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The Old Jail in St. Augustine is rumored to be haunted. Many prisoners died here, some victims of hanging and harsh conditions leading to sickness and death. Witnesses have reported a phantom sweet smell and the barking of dogs, thought to be phantoms of the sheriff’s guard dogs. Footsteps and singing of songs have been heard, as well as shouts and wails. Tours and overnight ghost-hunting stays are offered at the Old Jail.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    167 San Marco Ave
    St Augustine, FL 32084
    United States

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    29.908121, -81.318917
    St. Johns County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Saint Augustine, FL (1.0 mi.)
    Villano Beach, FL (2.3 mi.)
    Saint Augustine South, FL (4.5 mi.)
    Saint Augustine Beach, FL (5.1 mi.)
    Saint Augustine Shores, FL (6.7 mi.)
    Butler Beach, FL (8.2 mi.)
    Crescent Beach, FL (10.4 mi.)
    Hastings, FL (17.4 mi.)
    Marineland, FL (17.7 mi.)
    Palm Valley, FL (19.1 mi.)

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    1. I was just at the Old Jail a couple of weeks ago. I have been there many times. I was taking a picture near the cells and a bright light (like an orb) zoomed past my camera plain as day. It was not dust floating by, I could see that as well. This was different.

    2. I was there during day tour on Dec 31st 2014. I took a few pic’s in the old jail. One was of ny grand daughter and sister in law in the first cell as you come in back door. When I looked at pic later you can see , what looks like a man with suit, tie, hat and jacket on wall behind my sister in law. Weird. We came back during ghost tour that night, saw nothing on pic’s from that.that.

    3. There were 5 of us by one of the cells and we could see our shadows on the wall but I realized there were eight shadows not 5 and one of the shadows you can tell was sharply dressed and had a hat

      • Ophelia Voorhees  |  

        I went on that same tour at night. I couldn’t even step foot into the cells because I could feel as if someone was in there looking at me. And then everyone started walking out to the back area down the stairs. I had my baby in a stroller so I was the last one left in the cell area upstairs. As I was about to exit the area I heard a door slam very loudly in that room. It was pitch black in there, and there was no one in there who could’ve slammed a door. It was definitely a frightening experience for me.

    4. The Old Saint Augustine Jail gave me a creepy feeling when I peered through the slot of the solitary confinement cell. It’s hard to explain, as I am the type of person who fears no one, but there was something quite dark about that place. I tried taking a picture and it was full of orbs.

    5. I went to the Old Jail and I took a bunch of pictures then I looked back at all of them and noticed that there were orbs and one face!!

    6. I noticed one time when i walked in there that it was very chilly and stuffy i did feel slightly uneasy but as the tour went on iit went away i dont think this place is haunted

    7. I was there with two other ladys years back, when I took a picture in the jail I saw on my picture of two white round circles close to each other. It was like two people looking out around the cell door at you. and when I went to the other side of the cell I saw foot steps in my pic but they was not there when I looked on the floor. This place was so cool go check it out yourself and don’t forget to take a pic inside of the cells and see if you can catch the white circles at the far right cell at the bottom of the door.

    8. I went to this jail once with my bf on a tour. While in one of the cells my hair was yanked really hard. I figured it was him just being a jerk, and when I turned around to ask him, WTF, he wasn’t there. He had walked out of the cell and was looking at something else. When I confronted the tour guide about it, he just laughed and apologized, and said that it happens from time to time.

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