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This historic abandoned building is haunted by several terrifying entities. In the section of the building that was previously an army training unit, an aggressive entity pushes visitors around, and has been known to swear or threaten those present during visits. Factory appliances move around by themselves, and cold spots have been reported. Smoky apparitions have been reported following people around the building, and people have reported seeing orbs flying around the building basement.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

1036 Market Avenue South
Canton, OH
United States

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40.7910096, -81.3772429
Stark County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Canton, OH (0.6 mi.)
Meyers Lake, OH (2.5 mi.)
Hills and Dales, OH (4.4 mi.)
Genoa, OH (4.7 mi.)
East Canton, OH (5.0 mi.)
Perry Heights, OH (5.0 mi.)
Richville, OH (5.9 mi.)
North Canton, OH (6.0 mi.)
Louisville, OH (6.9 mi.)
Massillon, OH (7.6 mi.)


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  1. Sawyer Strange  |  

    I went in here in daytime and explored with my friend, it didn’t seem haunted and we were fine until we left. We came back at nighttime and things got worse- while looking around at night it was dark and we kept hearing footsteps get closer to us, when we looked over we saw floating yellow cat like eyes except they were large like human size and they were 6 feet off of the ground… Just floating. They disappeared and came back and my friend and I both got chills and felt cold. They reappeared and we ran as quick as possible. My friend saw it too.

  2. I rented a garage in this building for years and ran our trucks out of the old repair facility . I’ve been in it at all times of the day and night and have never seen anything other than theives stealing copper. I’ve been in the basement and every floor of the main building, never had any sightings.

  3. Canton is my home town so I would go into the factory several times a month not only because I’m a ghost hunter with ten years of experience but I love urban exploration and use the place as a heavy work out and bring friends for photo shoots.
    I never had anything happen there day or night summer or winter.
    I’ve have hunted ghosts from across the US, Europe and east Asia and I love ghost hunting in Canton but more activity in the Q-Hut than in the factory.

  4. This is no longer available to go into. It’s now under 24 hour servailance and must have been bought & is under complete construction at this time.

  5. I work in this building now the apartment side. phase 1 is complete. phase 2 has not started yet. I will say that the basement something is down there

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