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Reports say the active spirits at Mount Pleasant Cemetery once pushed an employee right off of a lawn tractor. Other strange things reported here include voices, unexplained noises, shadowy figures, objects that disappear, disturbances that cause malfunctions in electrical devices, and heightened feelings of uneasiness and fear.

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Geographic Information

377 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, Ontario

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43.69574100000001, -79.38538199999999
Toronto Division
Nearest Towns:
Leaside, ON (1.0 mi.)
Forest Hill, ON (1.6 mi.)
Toronto, ON (2.5 mi.)
Don Mills, ON (3.7 mi.)
York Mills, ON (4.1 mi.)
York, ON (5.1 mi.)
Downsview, ON (5.1 mi.)
Weston, ON (5.7 mi.)
Swansea, ON (5.9 mi.)
Willowdale, ON (6.2 mi.)


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  1. I was in Mount Pleasant close to closing time, heading for the exit. It was a foggy evening. I got a strange feeling and when turned to look back, I saw two shadowy figures appear. I couldn’t see them very well. One appeared to be a tall, thin man and the other was a smaller woman woman. They were moving slowly on the road. I watched them for maybe 20 to 30 seconds and then they disappeared.

    I had an eerie feeling when I saw them. Has anyone else seen them?

    • I have never gone to Mount Pleasant close to closing time. We pray we leave before after noon now where was it that you saw these apparitions.

  2. For over a year I’ve seen a dog running and barking on the hill in plot H. Today I saw him again and I was thinking to myself where are his damn owners letting him run round like that. I turn around for a second look to see it’s a monument.

    I was also hit in the face and blinded for a moment in the same area by a cloud of what seemed like fog but it was hard on a clear day.

    • Last night I also experienced a fog that appeared out of nowhere. It came straight up from the ground and engulfed my phone’s screen but I could also see it with my naked eye. After that me and my spouse walked about 40 feet and stopped in front of a mosoleum by the name of GAGE and we could hear pacing right in front of us..then as I approached the sounds my spouse warned me not to ..then suddenly his phone died which was at 30% and something hit my knapsack from behind almost like a warning or trying to scare us away from that section. But I too also experienced the dog barking and saw it twice..wondering where it’s owner was then heard a whistle ..but their was absolutely no one their. It was well after the cemetery was closed so i doubt their were others especially someone walking their dog at 1am in the cemetery knowng they had to sneak in. Made no sense. But now me and my spuse are having experiences at home…darting shadows..footsteps like the ones that followed us thru the cemetery..along with nightmaresof asome type of dark entity attacking us in our bed ( the same nightmare) accompanied by sleep paralysis when we wake out of panic.. i might also mention my spouse cant remember the last time he’s had a dream or nightmare. Now tonight we came home and our lights started turning on and off on their own. So I’m positive we had something follow us home…

  3. Andrew McKinnon  |  

    Was at this location Thursday May 17 2018 and I felt nothing there. Nothing on video and although I have yet to go through my 1hr+ digital voice recording, I don’t have much hope of hearing anything.

    With this being the 2nd cemetery I have been to without anything happening, I believe the Asian community might be doing some kind of cleansing. I say this because both cemeteries have fairly newer headstones with Asian writing and most Asian cultures tend to be highly superstitious.

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