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This hospital is now closed, but when it was open there were claims of call bells ringing on their own on the second floor, even when they were unplugged. Since its closing some residents swear they hear moaning coming from the building, and lights flickering in the windows.

In more recent years it has been used to stage Halloween haunted houses, but according to at least one local the practice stopped after someone got injured during an event. Word has it that the defunct hospital building has recently been purchased and may soon be refurbished (or demolished entirely).

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Near 348 E. 3rd St
    Alice, TX
    United States

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    27.752832898550622, -98.07388007629925
    Jim Wells County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Alice, TX (0.3 mi.)
    Rancho Alegre, TX (1.5 mi.)
    Alice Acres, TX (3.0 mi.)
    Coyote Acres Colonia, TX (3.6 mi.)
    Coyote Acres, TX (4.6 mi.)
    Loma Linda East Colonia, TX (7.7 mi.)
    Amargosa Colonia, TX (9.5 mi.)
    San Diego, TX (10.1 mi.)
    Agua Dulce, TX (10.3 mi.)
    Alfred, TX (10.4 mi.)


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    1. Travis Griggs  |  

      When I was doing a surgery internship at P&S in 1993 I was told by the nurses in the OR suite about a ghost that occupied that area. They didn’t have a name for it, but they all believed it was the spirit of a nurse from years ago that loved her job and just couldn’t let it go.

    2. I am a paranormal investigator my crew and I were thinking about investigating that place we just need to find out where we need to go to ask permission to enter The theater we are called R.D.A.A Paranormal Investigators Unleashed. If we catch anything or any kind of footage I would definitely write back on here to let all of y’all know about our investigation.


      oh please! my daughter was born there in the summer of 1972. nothing but good to say about that hospital and that town. give me a break! y’all have nothing better to do?

    4. I used to work there with my abuelo helping him clean the offices after hours. We were told that we would hear voices and things like that. I never believed it until one night I heard a voice of an old mexican man yell,” mi chorizo!” It was then that I knew it was haunted. Man, that was scary!

    5. I have a friend of mines who was a pharmacist there at this hospital a long time ago. He once told me that one night while he was at work,he heard a voice that told him,”I’ll buy dose drugs from ya for tree-fiddy!” He looked around,saw no one and kept on working.He said a certain area in the pharmacy was very cold and he heard the voice again,it said,”I’ll buy dose drugs for tree-fiddy!” He said that he looked around and no one was there. He then told his boss about it the next day and his boss told him that there used to be an old black man who was the janitor there for many years. He was known as “Slappy.” Slappy was found dead around the pharmacy area years ago,apparently from a heart attack. Other pharmacists have reported hearing Slappy saying the same thing,only sometimes he only offers to buy drugs for “two-fiddy instead of “tree-fiddy.””He told me,”Man, I was really,scared!

    6. I worked for South Texas EMS back in the 80 and spent a lot of nights there. Yes I saw all types of sprits. The 2nd floor was the most active. I could only imagine what it is like today.

    7. I worked there doing security and yes I seen things in empty rooms..and in the OR department at night..and inside stair ways I would hear things voices..things being moved so meany things..I was there for about 10 years and intell it closed.. miss it I loved worked there..

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