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Once the Aladdin Hotel, which had a rumored-to-be-haunted Panorama Suite on the 7th floor, Planet Hollywood is apparently still haunted. The place started out in 1963 as a small hotel called Tally-Ho, quickly renamed King’s Crown, and even more quickly purchased by Milton Prell and built into the landmark hotel with the Aladdin’s lamp sign. It opened in 1966; Elvis and Priscilla Presley were married here in 1967. The Panorama Suite is still believed to be haunted. Guests have awoken in the night to the sound of a puzzled ghost trying to get in the door. They have heard tinkering with the lock, the jiggling of the knob, the door buzzer ringing and whispering in the hallway. Things also disappear from the room only to turn up later in another spot.

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3667 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States

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36.1100668, -115.17250100000001
Clark County, Nevada
Nearest Towns:
Paradise, NV (1.7 mi.)
Winchester, NV (3.3 mi.)
Spring Valley, NV (4.0 mi.)
Las Vegas, NV (4.9 mi.)
Whitney, NV (5.6 mi.)
North Las Vegas, NV (6.9 mi.)
Enterprise, NV (7.0 mi.)
Summerlin South, NV (8.8 mi.)
Sunrise Manor, NV (8.9 mi.)
Nellis Air Force Base, NV (11.4 mi.)

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  1. Just saw something you guys might want to update. In Las Vegas for the Aladdin / Planet Hollywood hotel, you’ve got the 7th floor suite listed as being haunted from 1967. Nothing from the original Aladdin actually exists as it was imploded decades ago, turned into a new Aladdin and then ultimately into Planet Hollywood.

    • The aladdin was imploded and rebuilt in 1998 about 32 years after its original construction. It was built in 1966 so it is very possible that between 1966 and 1998 there were hauntings. Also the theater was left standing and not imploded, so if any ghosts remained they could have spread throughout the new building. Usually ghosts hold on to the energy of objects or even the building materials themselves, so when they are destroyed they have no choice but to move on, unless part of the building was left, such as here with the theater.

      • Pamela Russell  |  

        It’s not just the 7th floor.
        I just stayed in a room on the 10th
        By myself!!!! I have been home for two days and still freaked out. I’ve never been so scared, without anywhere to run. I thought I was going to die. I was convinced “someone” was getting in my room without me knowing.
        l I ran crying and screaming out of my room, grabbed a stranger, yelling to him that someone is in my room and I need help. . Once he cleared me to enter, I changed went to the gym. The ladies in the spa asked if I was ok, I said not really my room is haunted and I’m sure you think I’m crazy, but I’m not.
        Then they told me the history and for 2 more nights I lived in hell. I wanted to check out but couldn’t bring myself to do it, which in itself is weird.
        One thing out of many that happened. I was so scared out of my mind (sober) and purposely opened the armoire shower curtain and bathroom door…bolted the door so nobody can come in….and woke up from hearing something trying to get in then fell asleep after trying to stay awake to awakening again 7am.
        Went to use bathroom and the shower curtain that should be completely Open was SHUT!!!
        I freaked out and ran out of the room.
        Security (a bunch) were opening rooms looking for something. I was sure they were looking for a crazy woman who ran down the hall twice (me) but it was something else which they couldn’t talk about.
        I told them my room is haunted, they didnt react, then I said I know you know its ok… finally they admitted other guests did report this.
        Why wouldnt employees be allowed to talk about this? Not ok to me.
        I wouldnt have stayed there had I known.

  2. I stayed in room 1828 the last two nights. On the second night my husband said he felt as if something was kneading and pushing up from under his mattress. I laughed at him and told him that it was probably the springs. Later that night in the other queen bed I was awoken by the same pushing feeling coming from the mattress. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I’d never heard of the supposed haunting luntil this evening when I researched it because of this experience.

  3. I stayed at the Aladdin Hotel in 2003. My brother had been killed in Red Rock Canyon a few months prior and we were in Vegas to visit with family.
    I don’t remember the room number. My husband was sleeping in one bed and I was in another because I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep. I was lying there, wide awake, when all of a sudden the comforter was jerked up towards my head and then, just as suddenly, it was jerked sideways off of the bed. I froze. I couldn’t scream or move. After about 5 minutes I got the courage to jump into bed with my husband. Didn’t sleep well that night!

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