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Plymouth County Hospital, once Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital, is said to be haunted by some of those who have died within its walls. Passersby have described screaming and laughter coming from the empty building, or simply a feeling that something inside is watching them.

*Note* The public is not allowed here and trespassers will be prosecuted.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

High St
Hanson, Massachusetts 02341
United States

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42.04677398617476, -70.87201309197553
Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Hanson, MA (2.0 mi.)
Halifax, MA (3.9 mi.)
Whitman, MA (4.0 mi.)
East Bridgewater, MA (4.6 mi.)
North Pembroke, MA (5.2 mi.)
Abington, MA (5.5 mi.)
Hanover, MA (5.5 mi.)
Rockland, MA (6.2 mi.)
Bridgewater, MA (6.6 mi.)
Plympton, MA (7.1 mi.)


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  1. As a young girl, I was a candy stripper and later a nurse. There was a dumb waiter, old fashioned gate elevator, crank beds, a huge PBX that needed an operator. Rooms (private ones) depending on what ward were either lite green or pink. Metal bedpan autoclaves. This was at one time a beautiful building. Oh how distressing to see it now!

    • Hello my name is Jeffrey I’m from Pembroke North Pembroke I saw your text that you went into the old Pembroke hospital do you have reasons to believe as well as I do that Ghost adventures TV series should investigate I called them I called Zack Biggins haunted museum in Las Vegas and gave them info on the Pembroke old hospital I personally went there stood outside of the fence and heard a metal pipe when nobody was around no cars nobody I agree it is 100% haunted just hopefully there’s nothing dark and evil there that would follow us home please respond

  2. I have a number of pictures I took here. Spookiest place I have ever been in my life. The glow on the upper left is something I did not see until I uploaded the pictures. I can not explain what it was.

    Paul G. Daley
    Bellingham, Ma.

    • Both me and my friend were in there just walking around when we came to a stairway. We were on the third and top floor about to start walking down when we heard a little girls laugh coming from the second floor hallway at the bottom of the stairs. We instantly ran down there and tried to follow the laugh but it stopped when we reached the hallway. We started walking down the hallway to the end and started down another set of stairs to the basement (which is pitch black no windows) and before we could get down there we heard a door slam shut and glass break. The basement is where the crematory was. I heard that there was a little girl who was checked in there that died. Not too sure but it scared the shit out of me and we both took off running back to my car.

      • Stephanie Bezanson  |  

        There was never a crematorium there lol. There was however a morgue but all hospitals have those. But yes a little girl has died there, many children have died there. It was a TB hospital for children, that later became a terminal center for chronic illnesses, which means they lived out their remaining lives there. I live right by it. I’ve seen and heard many frightening things over the years, captured some creepy figures in pictures and videos. I can’t say I don’t believe your story because I do believe it’s haunted but I’ve never experienced anything quite like that. I believe it’s not just that one plot either that is haunted, but all the surrounding properties. My swing out back swings by itself, on nights there is no wind, sways back and forth, one chain will just start to rattle. My boyfriend and I just sit out there watching it a lot and everytime we talk about it, like well it’s not happening now, their quiet tonight… then it will start happening once again seconds after mentioning it. I also have thought the people I live with were up and about one night because I heard someone walk down our creaky old stairs. I started walking down when I heard what I thought was one of my housemates sitting down in the barstool at the counter. I was confused because no lights were on but I still kept going down anyway. Once I got down there the stool was facing towards the staircase at me and no one was sitting in it. I ran for the light, double checked no one was down there because there was no way I had mistaken hearing all of those sounds! a couple little sounds sure, but this was constant very active noise. I’ve also seen something that looked like a girl peering through the rails in my sons crib at him on his baby monitor, ran upstairs to find nothing there. My son has told me several times there’s a monster that watches him when he sleeps, he pointed to the corner of the room. I asked him to describe it and he described it as a girl in a white dress which is exactly what I kept seeing and even got a photo of in my living room one night. Things come crashing down in the middle of the night too, startling us awake, I’d get up to investigate and one night all our family pictures were scattered on the floor, some with no scientific explanation because there was no way it could have fallen and landed that far from the desk. People can doubt this place is haunted all they want but spending a couple nights at my house is all it will take for a non believer lol. My house is older then the TB hospital so maybe it’s just my house and the hospital really isn’t ‍♀️ But I just strongly feel it’s the hospitals ghost children. Oh and I recently learned that hospital was a children’s hospital, so when I found out and realizing everything I’ve seen or captured an image of was children it was bone chilling.

  3. my friends and I went at 2 am once. I wasn’t at all scared, more so fascinated, as I love old buildings. I don’t believe in ghosts/spirits either. As we were walking down a second floor hallway we heard an eerie whistle. It sounded like it was all around us. We all stopped still in our tracks silent with fear. A cold shutter went up my spine. We heard it once more when we were leaving, and as you can imagine we ran out of there as quick as we could. Inside the hospital itself I had an unsettling feeling that something was behind me. My cousin who went with a group of friends wandered off to find an opening in the fence. He was somewhat close to the building and he swears to this day he heard what sounded like a woman singing.

  4. I went there with three of my friends. One of my friends, female, lives in Hanson and she told me some things about the place before we went in. she told us about a patient there, her name was mary, i think. myself and my other two friends went in, one was a male, one was a female, us three are from brockton. The females were not attacked, but there were stick, rocks, and a piece of glass thrown at the male in the group. when we called out the name mary, we heard a scream. and after we left, something followed my male friend home. Ever since then, which was January of 2015 til now, he has been experiencing some weird stuff. So everyone if you do manage to go in, please be careful.

  5. I went there a few times in my teen years, each time you could hear this shuffling behind you that sounded like someone was walking behind you. My car got stuck when we were trying to leave, I don’t think I have ever almost pissed my pants quite as close as I did that day. The inside of the building looks like everyone just got up and left. There are beds, instruments medical charts. Quite the Eerie building, looks like it was once a very beautiful place. I thought it was a mental institution once the tuberculosis epidemic ended?

  6. As Craig said this place has been torn down due to trespassing and arson (the front of the building was burned to the ground), I went there in the middle of the night a couple times though. Second time I went someone we were with freaked out a little and she wanted to leave so we didn’t explore much, but the 1st time we saw as much of the building as we could, all the way from the basement to top floor. There were a few minor things that happened that I couldn’t explain, but there was one thing we saw that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. We went to the top floor (it was probably a 6 or 7 story building) and walked into a corner bathroom, it was a small bathroom and I turned around to walk out at which point I saw a bloody handprint on the shower wall. And it wasn’t old either, it was fresh and dripping blood. When I pointed it out someone in the group even ran their finger thru it and it was as if someone placed their bloodied hand there minutes earlier. We were definitely freaked out, and if it was a prank it was very well thought out as we didn’t see anyone else in the building and this was on the top floor at about 3am. Also heard doors slamming shut on a couple of occasions. I’ve also heard of someone seeing an actual apparition and another person finding a pill bottle in the basement with their name on it but those are both second hand stories. In conclusion, it was an interesting place and I’m happy I was able to check it out before it was demolished.

  7. I went there about 5+ years ago.I agree that it was definitely unsettling walking up to the building,I felt like we were being watched.Though we did not witness anything out of the ordinary inside,what struck me was the feeling outside.I heard rumors recently that the hospital was torn down…don’t know if it’s true.

  8. I was a candy stripper back in the 60s . I remember working in the Women’s ward. Many times I was sent to another part of the hospital to get glass IV containers which are now plastic , the dumb waiter, the cafeteria in the lower part of the hospital. Most of the patients I took care of we’re suffering from some form of Alzheimer’s or brain function. My Aunt was a patient there when it was a TB hospital and I have a photo of my Father there visiting her while he was on leave from the service in the 40s .in uniform on one of the balconys . It was in it’s time a beautiful place ,the grounds were nice to walk around.

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