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Many Arlington National Cemetery burials started in this old military chapel, in use since the 1930s. Witnesses have reported unexplained voices and footsteps, locked doors have been known to open by themselves, and at least once, a soldier went into a room to find all the cabinets wide open. A ghostly apparition has been seen in the bridal room, which was formerly a private mourning room for families of the deceased.

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Meigs Drive
Fort Myer, VA
United States

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38.88069843461064, -77.07880568497785
Arlington County, Virginia
Nearest Towns:
Arlington, VA (1.4 mi.)
Washington, D. C., DC (2.5 mi.)
Claremont, VA (2.9 mi.)
Baileys Crossroads, VA (3.4 mi.)
Seven Corners, VA (4.2 mi.)
Lake Barcroft, VA (4.7 mi.)
Brookmont, MD (4.8 mi.)
Falls Church, VA (5.0 mi.)
Alexandria, VA (5.5 mi.)
Lincolnia, VA (5.5 mi.)


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  1. I was stationed there from 2002 to 2004. There is defiantly a creepy feeling about the chapel. The doors do come open on their own. Some of the military working dogs have refused to go in there at night.

  2. Generations of ghost stories from this chapel. The rumor that fits most of our sittings is that a lady awaited the return of her soon to be husband and he never came back. She in her sadness committed suicide in the bell tower. Her figure in a white gown can be seen from the upper center window at times. In addition. The stair case door to the bell is locked at all times. At night if we “military Police” find the door of the building unlocked we must enter and make sure it’s empty and lock the doors. The bell tower door that is locked and illegibly has no key has been discovered open. Music will start playing in the middle of the night with nobody inside. K9 elements majority of the time won’t enter the building and we NEVER go in alone!

  3. I was stationed there in 2000-2001, as a MP we had to check it twice a night.
    So one night I checked it when I first got on shift (I was working the 2200-0600 shift) and everything was secured. About 4 hours later when I checked it again all the doors were open. Called it in, K-9 shows up along with the other patrols(MP’s). The dog is whimpering and scared. He refused to go in. We leave the dog and go in, we checked the kitchen first, locked. We went further check more rooms, then we heard a door open then slam then open again. We went back and thekitchen door was open, all the cabinets were open, but no one was in there but us. We closed everything up, locked the kitchen door. We went up in the main chapel heard a female voice, but again no one there. Then we heard another door slamming down stairs. We ran down and the kitchen door was open and so we’re all the cabinets again.
    Now this whole the K-9 unit is walking around outside so he would have seen someone.
    Well we closed everything up quick as hell and got out of there.
    This happened to multiple people while I was there.

    There has been a candle light seen in the bell tower there too. It’s said that a few years after it opened a woman at her husband’s funeral, she was so distraught that during the service she walked up the bell tower with a candle stood at the window and jumped to her death

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