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Folks at Phoenix Hill Tavern have reported disembodied footsteps that come down the stairs and walk across the floor, white flashes that reflect in mirrors, cold spots, and objects that move or disappear.

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644 Baxter Ave
Louisville, KY 40204
United States

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38.244585, -85.72809000000001
Jefferson County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Louisville, KY (1.8 mi.)
Parkway Village, KY (2.3 mi.)
Jeffersonville, IN (2.3 mi.)
Audubon Park, KY (2.8 mi.)
Seneca Gardens, KY (3.0 mi.)
Strathmoor Manor, KY (3.0 mi.)
Strathmoor Village, KY (3.1 mi.)
Mockingbird Valley, KY (3.2 mi.)
Strathmoor Gardens, KY (3.4 mi.)
Rolling Fields, KY (3.5 mi.)

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  1. I used to work at The Hill a few years ago. I can tell you that so much more happened than just what was listed on this website. I saw and experienced a lot of things while in employment, that even someone who had done investigations like myself had a hard time believing my eyes. If I was ever skeptical about spirits and paranormal, this place took that out of my head within the first month of me being there!

    My first experience was in the coat room… I kept hearing muted conversation. There wasn’t any customers around, and the coat room is right up against the kitchen area. I kept hearing two, distinct female voices, it sounded like it was on the other side of the wall… But only certain people were allowed in the back of the house where the kitchen was (the club is now closed as of yesterday morning). A male was in the kitchen, and the female managers were always either at the bar or in the office, and if they were anywhere in the back of the house and solitary, it was nowhere near the coat room! Not five minutes after I heard the muted conversation ending, one of the regular customers came and told me he felt like someone grabbed him on the shoulder, but nobody was there when he turned to look.

    This next one has multiple encounters… I saw it, my co-workers told me about it even though I didn’t say anything to them about this particular thing to her yet… There is a guy in a yellow shirt… Which was the color the security guards wore, so it is easy to write it off as one of them… Anyways, he would always appear in the hallways.. When I saw him, I only saw him in the mirror, and I only saw the back of him. When I looked in the hallway (which was the one between the Taproom and the entry to the Deck on the second floor… I thought at first that one of the security guards was making his rounds, but when I looked in the hallway right as he was edging out of the mirror, there was nobody there. My co worker told me she saw a guy in a yellow shirt go into the restroom by the deck on the first floor, not come out, had someone check and nobody was in there… He then came out 15 minutes later… And both times she saw him, she only saw his back.

    One employee got locked out on the roof… The door to the roof HAS NO LOCK!

    Another employee told me she heard laughing near her.

    I have seen lights swaying at the end of the night after the club was closed. I have had my pens and pencils, and a calculator move in the back of the house where we counted money, but nobody was there to take or move them.

    The Ladies Room between the Roof Garden and Taproom – People felt watched if they were in there alone. I was in there the same night I saw the guy in the yellow shirt, and a stall door slammed shut behind me. When I went to check, there wasn’t anyone else there. All the stall doors were slightly ajar. I booked it out of there!

    This is just stuff I was around for, can you imagine almost 40 years of this stuff?

  2. Yep, she’s right; although I never had customers tell me of the sort, there is activity. I worked there March till close as a bouncer, and it seemed as most of the activity was areas that there weren’t people, such as the back of the house, which is the kitchen, office,and the stairwell/ramp used to go to the floors, any one who’s been there know how us bouncers get around so quick-we used the back of the house. Once Frankie told us after close that she and Josh heard some conversation going on by the controlers office, yet no one was there. I’ve felt presencess behind the roof garden walking around as if getting out of my way, and it seemed the later it was the more went on. I never seen anything, but I remember one night, my boss, Larry ended up with scratches on him. I can’t say specific areas are more prone, but it seemed like the deck bar was the only area that was okay.

    As security; we were there till close, and often were pretty much sitting in the dark. One gaurd who usually turned off the lights wouldn’t go upstairs alone. The female gaurds have at least had their hair pulled. It wasn’t much fun feeling, lights out, anywhere but the deck bar.

    I never expected it to be haunted, but after a while the conversation kinda popped up, and turned out to be well known. There were a few artifacts from what the place usex to be, and it seemed to have been a factory/manufacturing place. Most of the surrounding Broadway houses were also their property- we called the sheds, and they seemed haunted as well, I wouldn’t go upstairs in any of them.

    Another time was when we were doing the marquee out front, we had just finished. We had to change the whole sign, and it took an hour for them to do it(was a cluster fuck of limited letters, and broken letters and made letters) the front door by the ticket booth, that is held open by the uneven floor- the one leading from that lobby after you pay; kinda closed abruptly. Yeah it has a door closer on it, but it scraps against the floor, and can sit open for hours. The woman who turns of the lights(which was already done) waz ready to bolt. Most of us had puzzled looks, about all of us were in the lobby when it happened.

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