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This establishment is reported to no longer be in the bed-and-breakfast business; it is uncertain at this time what sort of business is here now. The place was a hospital during the Civil War and a mental institution in the early 1900s. Witnesses say a Civil War general’s apparition has been seen as a reflection all through the house, and the shoes of a nurse have been heard walking down the concrete stairways, although the actual stairs have been carpeted for many years. Visitors feel an eerie presence, and items go missing only to be found hidden in the back of various cabinets.

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Geographic Information

1400 Sam Houston Street
Sweetwater, TX 79556
United States

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32.45472, -100.40575469999999
Nolan County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Sweetwater, TX (1.1 mi.)
Roscoe, TX (7.8 mi.)
Trent, TX (16.5 mi.)
Loraine, TX (18.1 mi.)
Roby, TX (20.1 mi.)
Merkel, TX (22.9 mi.)
Hermleigh, TX (24.1 mi.)
Blackwell, TX (25.9 mi.)
Colorado City, TX (27.2 mi.)
Rotan, TX (27.7 mi.)


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  1. The Manor…formerly the Mulberry Manor is now open as a bed and breakfast. It was not a hospital during the civil war it was built in 1913 by Thomas Trammell for his second wife Mattie. It became a hospital 1923 (sanitairum was the word used for hospital at this time). It is now owned and operated by Carolyn Scheffield. And yes…it is haunted. We have had many experiences with lights coming on and off, giant orbs and small orbs of light moving through the house and even a few glimpses of ghosts. It is however a very happy place.

  2. I was about 14 when I begged the current owner to let me wash windows make bed and other maidely things in place. I was taking bed sheets down to the basement and when I was walking up the stairs (at the time they were tile) I heard footsteps behind me. The steps sounded more dense as if they were wearing boots. Another time in the honeymoon suite I was cleaning the bathtub and I heard my name being called out to the roof area and I got to the door and no one was there. The owner Bevelery Stone scoled me and said I was never to got out on the baconly alone. But neve gave me a reason why. In the closet down stairs where we would collect our soaps, loations and other items for the rooms I saw a paper that it said ” was once use for a old war hospital. The property was also strange you could hear a woman and a males voice but never see them. I grew up in that town and wished for someday to have my weddiing there and would still love to.Th place is beautiful beyound words.

  3. Do you know if the place is still up for holding weddings? I really enjoyed working there, the short time I did, it was like a step back in time in my home town.

  4. I just visited this most beautiful and amazing establishment today. Carolyn was so gracious as to answer all my questions.. My friend Tiffany Rotan took me there, as she is good friends with the owners daughter. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful place.. I loved the stories and can’t wait to visit again. I hope to someday visit there for and entire day and night.

  5. I was able to visit this most gorgeous establishment today. The owner Carolyn was so gracious to let us in and tour the home. My friend Tiffany Rotan is good friends with the owners daughter and so she was happy to share some stories with us. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful place.. I cant wait to visit for a whole day and night. Every room in this house holds some of the most amazing furnishings.. the stories this home/hospital/asylum/bed & breakfast must hold.. I would love to hear them all.

  6. Me and my brother stay there over night on 10/31/2015. We had the whole house to ourselves. The caretaker gave us a tour of the house he was very nice and helpful. The place is beautiful and very clean. I enjoyed staying there. We did not hear or see anything unusual. no eerie presence. I would stay there again.

  7. My best friend Kinsey had lived there for a while. I agree I think it was creepy… but I don’t remember ever seeing figures or hearing my name called or really hearing footsteps. However, I did feel as if i was being watched constantly. Kinsey’s bedroom was the small one that did not have the bathroom and I felt being watched in there sort of, but to me that was the safest place in the entire house. I never went into the room next to hers because that was her brothers room, but her parents room was one of the creepiest.. I only went in there for a few minutes but I felt very uneasy. We went down to the basement and there was a room that they had a fitness area.. we were down there, alone. no one was in the house but us two, and the doors were locked. The lights had flickered and the chair had moved blocking the stairway. Upstairs, was the creepiest place of all. I felt like someone was breathing down my neck the entire time, and not to mention the temperature was like a total of 10 degrees colder than anywhere in the house.

    • Hi Lizzy! Its me, Kinseys sister, on my moms email. I remember you coming over and my parents room being the scariest place, but I slept in my bed in their room. My sister tells me about the story in the basement and for the whole time I lived there I really liked hanging in the basement, but of course i had no clue then. I really miss you!

  8. It was midyear 2000 when I went to Sweetwater, TX to take a radiation instrument class from Ludlum Measurements down the street. I am from San Diego and have never experienced anything as creepy as this place in my life. At the time I was twenty-eight years old. I was scheduled to be at the Mulberry Mansion Bed & Breakfast for three nights, but after the second day, I came back from class, checked-out one night early and headed to Abilene for my last night’s stay, for it was right next to the airport. I was by myself in the house with no other guests and the owner lived across the street in a separate house. I thought it was weird she lived across the street, but now totally get it. Besides the constant feeling that someone is watching me and lights being turned back on after I turn them off, the place is a very nice house and absolutely huge. During my stay there I grudgingly handled the creepy “I’m being stared at” feeling, but did not wish to check out until my second night. The room assigned to me was very nice, with a big bed, big room and, giant private bathroom. The rooms lock from the inside and my room had two possible entry points, once from inside the house and the other that lead down a 15 foot corridor to a second door to the outside and adjacent room. In the middle of the night the door with the corridor leading to an outside exit door, blew open, SLAM, with such force, it slammed against the door jam, waking me immediately. Now remember, I said the room doors lock from the inside, and that night before going to sleep I made sure not only my room’s door to the corridor was locked, but also the door that goes outside was locked as well. I calmly got up, waked through my room’s now open door, down the hallway, and shut the outside door, then locked it. Then, I calmly walked back into my room, locked that door, again, and went to sleep. The next morning at breakfast the owner asked me, “So how did you sleet”? I replied, “Okay, but for some reason the door to my room opened in the middle of the night.” I then went on to say, “And the door to the outside also managed to open too. It must have been the wind.” And her reply to me without even missing a beat was, “oh honey, that’s just the ghosts.” So when I got back from class that evening, she didn’t seem too surprised that I got my stuff, checkout, and left for the Abilene airport.

  9. My husband and I at that time stayed here at the Mulberry Inn, I was very a beautiful home, we purchased the room around noon that day, we stayed in the room upstairs complete with it’s own living room, large bathroom with a sunken tub, very beautiful room, French doors that opens out to the roof.
    We unloaded our bags and carried them up stairs. The lady that owned the home offered us a bottle of wine for later that night, we got settled into our room then decided to go for dinner in a restaurant there in town, then follow with a movie.
    We were back at our room oh around 9 that evening, I decided a hot bath in that tub was much needed, my husband poured me a glass of wine as I soaked, it was nice, he sat in the room watching tv, it was a nice pleasant night, after my bath i decided one more glass of wine would do the trick for me.
    After pulling back the bed spread and all the deco pillows that bed felt so comfortable, before I knew it I was out, I was awakened by what I thought was a small Dog jumping up and down all over the bed, I bumped my husband and said husband there’s a dog in our room, he sit up in the bed and turned on the lamp next to the bed and we looked around the room only to find nothing there, The door is locked, no way.
    We turned off the light, of course he says honey maybe you shouldn’t have had that second glass of wine, we Laughed and before you know it I was back to sleep.
    Once again I was awakened by a small dog but this time he was running up and down the stairway up to our room them up on our bed it would come then off it would go, I sit back up bumping my husband Honey honey, he turns the light back on and he thinks I have lost my mind, The door is closed, nothing, no dogs, That was the last time we stayed there, I know I was dreaming but it did feel right, it was pretty scary for me.

  10. My wife told me a story about when she used to work at this location. She said every time she would put the television remote in one spot it would be misplaced somewhere else. No one else was around. I have lived in sweetwater all my life and always have heard it was haunted.

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