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This place not only has ghosts, but famous ones at that! The Oatman is reported to be haunted by the ghosts of none other than Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, so if you go ghost hunting, be sure to bring your autograph book as well. Of course the history put out of Clark and Lombard in the Oatman is purely fabricated. but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story!

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    181 Main St
    Oatman, AZ 86433
    United States

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    35.026373, -114.38334700000001
    Mohave County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Oatman, AZ (0.0 mi.)
    Mesquite Creek, AZ (11.3 mi.)
    Mojave Ranch Estates, AZ (13.1 mi.)
    Mohave Valley, AZ (13.3 mi.)
    Bullhead City, AZ (13.4 mi.)
    Laughlin, NV (14.5 mi.)
    Willow Valley, AZ (14.9 mi.)
    Golden Valley, AZ (16.3 mi.)
    Arizona Village, AZ (16.5 mi.)
    Katherine, AZ (16.9 mi.)


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    1. I have visited this place with my family, and while touring the hotel, I had an experience. We were looking around upstairs. Looking into one of the rooms there is a door with a clasp, and lock on the exterior of the door next to the doorway of this room. I am guessing it to be a closet??? while looking into the room I had an uneasy feeling. I stepped back from the doorway, and about that time something yanked on the locked (closet?) door, banging the lock, and clasp. Enough to freak me out… I was gone. I gathered the kids, and headed back down stairs.My wife met us coming down the stairs, and asked me what was wrong… she could see the fear on my face… I thought I had composed myself well as not to scare the kids, but she could tell something had happened.

    2. In 1972, during the annual Laughlin motorcycle rally, a friend, her husband, my wife and myself spent two nights in the hotel (They still rented rooms then, crappy rooms but we needed a place to stay.) Around 9pm the only hotel staff person still there closed up the bar and gave us the key to the front door. We were the only people in the buildng. After sitting and chating in the lobby for awhile we decide to go up to our rooms and turn in. Once we got to the top of the stairs, my friend’s husband suggested we go down the hall and check out “Oattie’s” room. “Oattie” was supposed to be the ghost of a miner who live in the hotel and froze to death on a trash heap out back in the 1920s while in a boozy stupor. We walked down a creaky, darkened hallway lit by a single blub to the closed door to Oatie’s room. My friend’s husband reached for the doorknob, but before he touched it, started to turn from inside! Did I mention we were alone in the building? Pretty funny sight – four “bikers” backing out of that hallway at top speed.

    3. I live locally. When we have friends and family visit, we always take them to Oatman. Several years ago on one occasion while touring the upstairs of the Oatman Hotel we had a strange occurrence in Oatie’s room. My friend attempted to take a photo of Oatie’s room, but her digital camera wouldn’t take a picture. I told her to walk outside the room and try taking a photo in the hallway. She did that and the camera worked fine. She went back into Oatie’s room and attempted to take the photo again, but her camera would not take a photo. She again went out to the hallway and took another photo of the hallway, the camera worked fine. One last attempt in Oatie’s room and once again her camera would not take a pic. She was able to take photos in all the other room that were open, but not Oatie room. Weird.

    4. On another visit Oatman Hotel, my son and I took a seat at the bar. As we were sipping out beer, I told him the story of the ghost of Oatie who haunts the hotel. We were both sitting at the bar staring straight ahead at the back bar when a heavy old time glass shot glass darted straight out from the top shelf it was sitting on, and came flying straight down, about 3 feet, and landed right-side-up on the back bar. It was as if Oatie was acknowledging himself and asking for a shot of whiskey. Everyone at the bar cheered and yelled “Give Oatie a drink!” So the bartender poured whiskey into the shot glass and there it sat untouched after that. My son and I couldn’t believe what we had just seen. That glass should have tumbled and broken from the height it fell, but it jutted out from the shelf and came straight down to the back bar as if someone had taken it from the shelf. We finished out beer and left.

    5. I don’t want to sound like a weirdo, but ever since I was a little girl around 3 maybe, I would have vivid dreams of events and people I didn’t know. My skeptical mom would blow it off, until about 6 months later she would see my dream coming true on the nightly news. I was able to distiguish the difference between “those dreams” and normal dreams because of how I would wake up like I’m gasping for air and with the sudden urge to tell someone immediately to get it off my chest.

      With that being said, I have visited Oatman a few times but never went inside the hotel because I am already freaked out from what I do see in my dreams….I don’t need anything paranormal added to it. Finally the last time I went to Oatman, I felt a weird feeling about the store we parked in front of which is down the walk before you get to the hotel. Inside the hotel, I had a weird feeling about the room to the right at the top of the stairs and inside the room where they sell the t-shirts 1/2 price. I don’t know if there’s anything anyone else saw or experienced in those areas-but I felt funny about it when I went.

    6. When I was a teenager, friends of my parents owned the hotel. My parents decided to do their Wedding renewal ceremony at the hotel. So that we could sight see and do everything in the morning, we stayed at the hotel in the rooms upstairs. My brother and I we’re given The Opportunity to each get our own room, which both of us jumped at the chance to do. I mean, really, how cool was that? Early in the morning, I woke Up , and couldnt get back to sleep. I suddenly heard steps int he hallway, which I thought were my brother, I looked towards the hallway And didn’t see anything , and remembering the story about Oatie, I got scared, rolled over and cuddled up in my blankets. I then felt a slight pressure on my side, that’s kind of felt like someone pushing to look over at your face. I layed therfor what Felt like an eternity, and the pressure finally lifted, but I never heard footsteps go out. I wasn’t sooo scared, I didn’t get up until there was daylight. As soon as i felt it was safe, I found my new parents. always thought it was my Brother messing with me, but why were there’s no steps while leaving? The floor was a creaky old wood floor so it would have made a sound. My moms friend was convinced it wasn’t Oatie popping in to say Hi. I’ve read that his room was upstairs. Im not sure which it is, but I was in the last room to the left, in the corner. My brother was the one to the right of that one

    7. I work upstairs at the Oatman Hotel. And today I witnessed a strange occurrence. I was talking to a lady, and she was explaining to me of feeling a heaviness when she came upstairs. And she asked me if I had experienced anything while up there. I told her that I had never felt anything negative. But that I felt the presence of something from time to time. But nothing concrete that I could say for sure. She no sooner exited the upper floor and I returned back to where we had been talking. And the lights were off. Not just flickering from the old wiring. But the switches had been flipped. I guess my ghostly co-workers wanted to give me some concrete evidence!

    8. No experiences here myself, however near the restrooms on the bottom floor there’s a billboard type thing with a couple of stories that are believable, overall I believe this place is haunted.

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