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The building is surrounded by a cemetery that dates back to the early 1800’s, and the church and cemetery have been abandoned for years. There have been many reports of hauntings here, including shuffling footsteps when no one is around, voices talking, screams and doors opening and closing by themselves. Many people have reported seeing a ghostly figure sitting at the piano, which sometimes plays by itself. Other people have reported seeing a figure in a hooded black cloak, standing in the church corners and not moving. When approached, it vanishes. Cold spots are felt in the church, and the feeling of being watched is reported by many who go there. Outside the church in the cemetery, people report hearing things walking around, and seeing shadowy apparitions moving around the gravestones.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Palestine Church Loop
    Clarksburg, TN
    United States

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    35.85777412415637, -88.47837755081855
    Carroll County, Tennessee
    Nearest Towns:
    Clarksburg, TN (4.9 mi.)
    Parker Crossroads, TN (6.6 mi.)
    Huntingdon, TN (10.3 mi.)
    McLemoresville, TN (10.4 mi.)
    Trezevant, TN (13.3 mi.)
    Atwood, TN (13.7 mi.)
    Lexington, TN (15.1 mi.)
    Milan, TN (16.3 mi.)
    Hollow Rock, TN (16.9 mi.)
    Medina, TN (17.0 mi.)


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    1. This place may or may not be haunted. Regardless people should stop coming here to vandalize. The people who own it are hurt and angry. This is the second the cops have had to be called. Knocking over gravestones is disrespectful and frankly disgusting. Those who have done this should be ashamed. The man who cares for this place has children buried here.

    2. My Great-Grandparents and other family members are buried at Palestine… I grew up going to mow the cemetery with my Grandparents, and my husband and I drive out to check on the whole property from time to time, especially during the spring, summer and fall months… My Great-Grands’ grave is one of the 29 that were vandalized the other night and it has seriously upset me and my whole family. I don’t understand why people feel that it is OK to do things like this, and I hope that they understand that even if the police don’t catch them, God sees ALL!!! I will pray for them!

    3. Just came from there was very disappointed to what I saw. People worked so hard today and Friday. I carried my father we were not able to help but we were able to lend fellowship.

    4. People who do these kind of distruction are as guilty as someone who takes another life.It may not be a body they are killing but a soul at rest.

      • My grandmother is buried in Lavinia, so I know how that is. Me, personally, tho, I’d be more than happy to volunteer clean up out there or simply help the land, in any way I could. There are some really nice people in that community and that place has a lot of sentimental value to me.

    5. My friend and I were visiting this church at night because we wanted to see if the encounters were true. I rarely get scared at anything. Every other location I have visited has never given me such a paralyzing fear. We went inside and immediately I felt something dark/heavy watching me and making its presence known that it didn’t want me there. I couldn’t even move from the doorstep. When I tried walking further toward the pulpit, my heart felt heavy. I could sense the pain and darkness had been there and it only grew stronger when I was exploring the rest of the church. My friend and I soon just explored the outside, seeing what we could encounter. To anyone wanting to visit this place, take precautions. I promise you that my feeling and visions were real.

      • I wonder if that seemingly dark energy comes more from the fact that a pentagram is drawn in there, or that the spirits/entities represent somebody who hurt or suffered a lot in their past life? Very interesting. But I went one time, got some really good paranormal evidence. All of a sudden, I felt that same vibe as if somebody was holdin a gun to my head and sweated bad. It might not necessarily be demonic, but I do believe there are both good and bad entities there.

        • I went today and i even tood a video i might be crazy but i see alout of dots but mabe is bugs and i saw that on the floor and i felt that there was sumthing heavy like if my pressure went down i know how it feels when i first got to the place i left and i.still felt it in the car.but then i dont feel it but im scared

    6. This church is most definitely haunted. My friends and I were going out there at night to return a piano key my friend had taken. Technically, she threw the piano key outside the first time we went and it somehow reappeared in her bag. (Crazy? It gets worse.) My friend and I walked in to return the key and this heavy sensation went over our bodies and our chests got tight. Well we walk back out to look at the gravestones and by this time, our boyfriends walked back to the car. We went to walk back in but our boyfriends stopped us and said, “Uh…You guys…” They said that a black figure was just staring at me and my friend. Right before we walked in and they said that, she started asking me if I had walked up to the pulpit and she started stuttering. She never studders. That is when our boyfriends said that and we hauled ass out of there. We haven’t returned since then.

        • Demons don’t have yellow eyes. And no its cloaked. But it is a open portal. The vandalism. Is not done by kids. Its by this thing. The tombstones being knocked over is not kids. It is also it. It will do anything to get negative. Praying and other “godly” things will just piss it off. It won’t get rid of it. The only way to get rid of it. Is to find someone who’s soul has been replaced with a demon and a fallen angel. Or find the item that is keeping it there.

    7. Concerned Citizen  |  

      Whoever’s been tearin the door and everything up really needs to stop. I just don’t know how you’re able to live with yourself.

    8. Does somebody know if a person hunts there? I tried to call a land for lease number to see if there would be a day later down the line when they’d let people pay respects or leave flowers.

    9. Just a heads up: the side by the smaller cemetery is privately leased at the time. You can only pull up to a fallen tree next to the outhouse. Seeing pushed over gravestones has been really irritating. Whoever it is, please find a new hobby and re evaluate your life.

    10. They have the side by the smaller cemetery leased as private property now and you can only pull up to the outhouse side for all who don’t know. Also, I wish whoever has been pushin the head stones over would re evaluate their life.and find a new hobby both.

    11. While reviewing pictures I had taken during my visit to Palestine church, I happened to notice a peculiar coincidence in the upper left corner of the photo. A reflection caught in the top left of the window seems to resemble an almost skull-like face, hovering just above where I was standing.

    12. Me my girlfriend and my buddy went to that church tonight and we was asking some questions and had responses through knocks we started feeling very drained my girlfriend had my name whispered in her ear but me nor my buddy heard it she was touched multiple times we sat inside nothing happened at all we said a prayer for all the spirits well we go outside to our car and the like 6 tombstones by the main entrance I saw a very big shadow maybe 10 feet tall very big and bulky walking toward us out of the woods by it and we heard what sounded like a creepy ass clown laugh and the church door slammed shut we got scared shit less got in our car it sounded like a scream tho but turned around the car and nothing was there I have a spot light flashlight and searched every where and nothing was insight kept hearing shit walking right next to us and the church door flew open and we GOT THE FUCK OUTTA DODGE idk about the story behind that church but the laugh/scream we heard was not normal it went from very high pitched to straight demonic

    13. I cant really say if this place is haunted, I went today in the afternoon and told myself i come in respect. I saw fist hand what others have said and i think the news covered one time in people coming here to destroy what they can. I hope those who do these things, bring curses on them selves and bad events. The graveyard is peaceful as it should be and the church was too. Everything inside, windows, pews, piano, the stand the preacher would use everything was broken and turned over. I took the time to clean this place up myself, so maybe one reason I didnt experience anything. Like I said I come in respect. I cant understand how people tear up a place like this even if you are drunk or stoned thats no excuse. From the time PERSON posted on 09/10/2019 till now, someone destroyed the place. And last person who commented on here mentions nothing of any of this. Like I said I didnt experience anything other than feeling bad for the church and those buried there. Anyone of yall who get curious of this place go there in respect and I would encourage you to even pick up something if you see it out of place or broken. Remember you too will have a grave one day.

    14. I went and fixed some flowers that might have been wind blown, not long ago. Tried to put them in the right grave slots, as much as I could. Much love to this place and God bless the chapel always.

    15. Safety Concerned  |  

      This is a very nice place but somebody needs to fix the floor, close to the piano. I was out there one afternoon visiting the church and accidentally fell into some of the broken wood. Not fun.

    16. I stumbled on this church this last weekend while driving backroads doing some photography. When I pulled up to the church I instantly felt something. Go out and walked up to the church and stepped inside the door. I took an initial picture of the inside and had to make some adjustments. Took two more shots and was confused by the settings. As I was checking the settings on camera the sensations grew. All the settings on my camera kept changing and the f/Stop – or Aperture setting went to F/–. As it would let no light in at all. I could not change any of the settings. I stepped outside the church and had to turn off my camera and back on to get it to work again. I took a few more pictures but could feel as if something was inside the church looking out at me. I didn’t stay long after that. There is definitely a presence there that didn’t want its picture taken.

      • Leslie, we went to the same location this past weekend September 24 to be exact. I was taking pictures as well and my camera acted like it was taking all the shots from outside but there are no pictures on my camera. Camera would flash and click but no pictures on the card. I agree there is something there!

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