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The historic inn no longer is in operation but still stands, and is considered one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. Spirits seen here include a 19th-century orphan girl who used to work at this location and unexplained noises occurred near the jail cell.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

24491 West Main Street
Columbus, NJ
United States

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40.0732, -74.721
Burlington County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
Fieldsboro, NJ (4.4 mi.)
Roebling, NJ (4.5 mi.)
Juliustown, NJ (5.0 mi.)
Bordentown, NJ (5.1 mi.)
Wrightstown, NJ (6.0 mi.)
Fort Dix, NJ (6.2 mi.)
Mount Holly, NJ (6.6 mi.)
Tullytown, PA (6.7 mi.)
Groveville, NJ (7.2 mi.)
Bristol, PA (7.2 mi.)


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  1. just to clarify this place is still in operation to this day it is used for wedding receptions birthday partys funeral partys etc etc its been under renovation for about a year and a half now not sure when it will re open to the public but i was in there no more than 2 and a half 3 years ago

  2. My wife and I were present here about 10 years ago for a tour. I can validate the claim this structure is haunted since I felt cold spots next to me while sitting down at the table and nowhere else. Soon another observer felt that cold spot next to her while we were there.

  3. My mother, aunt and uncle were born in this Inn and my grandmother own it over 70yrs ago. I would like to know more about people who have heard or seen figures in the Inn. Please contact me. thank you Joan

  4. I used to live in Columbus and now in Lawrenceville. I Never heard about the place ever to be haunted but it sure is creepy. It definitely did stand out compared to other buildings

  5. I used to work there. We aways heard footsteps upstairs. also footsteps going down the back stairs. when i was upstairs alone….always heard noises and felt a prensense

  6. I grew up in Columbus and really the whole town has a haunted richness to it. I was in the bathroom on the second floor of the inn back in 2003 and I was not alone. There was a man in there with me, a shadowy figure. I didnt feel scared (as the home I grew up in was haunted) and I didnt see his face, but he was watching me. I asked him to please turn his head and not watch me, and he turned his head to face the wall. After I washed my hands, I bid him farewell and walked out. My friends asked me who I was speaking to and I said the man in the bathroom. They looked and saw no one (I knew they wouldn’t). Yeah they were creeped out and wouldnt go in there after that,

  7. Joseph jay sanderson  |  

    I used to live in the attached house part when i was a small child. I used to have vivid dreams that i can still remember. Dreams of a demom type small creature. I also remember feeling like someone was behind me going up the stairs. I think that maybe something has attached to me as i can feel things before they happen. I call it spirit. Its hard to explain.

  8. My fiance and I have a paranormal group and investigation team called ghosthouse paranormal. If you have any information please reach out to us. We are eventually going to do an investigation. But reach out to myself dave seltzer or my fiance marianne clarke at ghosthouse paranormal on facebook

  9. Recently, workers were in there for renovations and it’s being said around town that they left because they heard laughter and saw ghosts. Construction workers. Had to be pretty bad for construction workers to leave and say “they are never going back”. Would love to hear more.

  10. Ashley Ryckman  |  

    I’d love to take a tour of this place. They should open it to the public that want to experience the paranormal activities. I would totally pay.

  11. Anybody with history info or anything about the end please contact me ASAP I am the founder leader of the paranormal team that is in charge of the historical aspect of the Columbus Inn we’re going to be running tours haunted tours and I’m trying to find as much info history photos anything and everything that I can find about the inn. Please email me at dirtyjerseyghosthunting@gmail.com

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