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Situated on Florida’s ‘Forgotten Coast’, this quaint circa 1880 bed and breakfast and former private residence survived a cyclone that destroyed most of the township at the turn of the twentieth century. Rumoured to be haunted, this historic inn boasts three ghosts. Paranormal activity reported here includes ghostly laughter, doors opening and closing of their own accord, cold spots and disembodied footsteps heard on the porch late at night.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

201 Tallahassee Street
Carrabelle, FL
United States

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29.8530894, -84.66492260000001
Franklin County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Carrabelle, FL (0.0 mi.)
Eastpoint, FL (15.1 mi.)
Sopchoppy, FL (17.8 mi.)
Panacea, FL (20.9 mi.)
Apalachicola, FL (21.0 mi.)
Sumatra, FL (22.1 mi.)
Crawfordville, FL (28.3 mi.)
Saint Marks, FL (34.7 mi.)
Wewahitchka, FL (36.7 mi.)
Hosford, FL (37.7 mi.)


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  1. Michele Keenlance  |  

    We stayed in the Old Carrabelle hotel just this Monday night 2/13/2017.
    We arrived just before it had gotten dark. Checked ourselves in and headed up to our room. We were staying in the Hemingway room. Key was in the door already for us. Went inside the room. Dropped out stuff off and wanted to go look around a bit before it was completely dark out. Locked our bedroom door and took the key with us. Went to Eastpointe for some dinner. When we returned the door was unlocked. I know I locked it..I had checked it before walking away. This was our first time staying in a bed and breakfast so of course I was just a little leary of leaving our belongings in a home with other people in there. I do the same at home when we leave…lock up and always check.
    Anyway…we thought that was a bit strange.
    So my husband went out on the balcony to have a smoke. I went into the bathroom to wash up and get ready for bed after a long day of driving. I shut the door…did not lock it. It has a sliding lock across the top. Only shut it. When I was done I went to open the door and the handle wouldn’t turn. It felt like someone was holding the handle on the other side. So I called out to my husband to quit fooling around. No answer. So I keep trying to get the door open. I’m locked in the bathroom. But it’s not locked… I start saying a few choice words out loud for a couple minutes. And finally I’m able to turn the knob and open the door.
    I go into the bedroom and as I’m going for the bedroom door my husband is coming in from the porch I can hear him walking. I get to the bedroom door and it just opens…on its own. My husband walks up to the door and says… hmmm did you see that?
    I said did that just open on its own? He said uhhh yeah!!
    Ok.. so at this point I had done zero searing online for this home. My husband had booked it the night before while we were in Tampa.
    So we go to bed… one issues. Up early..he showers then leaves to go for a walk around town while I shower and get ready.
    Again…I do not lock the bathroom door. After showering I get dressed and try to go back into the bedroom. Again the handle will not turn. I know my husband is gone and not back yet. I stand back grab my phone and snap a picture of the door. And just listen. I hear nothing. See nothing. I try the handle again. Still can’t turn it. So finally I speak out load and yell… That’s enough! No more passing around!! As im still trying to turn the handle…About 20 seconds later it turns and I’m able to get out of the bathroom.
    That was enough for me! Packed up and waited for my husband to get back. We left for our next adventure.
    Don’t get me wrong the house is beautiful! But little did I know this was on a list of haunted homes in Florida until today 2/15/2017 after I explained my story to my best friend. She sent me the link and that’s why I’m sharing our story!!
    I’d probably stay there again now that I know what to possibly expect again.
    But was completely caught off gaurd!
    P.s. the picture hanging in the bathroom gave me the creeps lol

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