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Strange lights are reported to have been seen in the cemetery.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church
Itawamba, MS
United States

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34.2137152, -88.30143279999999
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Nearest Towns:
Tremont, MS (2.8 mi.)
Fulton, MS (7.4 mi.)
Smithville, MS (11.2 mi.)
Mantachie, MS (13.3 mi.)
Detroit, AL (14.9 mi.)
Weston, AL (15.8 mi.)
Mooreville, MS (16.2 mi.)
Hatley, MS (17.7 mi.)
Vina, AL (17.8 mi.)
Red Bay, AL (18.1 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. I live on Mount Pisgah Road in Mantachie. In fact, our property connects to the property of the Mount Pisgah Church. For whatever reason, the cemetary is not near the church. Mount Pisgah Road cuts across a highway and travels further into the woods. The cemetary is off in the backwoods. I’m assuming the church is separate from the cemetary because the church didn’t own enough property in one place to have a church and cemetary in one spot. They now have enough land and have cleared off an area for a cemetary beside the church. Anyway, me and my family bought some land and moved a house onto our property. Then we added on to the house. During our years here we have experienced many strange occurances including sightings inside our house and on the property between our house and the church. We have also heard voices, had doors lock and lights turn on. I’ve had things fly off the kitchen countertops before. One time things were so bad that our neighbors moved because they heard voices at night. I wish someone would investigate our area for us. If anyone can help, please feel free to contact me. My children are scared.

  2. Back several years ago prob somewhere between 08-09? Maybe? If I’m remembering right…my brother, a 2 friends and myself went out there late one night. And I brought a camera with, and took many pics. One pic in particular was a pic of my friend standing with his back to the cemetery, as I who took the pic was standing basically on the dirt road/pathway, whatever u wanna call it. Anyways, in several pics there was alot of dust particles everywhere but one pic in particular with my friend standing with his back to the cemetery, had what I or anyone who seen it would call a REAL “orb”. It was in the top left hand side of the pic, it was a somewhat big BLUE swirl of light. I am a firm believer in paranormal, as when I was a child my family and I actually lived in a haunted house off Birmingham ridge rd outside Saltillo. And have always been interested in this phenomenon. I wish I could find the actual pic to post on here so you guys could see it, but if any of you who actually believe this place has some strange occurrences then I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say, at least would hope you would believe, that this was the REAL DEAL. I was very excited when I caught this in a pic, as it was the first time I had ever caught anything like this on camera. And anyone who ever has, you can DEFINITELY tell a difference in what is dust particles as opposed to a real orb. But unfortunately on the way out we were met by the police, as they were looking in our car when we just walked out of the darkness on them. After I got their attention, and after we were QUICKLY commanded to get face down on the ground at GUNPOINT, they proceeded to question us as to why we were there so late at night. Of course we tell them what we were doing, and I had plenty of pics with the time stamp to prove otherwise. They proceed to tell us, that have have discovered what they called a “meth-lab” that was all placed in a bunch of plastic bags lying in a ditch about 6 feet away from our vehicle. Now we are NOT those type of ppl who use drugs or anything and we legitimately had no idea that was even there., as it all looked like a bunch of garbage to me because I’ve never even seen what this stuff looks like, let alone the way its made or any of that. So after alot of questions, and we admitted that we did not actually have permission to be there, thank the lord in heaven that they actually believed us and they even stated that they themselves had always heard that the cemetery was haunted but they have never been back there, and I showed them all the pics I had, especially the one with the “orb” ball of light. They DID let us go shortly after. But I can tell you that we went there for a scare u guess you could say. AND other than the one good pic I got, WE DEFINITELY GOT A GOOD SCARE!! Lol all in all I would say DO NOT go there without permission, and your most likely to hear strange noises, and maybe if your lucky, actually get to see/ or capture something on camera.

  3. Susan Cummings Moss  |  

    If you are refering to the Old Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church near Nita Lake, Tremont MS, my great grandmother is buried there. It is in the woods with only one other marked grave. There is evidence of many burials there. I have only been there during the day. It is a sad place.

  4. Marc D. Brunson  |  

    Not too many have commented but I’m glad to see a few. It’s been a lot of years since myself and 3 other friends checked that place out. We scoped it out during the day first to get a sense of where things were and how to divide up the area to investigate. The night we went, we split it up between the older area and younger area of graves. To go with Susan’s comment, I remember a few graves off to the side of a shift I’m guessing some of the ground collapsed. You could also tell where the church had been. We had a few experiences that night and some cool evps and pictures to go with it. It’s interesting to hear footsteps walking right in front of you but there is no one to make the footsteps. If I had a chance to go out there again, I would for sure follow up on some of the things we got last time.

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