the 80s, and one day I got into an argument with my dad and stormed off down to the lake for some fresh air. It was a cool day in the Fall, and no one else was around. I sat on an old tree that had washed ashore at the edge of the water and watched a thick fog bank move across the lake. I stood up and tried skipping a few stones when I heard loud booms coming from the fog that moved toward me. It wasn’t thunder. The booms went back and forth across the lake at one another, not across the sky. The first thought that entered my head was cannon fire, and before any old warships loomed out of the mist, I rushed off and never went back down there alone or on foggy days.

  10. I was active duty Air Force in the 80s, and stationed at Plattsburgh AFB. As a member of Security Police, we would work airfield security and when we had 3-11pm shifts, we would quick change after work and secure keys to the gym on the old post. We would have some great pickup basketball games, sometimes until 2am. One night I offered to stay behind to lock up; I had a new roommate and wanted to shower at the gym so as to not wake him up. My fellow airmen gave me speculative looks, asking ” are you sure?”. I told them yeah, no worries and they headed out. I admit it was a lonely feeling but I figured I would take a quick shower and leave. Also I like to challenge my own courage sometimes.While showering the lights in the basement went out; to this day I do not know if it was caused by a motion sensor or something else. They came back on, and I changed and went up to the basketball level. I remember hearing something that might have been whistling; years later I heard of stories about such noises at the gym. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t locking anyone in; I called out a couple of times but there was no answer. In retrospect I definitely felt an odd presence in there, however nothing solid like seeing an apparition.

    • My father had a key to the gym as well for after hour access. My brother and I used to work out in the weights room in the basement. He would usually bring his radio along.

      Last time we worked out there we were walking down the dark basement hallway when his radio turned on and spooled up his Guns and Roses CD. Start blaring Welcome to the Jungle. We tore down that hallway and out of the gym as fast as we could.

      We ripped open the back of the radio looking for a rational explanation. We never used batteries to power it – only the power cord. Opened it up and sure enough there were no batteries.

      We never heard of any of these stories prior, and I personally didn’t believe in any of this stuff.
      But after that have no doubt there is something sort of paranormal activity going on there.

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