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Rumor around Park University is that during World War II, two female students hanged themselves in Herr House. Footsteps coming from empty rooms and other strange occurrences have led students to believe the ladies’ spirits linger here. And the Jenkin and Barbara David Theater is said to be haunted by namesake Jenkin David, whose ghost wears a gray suit.

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8700 NW River Park Dr
Parkville, MO 64152
United States

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39.1894618, -94.68109199999998
Platte County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Parkville, MO (0.4 mi.)
Platte Woods, MO (3.3 mi.)
Houston Lake, MO (3.3 mi.)
Weatherby Lake, MO (3.4 mi.)
Riverside, MO (3.7 mi.)
Lake Waukomis, MO (3.7 mi.)
Northmoor, MO (4.8 mi.)
Oakwood Park, MO (5.8 mi.)
Kansas City, KS (5.9 mi.)
Oaks, MO (6.0 mi.)

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  1. sharyn passeretti  |  

    I went here when it was Park college. it was not two females form WWII, it was a female in the 1930’s that hung herself in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor. she was having an affair with one of the professors. I lived on the 2nd floor of Herr house and had hard shoes walking in the room above my room. when i got the key from my dad (who was the physical plant director at the time) i found the room full from floor to ceiling with mattresses. there is also a ghost in the chapel that walks around and chestnut hall has poltergeist activity. it is a hooded figure, i saw it one night when I was there practicing piano. there used to be 5 ghosts in the astronomy tower as well. Unfortunately that building has since burned down. A lot of the activity stems from the civil war activity that occurred in the area.

  2. I go to park now and I have had several classes in both Copley and the science hall where randomly the door to the class with swing open when completely shut then start to slam shut. You’ll hear foot steps but no one in the halls as the door will slam.

  3. I lived in Chestnut hall and Dearing hall back when I was in college. When I was living in Dearing Hall I had the hardest time because every-time I went to sleep I dreamed that I was awake and I could not move and felt this extreme fear. It was the hardest semester ever because I was always sleep deprived scared to fall asleep. When I finally moved to Chestnut hall the next semester I was relieved because the nightmare was gone and I was happy. There was couple strange things in Chestnut Hall though. 1. In the Lower level women’s bathroom there was sensor activated paper towel dispenser and it would go off all the time when no one was around to activate it. Could be some machine fault but it always creeped me out. 2. It happened only time in the bathroom but still boggles my mind ti this day. For those who do not the setup of bathrooms it: Each bathroom was situated between 2 rooms and each room had its entrance to the bathroom. There is no window and the shower door is this light translucent plastic with no springs to allow it to shut on its own. After I got out of shower I was drying myself in the bathroom and the shower door was half open and the shower was off. Then suddenly the shower door slams shut and the shower turns on. It was really scary to say the least.

  4. I live in Chesnut at the moment. One night I was laying in bed and felt someone tug my hair right when I was drifting off. Another time the bathroom door shut on its own. My sister visited once over the weekend and was confused because she thought I was climbing down from my loft bed, but really I was still laying up there. She said the figure started walking towards her but then she shut her eyes and screamed at me to turn on the light once she realized it was not actually me.

  5. I am curious to know about the Platte Woods area. I grew up on 80th St and have had weird experiences growing up up but mainly 04 to 06. Friends and family have had also in their homes

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