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Local legend tells of a pregnant woman named Maggie who was killed in an auto accident on the bridge. The legend says those who get out of their cars and call out “Maggie, I have your baby” are supposed to cause paranormal activity of some sort.

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Geographic Information

4850 Woodland Church Rd
Seaford, Delaware 19973
United States

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38.593912584056056, -75.66611646115234
Sussex County, Delaware
Nearest Towns:
Bethel, DE (3.0 mi.)
Galestown, MD (3.3 mi.)
Blades, DE (4.2 mi.)
Seaford, DE (4.4 mi.)
Sharptown, MD (4.6 mi.)
Laurel, DE (5.7 mi.)
Eldorado, MD (6.7 mi.)
Brookview, MD (7.1 mi.)
Federalsburg, MD (9.0 mi.)
Hurlock, MD (10.4 mi.)


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  1. Maggies bridge is right outside of blades the story is that: Maggie was a young girl who became pregnant and when she delivered the baby it was mentaly and pysichally deformed so her and her family agreed that the baby was a result of the devil because it never cried or muttered a sound. so she went to a local bridge to throw it over and as soon as she did it began to cry and realizing the grave error in judement that she made she tried to reach it but she couldnt and that poorly mistaken infant fell to its sudden death, and she felt so terrible that she ended her life that fateful day as well. i think that people who go to maggies bridge are comepletely oblivious because a tortured soul can not move on because of the never ending pain that it feels and when you go there you are invoking that pain and making it earthbound even longer, i have a feeling that one day someone will go there and feel the wrath behind the pain that maggie is feeling, so this is not a place to play i pray for maggie but the cirrade will end in disasterous consequences so i warn all of those who dare to do this, be careful and telling maggie you have her baby is not wise believe me because a friend of mine did it and died in a car accident exactly 5 minutes later

    • The real story of the bridge is that in the 1800’s a young pregnant woman named Maggie was in her carriage heading home when a crack of lightning spooked her horse, flipping her carriage into the shallow waters, Maggie was decapitated in the crash. She now haunts the bridge looking for her baby and her lost head.

  2. either of you guys can be right. I mean how would you know shane, if it were your friend john would think you were lying and john, your friend could have been lying and actually died.

  3. I think that if this is true that poor girl had to live with something so tragic that she did and killed herself because of it. Let her Rest In Peace and people need to quit tainting her. Even though she is not living they can still harm you in many ways. People just need to let her be. You would want the same if it was you.

  4. Things started happening even before me and my friend said “Maggie, I have your baby.” and before we got there something I believe was something telling us not to go there made us go down some dirt road

    • Thats wierd im dutch i never go to haunted places but there is something wierd in the netherlands a place thats called the end of the world

      • None of the stories here are accurate according to our late town historian. Maggie goes way back before there were cars. She was supposedly in a wagon and was possibly Indian. Cant remember all the details, but it’s not outside of Blades whoever’s said that.

  5. @John I heard that the story was: A young lady named Maggie was on a drive with her newborn baby in the backseat and she got into a car crash on the bridge, her baby was decapitated because of this, Maggie wasn’t seriously injured and went to look for her baby, when she found her baby she was heartbroken and ended up killing herself by driving the car into the lake.

    • No, the story is that a pregnant woman named Maggie was driving over the bridge in the 1800’s when a crack of lightning spooked her horse and flew the carriage she was sitting in over the bridge and into the water, Maggie was decapitated in the crash. She now haunts the bridge looking for her baby and her lost head.

  6. !!I have pictures I would like to share that my granddaughter took. We saw 3 possible figures when we zoomed in a little.

  7. Just left old Maggie’s Bridge. I called Maggie I’ve got your baby on both sides of the bridge and waited and waited and waited some more. A man did stopped his truck to confirm it was real but there was nothing going on today. The man said twilight and full moon are the best times to come. Who knows ?

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