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There are persistent stories of a “phantom car” that drives erratically (and sometimes crashes) along the deserted highway between Orlando and Daytona Beach. No one seems to ever be more specific than that, but as a local, my best guess would be the stretch of I-4 that runs through Tiger Bay State Forest, northeast of Deland. (It’s the only major road that connects Orlando and Daytona Beach, and the only stretch of it that can be considered “remote.”)

Witnesses swear they see the car crash into the underbrush, and some even call the police to report it, though often there is never a wreck to be found.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

N of Deland, FL
United States

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29.08617668762039, -81.1666488647461
Volusia County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Samsula-Spruce Creek, FL (6.8 mi.)
Lake Helen, FL (8.3 mi.)
North DeLand, FL (8.3 mi.)
DeLand, FL (9.2 mi.)
De Land Southwest, FL (10.3 mi.)
Port Orange, FL (10.9 mi.)
West DeLand, FL (11.2 mi.)
South Daytona, FL (11.2 mi.)
De Leon Springs, FL (11.4 mi.)
Daytona Beach, FL (12.2 mi.)


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  1. I believe the area you are referring to is about a quarter mile stretch before the St. John’s River Bridge and is also referred to as the “I-4 Dead Zone”. Phantom cars and trucks have been seen in this area as well as you get radion interference and voices over the frequency. Friends and I investigated the Dead Zone by driving to and fro many times with different situations of quiet or white noise. We called each other as phone voices or interupption of calls happen as well. It is also a place with one of the HIGHEST accident numbers for the state it is abnormally high. We did hear some muffled voices on one of our phone calls but, have not had any other real experience and I can’t’ get anyone to investigate there again, not since one of my friends became a statistic and had an unusal accident there. He is fine, but, not interested in being in the area again. I also had a co-worker tell me a tail of how he was driving from here to see his girl in Daytona and was in that area and was really to tired to be driving, the last thing he remebers is the exit RIGHT before an exit that is near The Dead Zone. This friend didn’t even know about this area and is a skeptic at best but, he dosed off and was awoken in the Dead Zone by a man pulling on his arm and saying “HEY BUDDY YOU BETTER WAKE UP!!” This woke him and he said to me he saw a blue glowing man in 1800’s period dress and when he closed his eyes and opened them again he was gone, SHOOK him up pretty bad.

    • I’m in Port Orange, I’m a photographer, I would love for someone to show me the perfect into paranormal activities

  2. I also recorded our investigation entirely on my IPhone and while this has NEVER happened before or since, the file won’t open at all. No amount of trying has made it work. I still have it and it still doesn’t work.

  3. I am a Floridian who grew up in the area..I never knew of this zone on I4 until now that I’m reading and realized that this experience had to be an apperition.
    Very near the bridge, I was just starting to drive, and was going 75 mph in the fast lane.
    Next thing I knew a very fast car was coming head on with me out of nowhere, I swerved to miss this car and barely missed the one in the lane next to me. Thanked GOD for having His Hand upon my car!!

  4. This area of the phantom car is near daytona just a couple miles out on i4 headed west a red suv erratically drove from our left into the front of us and crashed .into the brush . I called 911 an they said they always get this same call.

  5. No that’s not the area it’s way before st John’s river it’s only 1 mile or so from when you come from 92 just past tiger bay .my wife and I saw it happen there. A red vehicle came wildly across in front of us and wrecked in the woods .I even called 911 and was told .the same it’s not the i4 dead zone area.

  6. I too have seen that before when I was working at the Lowe’s in DeLand coming back to Daytona Beach. This blows my mind!

  7. I too have seen it! I was working at the Lowe’s in DeLand coming back to Daytona Beach. This blows my mind! I even remember calling the police telling me they get the same damn call, all the time! Unreal!

  8. Sometime in 2004 I was coming from Orlando ,to my home in Deltona fl. As I passed Sanford bridge by St. Johns river. I was with my Ex, and we were talking, out of nowhere a black older model car came speeding up on me and started to swerve. All I could think of at the moment was to try to stay away from him. He kept swerving towards me, got so close that he scraped the side of my Green Crysler Lebaron with his car. At that moment I panicked and started to curse him, thinking he was high on something. All the sudden my ex says where did he go? We looked through every mirror and window and he was gone. I remember clear as day, it was a weekend hardly no cars on I4. When we got home when we looked at the side of my car, there was black scrapes of black paint. The person or whatever it was never sped up, or stayed behind me, he disappeared, into somewhere in thin air. Till this day I never said much about it, thinking no one would believe it. Or that they would think it was a practical hit and run. I know I and my Ex will never forget that crazy day, when the supernatural decided to mess with us. I have had crazy experiences, due to me being sensitive in feeling these things out of the normal like spirits/ ghosts. I was taken by surprise that day. I would have never believed in phantom cars if it wasn’t for my experience. I guess he wanted someone to know he, or whatever that was, was there at the same time as me.

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