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This replica plantation house now serves as an resort and golf course, but is supposedly haunted by a young girl heard calling for her mother.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

9301 West Fort Island Trail
Crystal River, FL
United States

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28.8799668, -82.5902016
Citrus County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Crystal River, FL (1.6 mi.)
Homosassa Springs, FL (5.3 mi.)
Lecanto, FL (6.5 mi.)
Black Diamond, FL (6.7 mi.)
Homosassa, FL (7.0 mi.)
Pine Ridge, FL (8.1 mi.)
Beverly Hills, FL (8.4 mi.)
Citrus Hills, FL (9.6 mi.)
Citrus Springs, FL (10.9 mi.)
Sugarmill Woods, FL (11.4 mi.)


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  1. I stayed at the Plantation Inn about 11 years ago and I have told numerous people about my experience there. This evening my daughter and I was talking about the remake of the movie Roots and we got on the subject of ghost. I reminder her about my experience at The Plantation Inn and she didn’t remember the entire story I told her, but here it is.

    The first night I stayed at the Inn, I was a little unsettled because I felt like I should not be there. It was just a feeling I had because the look of the place reminded me of the “big house” with slave quarters on each side. I even mentioned it to my white co-worker and she just kind of laughed it off. Anyway, later that night when I went to bed, and I am a very light sleeper, but about 30 minutes after I got in bed, I was still awake but just about to fall asleep, I felt tugging on the bed spread, I opened my eyes and laid there very still, then it happened again. At this time I was scared, but I got up and looked around and opened the closet door, looked around the bed, but no one or nothing was there. So I said a prayer to God and went back to bed and went to sleep.

    I told my co-worker what happened and I told the lady at the front desk, but I don’t think she really think she believed me, but she just kind of laughed it off. I walked around the Inn inside and out and went to the golf shop which was a short walk from the inn, but I kept looking back at the Inn, and I still had a feeling that slaves lived there at one point. I still don’t know if this is true or not. But the second night, before I went to bed and I checked around the entire room, double checked the lock on the door. I watched tv for a while, then I turned off the TV and started dosing off and it happened again, this time the tugging was harder. Finally, I said out loud “look I have to be here because of my job, please leave me alone, I am leaving here tomorrow. I’m sorry for what happened to you, but please leave me alone.” I said my prayers again and fell asleep and it didn’t happen again. After the meetings I was rushing to get out of there. Every year, I talk about my experience at this Inn. It’s something I will never forget.

    • Just so you know the plantation inn did have slaves in it hints the name haha the whole property was once a huge plantation for blacks then it was turned into a resort / golf course haha

    • Davitt Doherty  |  

      During our stay me and my friend decided to explore the building farthest from the lobby while walking across the halls we kept looking back to here constant knocking and scratching from upstairs, we were on the first floor so the fact that the noises were that loud creeped us out but we thought nothing of it.

      While making our way to the second floor we walked across a gym that was closed off we peeked in and swore we could see something move but again we ignored it, we turned to and entered the stairs when we saw a small shadow that looked to be a girl, we sprinted up the stairs and to our surprise no one was there.

      We then heard scratching and knocking and assumed it was people in there rooms. The next morning we asked the women at the front desk about the place and she gave us a confused look and told us that it’s been closed off for residents.

  2. I was sleeping and i woke up feeling wierd and i opened my eyes and i saw something and then i looked again and i saw a man (i think he was black) at the end of the bed just standing there i started screming and i woke up the people that were sleeping in my room. This happened around 3:50 in the morning but the clock was stopped at 3:30 and the time never changed. This happened in room 107.

  3. We are staying in the orchid hall of the hotel, and I do not, nor have I felt anything out of the ordinary. I believe people are letting their imaginations run wild because of the setting of this beautiful old place. I wouldn’t say it is haunted.

  4. All these are true because I live in crystal river I have stayed there and so has my brother we were 6 and we went to go to the bath room and I heard a little girl so we ran back to our room and did not come out for the rest of the night

  5. About two years ago I stayed at this hotel for business purposes. I was sleeping but felt tugging on the sheets and I woke up to see a tall dark siloute standing by the side of my bed. I screamed and screamed tried to move but was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move suddenly it was gone and I could move again at first I thought someone had broken into my room. I looked through the room and there wasn’t any evidence of a break in. I didn’t say anything to the front desk thinking I must of had a nightmare but I was very scared. I was staying on the first floor it was room one hundred something but I couldn’t remember the exact number.
    I did tell a coworker about the incident who then said there had been a haunting incident there. I was telling my niece about the incident yesterday and she pulled up the hotel name after I told her the story and she read what happened to the person in room 107 it was so dauntingly similar that the same wave of fear that I experienced that day came back for a few minutes. This place is haunted I had to stay another time there a week after the incident which I very nervous about but it was a different room and nothing happened that time. Thank God!

  6. I didn’t have any experiences, but my toddler seems to have been frightened by something. He had nightmares every night during our stay. The final night, he woke up crying at one point. I asked him what was wrong and he said his pillow was moving and he saw something black by the chair. I held up my jacket that was hanging on the chair, but he said it was something else. He seemed to be struggling to describe it, but said what he’d seen was “too black.” I assured him it was just a nightmare, but an hour or so later, he woke up crying again. This time my husband, who hadn’t heard the first episode got up with him. I heard my son telling him the exact same thing; that his pillow was moving and something black was on the chair by his bed. This time he insisted on sleeping in our bed for the remainder of the night.

    I asked him about it in the morning because he’ll usually tell me about his scary dreams. This time, however, he kept insisting it was “not pretend!”

  7. During our recent visit I was having a lot of difficulties to sleep, I kept having nightmares. On our last night, I continued to have problems falling asleep. When I finally did, I started having nightmares and woke up around 1am with a feeling that something was in the room watching.. I prayed, turned and hugged my husband. I felt asleep again and woke up around 3am with a nighmare of a young woman beeing in our room looking at us. I woke up super scared and on my side of the bed I felt this precense and saw a black shadow.. I closed my eyes and started praying again.. I turned n hug my husband and felt that the thing went away.. The next morning I told my husband what happened, my dream, feeling and what I think I saw and my husband told me he had also had difficulty sleeping because everytime he closed his eyes he will see a young woman with hair up to her shoulders coming towards him.. he felt this presence the whole night and when he woke up there was a black shadow around him… We both thought that the places was probably haunted because that has never happened to us.. and for both to see, dream, and feel the same thing .. thats not coincidence..

    • I am quite curious do you remember your room number? I have been working here for a month now & as a night time lobby attendent I’m always walking the halls and delivering items to guests in their room through the night, so ALL over the hotel during my 6 hour shift and I ALWAYS get a Strange feeling whenever I’m walking hallway of the 102-120 rooms & Inpaticular when I’ve had to deliver to room 102…if you can remember I’m.just real curious, Thanks!

    • Out of curiosity do you remember your room number? I have heard similar stories to yours and happened to people staying in room 107 & 102! And the other reason I’m asking is that I have recently started working here for past 2months as a lobby attendent at night, So one of main things I do is deliver Anything guests Need to their Rooms, So I’m ALWAYS walking the halls throughout whole hotel & Go into A LOT OF ROOMS! And EVERY Time I’m Delivering to Rooms 102-130 I Get An EERY FEELING Like Something or Someone is watching ME when walking down the hall to go to a room!! I Especially FEEL Something EVERY TIME I have to go into room 102 or even when I walk by it!! The door IS NEVER Completely Shit like All the doors should Be & fact that you have to scan to card over doorhandle to open room door – this door ALWAYS is AJAR, whether guests are in there or Not!! So, just curious if you remember!

  8. We love coming back to this hotel every time we get a chance to visit Crystal River, this time was different though. My dad is very sensitive to spirits and such, while he was working out in the gym, he saw how a tv in there turned itself on. He then proceed to unplug it and continued working out…but it turned on again, unplugged already. He also felt seen inside there, even though he was alone. But the worst part came on our last day while we were checking out…he said he felt a -and I quote- “a white, old woman seeing us from the hall with a grief expression on her face”…of course we were terrified, we don’t even really believe in God but we said some prayers for the place while we were leaving. Still, no negative energies were felt there, so we probably will be going back next year.

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