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There are a number of ghosts that inhabit the historic side of this hotel.

Little Girl: When there are a large amount of children staying in the hotel, a small girl wearing a bright blue dress and gold shoes can be seen running and laughing in the hallways. You can try your best to follow her, but she runs quickly around corners before vanishing.

Man in the Top Hat: There is a dark skinned man that has been seen in a few different situations. A bar tender would sometimes see the man peak around the corner at the back of the bar. The man looks like he is trying to get the bar tenders attention without being seen by others in the bar. As the bar tender would walk towards him, he would duck behind the corner and disappear. This same man has been seen dancing with a female in one of the ballrooms. No music is playing, but you can see these two spin each other around until you look away. An overnight security guard has received numerous calls of an oddly dressed man crying uncontrollably in the rear function room with the lights off. When the situation is investigated, you can clearly see the man sitting in a chair crying into his hands.

The prostitute: In the Annex units, which were part of a brothel before the original structure was destroyed by a terrible hurricane, complaints of the closet door rattling like someone is pounding from the inside trying to get out happens fairly often. There is no cause for this happening, but maintenance typically tells guests that its the vibration from the air conditioning system from outside.

Maintenance Shop Prankster: Tools are constantly going missing in the maintenance office. Sometimes tools will be gone for days, or just long enough to annoy you. The tools always returned to the exact location that it went missing.

Kitchen Poltergeist: This is a nasty little ghost that the staff refers to as “Jester.” Jester seems to be a menace. Plates of food have flown off the cooking stations, pots and pans slamming together in the middle of the night while simultaneously turning on all of the faucets. During the overnight shifts, he can be heard banging on the duct work while deeply laughing into the vents. There has been one occurrence where jester was taunted by a friend of someone covering the desk. As she leaned back into the desk chair claiming that this place wasn’t so scary, she was pushed forward and received three scratches on her back. The two of them were then drawn into the lobby where they kept hearing people talking at the front desk. They could hear whistling coming up the rear hallway by the kitchen, the tune was getting closer to the lobby, but when the “whistler” should have reached the lobby, the tune would continue in the bar and through the back ball rooms…as if the spirit were circling them.

This place has been underestimated over the years and should be a nice hot bed for a ghost hunter to investigate. These are true stories from former staff members.

(Submitted by Geoff)

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Geographic Information

1 Wave Ave
Middletown, RI
United States

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41.4904678, -71.28588630000002
Newport County, Rhode Island
Nearest Towns:
Newport, RI (1.4 mi.)
Newport East, RI (1.8 mi.)
Middletown, RI (3.8 mi.)
Jamestown, RI (4.2 mi.)
Melville, RI (6.7 mi.)
Portsmouth, RI (7.9 mi.)
Narragansett Pier, RI (9.7 mi.)
Tiverton, RI (10.1 mi.)
North Kingstown, RI (10.2 mi.)
Wakefield-Peacedale, RI (11.5 mi.)


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  1. Cyndee Thompson  |  

    My husband and I were staying here about 10 years ago. We stayed in for the night and turned on the movie “1408.” The exact moment something terrifying happened in the movie, our footboard fell off the bed and the mattress tilted and we slid off the bed! To this day one of the scariest moments I’ve ever encountered. We shut off the movie immediately! Curiosity led me to Google if it was haunted, and I stumbled upon this website and had to speak up! This is a true story.

  2. Woke up and told my husband “there was a little girl in this room last night. She kept calling for daddy” Googled the hotel and found this! Room 228

  3. At the end of the first-floor corridor, two young girls in black dresses wait. The most terrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed! Since I was so alarmed, I felt like crying

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