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This hotel is no longer in operation but when it was running, people claim it was haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

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Geographic Information

427 1st Ave
Fairbanks, AK 99701
United States

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64.84408119999999, -147.71727620000001
Fairbanks North Star County
Nearest Towns:
Fairbanks, AK (0.4 mi.)
College, AK (2.7 mi.)
Badger, AK (6.2 mi.)
Fox, AK (8.4 mi.)
Ester, AK (8.7 mi.)
North Pole, AK (12.6 mi.)
Moose Creek, AK (19.3 mi.)
Two Rivers, AK (20.0 mi.)
Eielson Air Force Base, AK (23.2 mi.)
Pleasant Valley, AK (25.0 mi.)


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  1. Okay, I personally have never entered the hotel…but after asking multiple friends and family members here’s what I’ve learned:
    I do not know when the building was built, but I do know that before the property was a hotel, it was a hospital in the 1800’s.
    From my knowledge, many people called the building the “Polaris building” which was built in 1952, multiple documents show. The Polaris building is 11 stories tall, and is currently the tallest building in all of Fairbanks. It was originally built as an apartment building, in the 1970’s they housed many pipeline workers.
    Sometime later, the Polaris building was turned into a hotel, the “Northern Lights Hotel” and also was home to both the Tiki Cove and Black Angus restaurants.
    In 2001, 800,000 gallons of water flooded the basement/underground level of the abandoned building.
    On the outer surfaces of the building, there’s graffiti. On the inside, black mold resides all across the walls and ceilings, word is from multiple locals here that you can barely get to the 3rd floor, and it’s near impossible to reach the 4th floor and up because the floors are so mossy and moldy and decayed.
    Anyhow, at sometime during its’ hotel days, word is a little girl died in the 3rd floor. Shortly after her passing, the hotel lobby would receive phone calls of a little girl asking where her parents are, stating she’s at the hotel room the girl died in.
    I hear from other people, that the girl’s parents died too, though through my current research I can’t find any names, dates, anything. Sources say she died in room 303, and to touch back on receiving calls…they’d receive calls from room 303 even if nobody was staying there.
    Talking to my friends, they were sneaking in there one night, and there’s a voice recording (I listened to it myself) while they were prying the side door open there was a voice that wasn’t a voice from any one of the four guys in the group.
    Person 1: Okay, for the record. We are plying the side door open on the street side.
    Person 2: Alright ____, you got this [footsteps, towards the direction of the recorder]
    Person 3: [attempting to pry the door open with the crowbar, wood creaks, movement, sigh]
    Person 4: I think you have to get the actual hook in to pry it open.
    [breathing, another sigh, rustling from the recorder being moved around]
    Person 4: yeah, you have to get the hook in…there you go. Yep, get the hook in.
    *unknown voice, keep in mind this was around 2AM and NOBODY was outside except for the four guys in the group. The unknown voice sounded like a man, around 30-40’s believed to be one of the pipeline workers housed there, maybe a hospital patient from the 1800’s?* “No…don’t come in…”
    I also listened to a second recording, which is more clear and distinct. This was recorded either on the 2nd or 3rd floor stairwell during the same night. In this recording, nobody is moving, and you hear white noise being picked up from the recording due to breathing, background noise, etc. Anyhow…
    *about 12 seconds in*
    *a 25-35 yr old’s woman’s voice, close enough to be loud and distinct but not near the voice recorder, echoes* “Oh, Jacob doesn’t like that, you better get out of here!”
    There’s been speculation that the city may tear down the building, but due to the amount of mold and other types of molds and mildew, they’d have to rid of it before they tear it down.
    There’s also debate that the building may just stay as is due to it being a historical site and the building already being rebuilt once before– as far as records show.

    Records from a few years ago show a man named Marc Marlow purchased the building in early 2009.

  2. So far I have been in the hotel a few different times both 3:00 a.m. midnight 1:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 p.m. and I’ve never had a very paranormal experience However it is extremely creepy at night and very relaxing and beautiful in the daytime I’m writing this September 16th 2018 there is currently a ground floor door that can just be pulled open On the courthouse side and also on the 3rd floor on the parking garage side there is a window that is busted out with a piece of metal below you can climb up to get in Good luck fellow explorers

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