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My girlfriend and I spend the night there recently. We went in with a lot of happiness to stay so close to the beautiful beaches.

The woman working there was unfriendly and seemed to be very distant, but I let it go thinking she may have been having just a bad day.

We stayed in room number 5.

When you first go into the hotel, there is a very strange smell. I have a very good sense of smell, but I just couldn’t place this smell. I wish I could be more articulate, but I cannot say it was any particular detail….the very old and creaky staircase, the carpeting, the strangely placed mirrors….but always that strange smell.

We went to our room which was large and well lighted with windows. The bathroom to the right was strange. A deep tube and poorly coordinated aesthetics, but all of this was secondary. I said nothing to my girlfriend about my feeling of not being at ease, because I had nothing concrete and did not want to frighten her. We have visited and stayed in many places and this feeling never happened to me.

Then she looked at me and said that she felt that there was something very strange about this room…that bad things had happened there. She wouldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. This had never happened before. She felt like we were being watched and I felt that we were not alone….that there were many people around us.

When I got into the shower with her, I touched her and she screamed and jumped. This is not like her at all.

We actually did sleep well because we were together, but she told me that she would never have spent the night alone in that place. I too do not want to return there.

The next day, I told a friend that we had stayed there. He said, “How was your stay? I heard they are making repairs there.”

I told him that the view was nice and the woman at the desk was not very nice, but the worst part was that we both felt that we were not alone and very nervous, but that we couldn’t say exactly why. I told him it felt like the place was haunted.

He then told me that he had grown up there and, even as a kid, everybody said that the hotel was haunted!

I wish I could give you something more concrete besides simply a feeling, having chills and that heavy, lingering, strong and unpleasant smell that I just could not identify, and what my friend told me, but I cannot.

(Submitted by Mark R.)

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8425 Cabrillo Hwy
Montara, CA 94037
United States

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37.5417145, -122.51623760000001
San Mateo County, California
Nearest Towns:
Montara, CA (0.0 mi.)
Moss Beach, CA (1.0 mi.)
El Granada, CA (3.7 mi.)
Pacifica, CA (5.2 mi.)
Half Moon Bay, CA (7.2 mi.)
Hillsborough, CA (7.8 mi.)
Millbrae, CA (8.1 mi.)
San Bruno, CA (8.4 mi.)
Burlingame, CA (8.7 mi.)
Highlands-Baywood Park, CA (9.5 mi.)

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  1. As the Innkeeper of this beautiful historical building imagine my shock when I came across this listing. First, the mere fact that I am still here as an Innkeeper is an indication there is no paranormal activity, otherwise I would not be writing this. Why do people spook themselves out when coming to an old building? Ocean View Inn formerly the Farallon Inn was built in 1896 by a German Family that migrated to finance the railroad from SF to Monterey. Being the first mansion in what was then called Farallon City. In 1906 J.A. Flink purchased the mansion and converted to a hotel. Albeit the inn has a colorful past as a speakeasy, brothel and such ~ it’s glorified with a rich history of service. The stain glass is original to the mansion to this day. A very peaceful, tranquil building with magnificent ocean views which color the front of the inn with a glow at sunset. Room 5 is my favorite room with the south wall of windows that give a majestic landscape view of the ocean’s horizon. At night, it’s lighted by the stars, moon or incoming fog. There is nothing but tranquility & beauty in that room. Smell? How about a bath. When entering the inn, you are greeted to the scent of lavendar, apples & cinnamon. A scented candle sits on the table filled with menu’s, brochures and historical pictures. The “oddly” placed mirrors? Really? How about so you can see someone coming down the stairs as the staircase (which is beautiful rich mahogany wood incraved) is long, but narrow by today’s standards. The mere fact I am on this website and found this listing is confirmation that I believe in paranormal. But as a Shaman Priestess Healer told me after her stay. The building is filled with good energy in and around it. And she attributed that to the fact that I respected and admired the history, it being someone’s home and put all my time into beautifying it without loosing site of its origin. Yes, before I came into the picture it was disrespected, ran-down and creepy. But today, it’s beautiful, exquisite and a delight to all who become guests. And by the way, I am probably the unfriendly lady the refer to. As I, my staff and community have worked hard to keep this majestic building erect and not torn down. So, maybe if you had something nice to say, the welcome would have been different. But then again, tell that to the guests that are returning guests to the inn for the last 40+ years. Stick to Motel 6. Debbie Padilla, Innkeeper of Ocean View Inn, Montara, CA November 22, 2014

  2. I just recently stayed at the Ocean View Inn with my girlfriend last week. Although we ended up staying in two different rooms because they were going through some renovation we didn’t notice anything they seem like a haunting.

    Actually I have stayed at the Ocean View Inn quite a few times over the past 20 years and I have never experienced anything paranormal in nature.

    While it is very funky in nature reminiscent of the sixties and seventies in many ways we really enjoyed our stay.

    Although at first I too thought that the innkeeper was perhaps a little bit unfriendly, I actually took the time to start up a conversation with her about the hotel in the history of the building. She really lit up and started telling me about how she had gotten to know the original owners of the building and the history of how it is passed through a few different families and how it had been a brothel and a speakeasy and several different types of hotels over the decades. She also told me about all of the renovation work that they were doing and how difficult it was for them because of the hundreds of filings for variances they had to make with the Zoning Commission just to be able to replace a door or paint a wall.

    Every time that I have stayed there it has been a great experience and the coast side and countryside around the hotel are simply stunning. My girlfriend and I intend to go back there hopefully many times in the future.

  3. My wife and I look forward to staying at haunted locations. Many spirits that inhabit places are not harmful. If the Ocean View is haunted, I want to stay there!

  4. I have stayed at the Ocean View Inn. I am an intuitive. I did not experience any spiritual or creepy energies. The room I stayed in was a little dark and dank, and maybe someone could interpret that as creepy. I felt nothing negative. In fact, I found the stain glass windows quite beautiful, and lend a certain tranquility to the space.

    • They overcharged me by $25.00. They mistakenly charged me for a different room which I did not notice until later. This mistake was never reconciled.

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