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The base is said to be haunted by Captain Guy Hall, an ace with the Marine Corps who passed away in a training mission after WWI. Also, Commodore Melanchton B. Woolsey, who died of yellow fever despite meticulous precautions, is said to walk along a cupola on Admiral’s Row. A lady in white and other spirits have been seen around the base as well, and folks have reported cold spots, disembodied voices, and warm breath on their necks.

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150 Hase Rd
Southwest Pensacola, FL 32508
United States

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30.349945828218505, -87.29213608623047
Escambia County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Warrington, FL (2.6 mi.)
Myrtle Grove, FL (5.0 mi.)
West Pensacola, FL (5.3 mi.)
Pensacola, FL (6.7 mi.)
Goulding, FL (7.7 mi.)
Gulf Breeze, FL (7.7 mi.)
Bellview, FL (7.8 mi.)
East Pensacola Heights, FL (8.6 mi.)
Brent, FL (8.9 mi.)
Ensley, FL (11.7 mi.)

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  1. chris armstrong  |  

    Not one to hold much stock in this kinda thing but I’m painting the commodore house right now..
    But I have been in several “cold spots on the third floor that have sent chills down my spine..and so.e pretty random myself most of the time too..

  2. I was stationed at NAS Pensacola from 86′ to 90′ and was married at “All Saints Chapel.” A nice little chapel, which is almost hidden away. It’s across the street from the main chapel. I had a roommate who had a fairly new video camera. I asked him if he would video the ceremony for me; he was more than happy to. I invited all of my navy buddies and provided several disposable cameras for anyone to snap a pic or two. Many people brought their own cameras as well. I was sure to have several great pictures. Shortly before the ceremony began, people started snapping pictures. It only took a few moments before everyone realized that none of the camera’s were working. I didnt have much time before the wedding began, but my roommates video camera worked and was ready to go. I knew because I helped him set it up to, just to be sure all was well. He also had a freshly charged battery and it could be plugged into a wall outlet.
    About 10 minutes before my wife walked down the aisle, my roommate wispered to me that he was having problems with his video camera; all he was getting on his view finder was a white, fuzzy screen. I couldn’t understand what was going on and began to think all of these broken cameras was some kind of Oman. I Wanted VIDEO and PICTURES; I was really complaining. Fortunately, my department head; who lived on the base, went home and picked up his own video camera, along with his camera. When he returned. He stood near the entrance doors and was able to obtain video and a few pics for me. The really weird thing was after we left the chapel the camera’s worked again. I always thought this was strange and wonder if anyone else had ever experienced something similar at All Saints Chapel. By the way, my marriage only lasted for 9 years.

  3. I lived in the old hospital housing in the wall as a kid. Freezing spots in summer. I would see figures going about their business, almost like timelines overlapping. It was scary at first, but overtime I didn’t notice it as much. Never malicious.

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