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The Old Coupland Inn and Dance Hall dates back to 1910, when the building served as a bordello and a speakeasy. Now rumoured to be one of the most haunted places in the state, the paranormal activity reported at the establishment ranges from appliances turning on and off of their own accord to disembodied footsteps and cold spots, along with the many apparitions seen her by staff and patrons. A woman in old-time attire has been known to appear in an upstairs guest room where she hanged herself many years ago, whilst a young girl with brown hair has been seen playing with the cash register. Strangely, the activity in the dance hall reaches a crescendo whenever a performing band plays the old tune ‘Cotton Eye Joe’.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

101 Hoxie Street
Coupland, TX
United States

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30.459324, -97.39036290000001
Williamson County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Elgin, TX (7.7 mi.)
Taylor, TX (7.8 mi.)
Thrall, TX (10.6 mi.)
Hutto, TX (10.9 mi.)
Manor, TX (12.9 mi.)
Pflugerville, TX (13.7 mi.)
McDade, TX (15.2 mi.)
Thorndale, TX (15.3 mi.)
Windemere, TX (15.4 mi.)
Wells Branch, TX (17.2 mi.)


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  1. We lived in Coupland for a few years and prior to moving there, we had stayed in the upstairs “bed and breakfast” and never saw anything. Yes, we were told that the upstairs was an old bordello and it was haunted which sounds really interesting, But, I really think this is all bunk to try to get people to come out to this dancehall and restaurant and stay overnight in their upstairs rooms.

  2. We had friends that stayed in the inn. While they were finishing getting ready to go dancing, the husband and I started walking around and looking in the other rooms. No one else was staying there so all were unlocked. The room next to theirs had a key in the door. We turned the key several times, but the door didn’t budge. We walked away and came back about 5 minutes later and the door opened when we tried again. We walked into that room and it was extremely cold, though it was June and there was no air or fan on in that room.
    We left that area and went into the sitting room and felt another cold area and it appeared that there was something or someone “sitting on a bench” and it was cold there. My stomach was in knots and it got worse when we walked down the stairs. Kinda like vertigo

  3. My dad played in a band out there in 1975.i saw the little girl and I played with her not knowing anything about her. She always wanted me to go upstairs I never did because of the dark. Back then, you couldn’t go upstairs. I always would go up the stairs as far as getting close to the rooms, but would stop at the 4th or 5th stairs going up and she would always call me to come up there, but I wouldn’t cause I told her I was scared of the dark and she would always tell me there is nothing to be scared of, but I wouldn’t, but we always played downstairs in the kitchen and in the dining, and yes, she did play with the cash register because my dad always thought that I did so I got in trouble. so I have seen her because I will always remember the blue bow and the dark hair she would have. Hopefully, if I didn’t write the first picture, I tried to post would be the little girl, if you look closely, you can see her face with the blue bow. The second one is a lady who is smiling.

  4. We stayed at the b&b years ago when Randy Rogers played downstairs. The pictures I took had orbs in them. We heard footsteps and doors slamming when nobody was up.

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