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Legend has it that there is a grave of a witch toward the back of this cemetery, and some claim that apparitions, voices, and strange sounds will come from the area, especially around the hour of 3:33 a.m.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Oak Hill Cemetery Road
Galena, KS
United States

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37.0960142, -94.64697230000002
Cherokee County, Kansas
Nearest Towns:
Galena, KS (1.4 mi.)
Riverton, KS (3.5 mi.)
Lowell, KS (4.4 mi.)
Iron Gates, MO (5.5 mi.)
Baxter Springs, KS (7.0 mi.)
Carl Junction, MO (7.2 mi.)
Joplin, MO (7.4 mi.)
Grand Falls Plaza, MO (7.4 mi.)
Loma Linda, MO (8.0 mi.)
Shoal Creek Drive, MO (8.0 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Me and a group of my friends.. About 15 or more of us mind you… Went here to visit the witch’s grave. We could not find it but heard strange noises while searching for it. We had another friend who had actually went to the witch’s grave before and heard a bunch of noises and saw figures and woke up the next day with five scratches down his back and has refused to go back since. He also had somehow found out about the witch’s house and so when we could find her grave last night we have up and went to the house and property she lived in just past the cemetery. That’s when we experienced a freaky night… Are big group kept breaking up into smaller groups and that’s when shit would happen. One of my friends first saw a figure in a long white gown we think and it disappeared with in seconds and no one else saw it but her by the house.. That was the first sighting of something strange. Then another group went off walking while the rest of us were checking out the old barn by the it has bones in it! Anyways they heard footsteps and a craking sound then one of them saw a dark figure holding up four fingers and pointed at them. They all came bolting back and would not say what they saw or what happened. They ran a mile back to the trucks. So we decided to go check it out and when we first got down to the spot they were I instantly got chills. I don’t get scared at these kinda of places easily. EVER. Well we walked a little farther and me and one other person heard footsteps no one else did. So we continued and I heard something no one else did and I turn to look and I swear up and down I see eyes and a long dark figure hiding in the tree line I go to shine the light on it and it’s there for a second then gone. And I ask everyone what it was and they didn’t see it. While we were walking back we get a text from the group begging us to leave right then. A group of people that don’t get scared easy.. No one will tell us what’s up so we just hurry and leave and get to the nearest place we can meet at and feel safe. We got to the gas station I jumped out of my truck and ask what they saw I my friend who had been getting sick all night she replied to me “she was in me” the whole ride away I had a feeling we were not alone. I will never visit there again. I’ve went to plenty of “haunted” places but never in my life have we experienced anything like that night and there was more to the night that’s better off not being told.

    • Your location is off a bit. It’s towards the center on n.w. side. I haven’t been there in some time but it has an offputting inscription. It’s tough to make out but if you splash a bit of water on it , helps to read it. Once you see it you will know you are at her grave, can’t make a mistake after you see it

    • A friend of mine and there I went there during the day and it had rained and we heard loud footsteps like someone was wearing the galoshes and we heard a growling sound. We are in a paranormal group do you know if we can go of an evening without permission when it’s dark? We have our own equipment and everything and would like to come back at night

  2. where exactly is the grave and where is the house and barn youre talking about??? weve seen the no trespassing signs and went all the way to the end of the road to a strange looking house because it dead ends. we were being followed by another car so turned around in the drive way and left for a few minutes. we never could find the grave. there just isnt enough accurate or descriptive information on where it is in the cemetery

    • You can go in there from dawn until dusk legally. And we were told she was buried in the back of the cemetery I never saw any clots or burial signs but we did experience some weird things. Besides what I posted we also noticed that none of the birds were singing on her side of the cemetery just the other side

  3. Most of my Dad’s family is buried there but none of them were witches…he always went to the back of the cemetery and on up a little road to cut hickory for BBQ’ing. I would be interested in hearing what the inscription on the witch’s grave says and what her name was…

  4. I wouldn’t recommend coming here without the city of galena approval. I found out the hard way trying to sneak in towards the back end of cemetery. The new resident there has a wireless camera system and it didn’t take the Galena PD long to find us hiding. Even though they seemed nice but was still arrested us for trespassing. At least they were gentle with our equipment and now i have a cool facebook profile pic.

  5. My parents and most of my dad family is buried at Oak Hill Cemetary and I am Honestly sick and tired of people destroying items left at their grave . There is a place to do witch and ghost hunting and it’s not there , I put my parents to rest there not to be disturbed and their items destroyed by a bunch of ghost hunters . Have respect people !!! I was raised in a very haunted house and I visit several places that claim to be haunted , however I respect people resting grounds !

  6. These so called ‘ghosts,’ have me laughing. There is NO such things as ghosts, spirits or supernatural!! It is all done by the devils DEMONS. Fallen Angels are called Demons. They can change to any shape, or person at will. They are invisible, they growl too. They can attach themselves to whom ever and follow you home. They are NOT a thing to have in ones houses!!!

  7. Galena Witch is not in Galena, but at Riverton in a cemetery called Quaker Valley Cemetery. I live at Oakhill Cemetery and even had a paranormal group come by and swear its here in Galena. I did the research by asking those who grew up here and I was pointed to the right direction. I got the pictures and an exact location.

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