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Although there are many different ghost stories associated with the hotel, if you wish a haunted room you should apparently aim for rooms 45, 47 or 61. Apparitions, doors slamming, lights that flicker on and off, and other evidence of ghostly activity is often claimed to by numerous guests of the hotel.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    2 Water St
    Jackson, CA 95642
    United States

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    38.347893, -120.77320099999997
    Amador County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Jackson, CA (0.1 mi.)
    Martell, CA (1.8 mi.)
    Sutter Creek, CA (3.5 mi.)
    Mokelumne Hill, CA (4.9 mi.)
    Amador City, CA (5.7 mi.)
    Pine Grove, CA (7.7 mi.)
    Drytown, CA (7.8 mi.)
    Buena Vista, CA (8.4 mi.)
    Ione, CA (8.6 mi.)
    Plymouth, CA (10.0 mi.)

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    1. I stayed here almost 35 years ago and had a very unexplainable experience. I had a room and was leaving the room and I could hear music from the jukebox and people talking downstairs. As I rounded to go down the staircase I could see my friends at the table talking and laughing. Suddenly the air became thick and the lighting somewhat darker. The music had changed from jukebox to old time piano music, the room appeared much more smokey, and when I looked down the stairs my friends were not there any longer but a group of men in early 1900’s attire. A few light colored cowboy hats stood out more than anything. I stopped my descent and this image stayed with me for about three seconds. I shook my head and the air seemed to clear, jukebox music returned, and my friends has returned. The only description I can give this experience was that it felt like an echo if that makes any sense. This experience has stayed with me all these years and just as clear in my memory than the day it happened.

      • What if you went through a portal back in time like if you have looked through a window and saw the past of the hotel? Sounds creepy.

    2. This place definitely has an energy to it. I was in Ione last summer walking the streets there and checking out the little stores with my boyfriend. I don’t know what it was but it just felt like the hotel was calling me there if it makes sense. That sensation prompted me to check it out. Once inside the air just felt thick to me. Just a strong feeling like someone was watching, someone was there. Its a feeling hard to describe. My boyfriend couldn’t even understand why I was drawn to this place and had to look inside.

    3. Definitely felt the spirits energy as soon as I walked in; then got even more creeped out when I went through the hotel up to my room. The spirits didn’t bother me, but I did let them know I knew they were their and to leave me alone. They were polite

    4. Just thought I would point out that there was another more noticeable orb that was at the bottom right of the screen near the date at 2:17 in your video. It’s neat to see you capture these.

    5. This place is for sure hunted as the Ghost Adventures crew did a show on it. :-). If you are ever in Jackson be sure to make a visit. You never know what you may see or hear.

    6. I stayed at the National Hotel back in November. We stayed in room 309 for two nights. Our first night we kept hearing a bathtub being filled around one in the morning. We were on the third floor so no one above us. It kept us awake the whole night. Since I couldn’t sleep, I took out my Ghost tube app. I got some weird sentences on it. First one asked “where am I?’ second one said, “am I a ghost?” I caught some orbs all over the room near my window, from our window you are able to see an antique store that is said to be haunted. STRANGE… On our next night we kept hearing the bathtub noise being filled. Again, since I wasn’t able to sleep kept talking photos and videos. I got an EVP saying, “I’ll be right back” CRAZY… Our room card key didn’t want to work either upon our return to the hotel. Personally, I would stay here again, maybe in a different level, to see if I experience anything else.

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