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In 1780 during the Revolutionary war, a group of rangers were engaged in a battle against the Iroquois who were fighting on behalf of the British. The natives outnumbered the rangers some five to one and the Rangers eventually surrendered. After their surrender the Rangers were tied to nearby trees and slaughtered after a period of torture. It is claimed that they still haunt the spot of their deaths and that especially on the anniversary of the battle (July 16) you can see them locked in their doomed battle against their enemy.

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    Geographic Information

    Captain Philips Monument Road
    Northwest of Saxton, PA
    United States

    Get Directions »
    40.26005397105479, -78.26623195396684
    Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Nearest Towns:
    Stonerstown, PA (3.0 mi.)
    Saxton, PA (3.3 mi.)
    Martinsburg, PA (4.7 mi.)
    Coalmont, PA (4.9 mi.)
    Woodbury, PA (5.8 mi.)
    Dudley, PA (5.9 mi.)
    Coaldale, PA (6.9 mi.)
    Defiance, PA (7.1 mi.)
    Broad Top City, PA (7.7 mi.)
    Roaring Spring, PA (8.4 mi.)


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    1. sherry cresswell  |  

      I lived there for many years and yes it’s haunted we hear flute music and heard Indians yelp we even saw shadow people

    2. we did a investigation out here and it felt like someone is watching you. we saw some shadows around our van and heard like a dog haling on the evps and our chimes went off a few times and we had trouble with our recorders and our cam and our co founder felt someone sitting with her on the steps she believe that it was one of the rangers sitting with her and she felt like her insides were being cut open and his name is A. Shelly

    3. I have went there several times with friends. We saw lanterns in the woods, heard what sounded like horse hooves walking around the car, have taken pictures that looked like there were faces in the tree line.
      Scariest time and last time I been there, my girlfriend at the time, my self, and few over friends went. We parked her blazer and just sat in silence. My Buddy and I were sitting up front(I was driving) and we noticed two greenish color lights coming towards the car. The girls were freaking out and begging us to leave. My buddy and I decided to turn the head lights on and there was nothing. So we chose to sit a little longer. About ten minutes went by and the lights looked as if they came out of the ground and started to move towards the vechile. The lights were I’d say about half a football field away towards rt 26.I kept saying it was traffic from the road. We watched for several seconds and then the girls started to act crazy begging us to leave. I turned the head lights on once more and nothing….we decided to try it again. Before I explain what happened next I want to stress the car was completely off it wasn’t turned over to have the radio on or what not. It was complete darkness.
      As we sat there we all started to feel freezing cold, and it was the middle of July. I started to feel very uneasy and felt someone was watching us. My ex was sitting in the back seat and decided to look behind the car, and out of the blue she started screaming and crying.. Kept saying go go go go, get out of this place. We all started to panic and I turned the key and the blazer would not start or make any sound of trying to start. As she is losing it we all start panicing not knowing what just happened. Fianlly the car started and I floored it down the road heading back to 26. Has we were heading back to Huntingdon our home town she just kept crying and crying. She finally settled and told us what had happened. She said when she looked out the rear window there was an older looking man with his face against the glass looking straight at her. The thing about that was there was a hand print from the out side on the window.
      Many times I have been to this site and not every time something happened, but after that night we never went back and to this day when i see my ex or the others that were with us it always gets brought up.
      If you enjoy “ghost hunting” or just simply enjoy the rush, this site is a great spot to go. Has I said not every time stuff happened , but if you get a chance to experience it, you will know it for sure!

    4. As a direct descendent of the Skelly’s that were massacred here I had always wanted to visit this place. In 2006 I found myself nearby and finally went. Boy was I weirded out. I felt a great feeling of someone watching me. As I stood at the marker I felt a great surge of energy throughout my body and the wind suddenly started to whip through the trees as if I was being talked to. I found a path to the right tgat walked up around the memorial and found a hunting tree stand and decided to sit in and just take the place in. Sitting there I felt the same feelings as I had while at the memorial. I do not know if you ever plan on going there and doing an observation but if you ever do please let me know, I would love to be involved in some way, to see what happens. Email me at

    5. Having went to Tussey Mountain this was the spot we went to for some cheap thrills. It was like a right of passage. I never bought into the stories of driving around the monument X amount of times then parking and turning the engine off in hopes that it wouldn’t start. I have trouble picturing a bunch of ghosts hanging out in the woods counting how many times you drive around thinking to themselves “hey if you’re not going drive around seven times, we’re not doing shit for you.”

      I have been there many times, I’ve had quite a few experiences there. Some of which I can share via YouTube.

      Captain Phillips Memorial, January 24, 2015:

      Captain Phillips – 9/30/13 – Glowing Orb:

    6. I have been to this place numerous times. The trick to it is to drive around the ring 7 times. After the 7th time shut off your car nand wait. I was driving and heard what sounded like screams, seen bright lights moving very quickly in the woods. Right before I was getting ready to leave I reached to lock my door and it opened up on me. I was out of there quick. After you leave you have to go to the gas station on 26 and sit under the lights. I did this and seen hand print and foot prints.

    7. I myself also went to tussey mountain high school and ive personal have had some crazy experiences at the monument. Scrapping noises on car to crazy lighting coming out of nowhere. Door locks locking and unlocking on there own. Worst experience i had was me and some friends were sitting there and a ghostly figure appeared on the hood of his car. When trying to start car the battery died.

    8. So Called haunted places or any haunted place on the planet is (BS) Gettysburg, the biggest & bloodiest civil war battle is said that the entire town is haunted with the soldiers (BS). I wlaked 1 of those “Ghost Walks ” 1-A waste of time. 2-Especially a waste of money.
      Adi-Kent T.Jeffery who wrote 2 books 1-Ghosts in the Valley 2-Most Ghosts in the Valley is nothing but a (BS) story teller, the places are there & that’s it. She wrote a (BS) story about 2 people coming home from their prom 1930’s in Tullytown, Pa Lower Bucks County. He lost control of his car, they found him, but never found her & once a yr she glides across the lakes @ prom time in May. Now, she was involved in an accident & taken to a NJ hospital, died in route & his buried with her family at the church in bristol, go to the library & ask for the information on Midnight Mary & they will give u a paper on the people in that area & where they are buried. Her books are (BS).
      The Van Sant Covered Bridge on the NJ side across from New Hope is also suppose 2B haunted of a woman who murdered her 2 children in the creek, I was there in the summertime @ 12AM with my camera took pictures & a BIG NOTHING complete waste of time.
      For me to believe in ghosts I have to see it in order to believe it.
      A woman I was dating in the early 70’s her older brother’s friend, his family lived in the Langhorne Farmhouse this was suppose 2B the most haunted place in Bucks County, the night bobby, her brother was suppose to take us there, he got sick & never got a chance to experience this so called haunted Farmhouse.
      To me this is all (BS) & anyone who believes in this is an idiot, because u must see it to believe it.

    9. We went there last night after reading about it. I don’t get scared easily but made my husband leave after a few minutes. We ended up going back after a few minutes. I took pictures both times. We heard what sounded like gun shots, Indian dancing, a horse walking, and someone touching the truck. My husband got out and went to walk up to the memorial and a hand pressed on his chest stopping him from going any further. After we got home, we went through the pictures. A lot of orbs, but the one that fascinated us the most was a blob on the right side of the monument. The first picture was as if that part was blurry. The second picture was even more blurry. The third picture revealed a face. We captured a manifestation. We also captured a silhouette of a horse. Then there was a spot that a tree layer by the road. In 2 spots, the tree was blacked out. Another interesting thing with the pictures is when my husband got out to walk up to the memorial, I took 6 pictures. Only 2 were not blackened out completely, except for one has a light at the bottom.

      It was a neat experience.

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