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At Old Southwestern General Hospital, there is said to be a ghost nurse who changes bedsheets and walks the halls in the hospital’s empty fourth floor. Eerie activity has been reported here since 1936, when a psychic claimed to have sensed the spirits of a woman and of a man who died in an elevator.

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    1221 N. Cotton
    El Paso, TX
    United States

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    31.783761, -106.47425699999997
    El Paso County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    El Paso, TX (1.9 mi.)
    Fort Bliss, TX (4.2 mi.)
    Sunland Park, NM (6.3 mi.)
    Santa Teresa, NM (10.9 mi.)
    Prado Verde, TX (11.0 mi.)
    Canutillo, TX (11.5 mi.)
    Socorro, TX (13.4 mi.)
    Westway, TX (13.5 mi.)
    Vinton, TX (13.8 mi.)
    Socorro Mission Number 1 Colonia, TX (14.8 mi.)


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    1. Supposibly Charlie was the man who died in the elevator. he will bring you to the 4th floor which is not in use or the basement. My grandma was there for a month. I would go everyday and see if this was true. id ask him to take me to 4th floor. Well the night my grandma passed away when we were leaving i pushed the 1st floor button and suddenly the elevator went up to the 4th floor and just opened with no one there. I know it was charlie that is the only explanation.

    2. Nick Hernandez  |  

      One time I was going around town with friends looking at haunted places we came here and went to the back area to see the fourth floor a little closer what we saw on the stairs was the legend of la lechuza it is customary to cuss at the owl in Spanish apparently everytime my friend would do it we heard a laughing cackling noise when no one was behind us I read that la lechuza does just that the cackling noise we plan on going there again.

      • Jose R. Lopez III  |  

        Hi. Do you happen to know what year the hospital was built? My name is jose lopez III. my father told me about him and his family having to visit this hospital because his grandfather Beto had to have eye surgery for cataracts and they messed up his eyes. He had the thickest glasses he’d ever seen and he even felt creeped out by the entrance. Something about it made him creeped out. He didnt feel comfortable waiting there. My father told me this was back in the late 60s. He is now 57 years old.

    3. I went on the ghost tour and there is something you should keep in mind, things can latch on and follow you home.Part of the problem is in the operating rooms. There is something there that is not your average ghost. EMF readings were high around me. I tried moving and no luck. I made it home OK. The next morning I went into my garage and i could smell brimstone, over powering brimstone. The air was think and hard to breath. That is a problem. Luckily I had protected my doorways so nothing made it in. I had to cleans myself, the garage and my car. Ghost tours are fun but this isn’t a game.

    4. Jose R. Lopez III  |  

      My mom told me that about a month before my grandma was due to give birth to my mother in june of 1962 my grandfather and my grandmother went to southwest general hospital to prepare for the possible birth ( you know contractions etc..) my grandfather and grandmother felt very uncomfortable. My grandmother said she could smell ether in the building. Staff was very rude to them during the paperwork process and my grandmother decided to have the birth at providence west memorial hospital. Nothing happened afterwardsbut this hinted that if they had stayed something more sinister would have happened. My mother was born on july 15 of 1962.

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