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Construction of the church was begun in 1859, but screeched to a halt when the lead architect Mr. Gunn slipped on the steep roof and fell to his death. Folks have seen Mr. Gunn’s ghost around the ruins of the church and tower and heard his scream, and locals say they’ve seen lights moving in the upper portion of the tower at night–although that bit of the tower is inaccessible. Some say a ghostly church choir can be heard on the grounds.

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Plantersville Rd
Plantersville, SC
United States

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33.55477585026478, -79.21445667743683
Georgetown County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Pawleys Island, SC (10.0 mi.)
Murrells Inlet, SC (10.0 mi.)
Bucksport, SC (10.0 mi.)
Garden City, SC (12.1 mi.)
Georgetown, SC (13.1 mi.)
Surfside Beach, SC (14.3 mi.)
Socastee, SC (15.3 mi.)
Forestbrook, SC (18.8 mi.)
Hemingway, SC (19.2 mi.)
Myrtle Beach, SC (21.0 mi.)


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  1. September 5 2014 was when my friends and I went to the old gunn church with my ouija board to see if we could find anything. Everything started out normal talking to whatever was on the other side, for a good 10 minutes. I asked it if it was a demon and it said no though who knows if it was lying or not. But shortly after a really close howl appended but it was like animal sounding. It started out kinda humanish and changed to a more animal sound. But even then it wasn’t normal. We didn’t know what to think so we grabbed our stuff and left as quick as possible back to my car. I recorded our experience on my phone and you can hear the noise faintly but it was definitely there. Every animal that I know of in sc I looked up their howls and none of them match it, leading me to believe if wasn’t an animal.

  2. We’re apart of a paranormal group I’m sensitive and so is my wife but we went and nothing was happening, after a little while me and my son was sitting across the road and we heard a scream so I called the others over and shadow figures started moving from place to place after a few minutes our k2 meters started going crazy and after a few minutes they stopped we stood there talking and all of a sudden something attacked me I started seeing visions of a man dying this force was so strong my wife had to help me to the car finally I started feeling better I had the k2 laying in my lap and it started again so I got out the car laid it in the seat we asked questions and it answered everyone so we started praying and it completely stopped it took me a week to get my strength back needless to say I believe there’s more there than ppl kno

  3. Years ago I used to live at the beach, close to Georgetown, SC and visited Old Gunn Church late one afternoon. I have attached one photo but have several more if you want me to email them to you (close-ups of areas of church).

    We were able to go inside the fence and I even looked up into the bell tower. Did not have any specific experiences that day but I am very sensitive to energies (and ghosts) and that was one DARK feeling place. Even my tough military husband got nervous around sunset and kept telling me we had to go. There are so many varieties of the story but whichever is true is trivial, the place is haunted.
    Nona Jordan

    • It is illegal to go inside of that fence I have 3 family members buried there and we live here locally people need to quit disturbing the Dead it is disrespectful we have personally repaired that fence on three different occasions because of people going in it we go there with a legal key to clean up the graveyard around our families burial site

  4. I visited the church in 2006 and was able to get inside the fenced area. I am a sensitive and though I did not have any specific experiences that day I can say with certainty the energies are negative. When I stood and looked up into the bell tower (rotted wood flooring close to the top) I immediately became dizzy and had an immediate sense that something was going to fall on me. This went beyond common sense that something could – I felt something very dark.
    My tough military husband got nervous close to sunset and insisted we leave, though nothing had happened. This is a shot of the church just before dark.

  5. Anon Whatsittoya  |  

    This place is no joke, a car full of 18 to 22 year olds and a nefarious guy. My friend was being a drunk asshole and actually accidentally knocked over a gravestone. His toes were almost smashed to bits, a day later I suffered through a rough demonic sleep paralysis situation. The next time we hung out I realized he experienced the same phenomenon multiple times. Something evil and dark lerks there don’t be a dick around this place it will haunt you.

  6. I been here a few years ago, me and a couple other people, we was riding on the dirt road going next to the church and all of a sudden the car dies, then seen a black shadow man and his black cat ghost Walk across the road they stopped In the middle of the road and the black cat turned to us and histed, then after continue to walk across the road, then vanished into then air, then all of a sudden I got grabbed on my throat squeezing the heck out of me felt like ten minutes, it took everything for my friends to help me release my hands from my throat, I was preset or something, then after tryed to start up the car and it took forever to start, then went to back up the car when it did crank up something was holding the car we was stuck in reverse for like seven minutes till we got lose and went home, we all seen what happened and we all agree to never return there again.

  7. I live bout 25 min from this place I have visited it during the day n night very late at night at the around 12am maybe 1 am there is said to be 3 witches graves outside the fence in the back near the woods the church is not there anymore but the bricks from where the church outlay is there with tombstone inside of it with a fence around it I am also very sensitive n always have been since I was young but I was always told it was haunted of course I never believe the story so I had to check it out for myself during the day I could sense things really bad n I did check to see bout the witches graves during the daylight there are the three tombstones but no names on them but nothing happened but at night is a totally different story I went down there one late night right before the bridge me my brother n a friend was with me btw we flickers the lights 3 times honk the horn nothing happened so we went to the church looked around never got out the car but I had a very bad feeling n told them to let’s go as soon as we started down the rd to leave out which u cannot go fast on cuz of the holes in the dirt Rd a black figure appeared looked almost like a grand reaper with out no face or the sword it appeared on the left side n started dating from left to right side of the Rd as we sped up to try to get out of there so did it it chased us pretty much to the end of that long black dirtrd n almost caught up to us n from that night forward I have not been back down there YESS there is something very evil guarding whatever it is down there n it doesn’t like ppl to b there

  8. I’ve been there many times over the years, going back to before the fence was up. There has always been a feel to the place, and my experiences range from a mild feeling when with a group to very intense and serious a few times while with just one other individual that is sensitive. The strongest feeling was one night that we never even made it out of the car. We pulled up, shining the car lights on the ruins of the tower. We were each looking in different directions, and I got the strongest “time to go ” feeling as I saw twinkling lights along the side of the property. Before I could even say anything, my friend had the car in reverse. He’d seen the same thing and felt what I had but on the other side of the property. This is not a place that I’m normally afraid to be, but something that night did not want to be disturbed.

  9. I went years ago many many times. I have had strange things happen two of the times I’ve been. The first was with my parents, sister, and my aunt and her two sons. We pulled into the little driveway across from the church and got out of the car. We entered the fence and my aunt decided to take a brick from the structure. As we were leaving we saw a huge flash of light, and we got out of there. The road to get to the church feels like it’s miles and miles long, bout halfway back to 701 the flash of light happened again, this time inside the car. My aunt had the brick on the floor in between the two front seats of her van. She freaked out and threw the brick out of her window. When we got home the brick was back in her van, between the seats. That next morning we were back to the church to return that brick.

    The second occurrence happened with a group of friends and again, we got into the fence and went to the graveyard on the property behind the church. One friend tripped on something and hit a gravestone. There was 5-7 of us there that night and when he fell, we all heard what sounded like a really loud train horn like right in our ear. We looked at each other and ran back to the car. Not realizing until we were down the road that we left the friend who had fallen. When we returned he was in the middle of the road. Balled up. His eyes were wider than anyone I have ever seen and he wouldn’t speak. He didn’t speak for probably 30 minutes and he will not speak about that night and you couldn’t pay him a million dollars to return to this church. This place is definitely haunted and it is worth the trip.

  10. I’m not sure about the 3 witches in unnamed graves behind the fence. My best friends dad lost 3 friends the night they visited this place back in the 60’s or 70’s. He begged us to never go there. Rebellious Kids right, we went. A weird feeling surrounded the place and we didn’t stay too long. I’ve never been inside the fence, I refuse to go. It’s a resting place for the dead, it’s not a place to go causing problems. I come from very religious baptist family. (Connie Roman) assuming she has family there as she said in these posts, people don’t respect the dead just like they don’t respect the living. If signs are up and fences or gates are up, it means stay out, not just for the family’s there but also for your own safety. I do believe it’s a bad place. I feel weak and nausea every time I’ve taken a friend there for proof. I took a girl there yesterday that’s never had an experience or seen a ghost. I begged her not to go in the fence but what female listens these days. So I stood in the highway watching her. She took pics and walked around a few mins. I kept begging her to come out and she finally did but not without a bad experience. As she got to the fence, she said “omg I feel so weak, feels like something is squeezing my heart, I feel very sick”. I screamed at her “get out now”, as she climbed thru the fence she stopped only 3 steps out, her eyes rolled into her head and her face turned pale white under all her makeup, Her trance lasted 3 seconds, I helped her to the car and we drove away. The further away we got the better she felt. So later on last night, she calls me “I can’t sleep, I feel like I’m being watched, I’m holding my daughter in my arms, she is sweating but I am freezing”. I told her to pray and ask forgiveness. This morning she calls, says she feels like something wants her to come back. We are fighting over it now like kids fighting over toys. This place is evil and the people there want to be left alone in peace. Wish people could understand that. If you must go there, then take your pictures and leave in peace please

  11. Fear Not Paranormal  |  

    Been out there two times to investigate. One time was at night alone. EVPs, audible voices, electronic malfunction, shadows, and lights in the wood where the supposed witches are buried. All in all we had two great investigations. If you are a “real investigator” and want to test your stones. Go at night in a small group or alone. And buckle up!

  12. I lived on a plantation not far from Old Gunn Church back in the early 80’s. I was 7 at the time. That place is indeed a dark place! If we had to go into town at night i literally begged my mother to go the long way.

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