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This restaurant on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean was originally built in 1927 as a speakeasy, but turned into a restaurant in 1933. It is said to be haunted by the Blue Lady, who folks say died near the restaurant. The story has been seen on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries. In 2008, TV’s Ghost Hunters revealed that the restaurant owners had rigged hanging lights to sway and a face to appear in a mirror in the ladies’ restroom, among other spooky tricks. The owner reportedly admitted to the rigged hoaxes, but stated that real paranormal activity has been experienced here since the 1930s.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    140 Beach Way
    Moss Beach, CA 94038
    United States

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    37.5177489, -122.51276740000003
    San Mateo County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Moss Beach, CA (0.7 mi.)
    Montara, CA (1.7 mi.)
    El Granada, CA (2.6 mi.)
    Half Moon Bay, CA (5.9 mi.)
    Pacifica, CA (6.8 mi.)
    Hillsborough, CA (8.3 mi.)
    Millbrae, CA (8.9 mi.)
    Highlands-Baywood Park, CA (9.2 mi.)
    Burlingame, CA (9.3 mi.)
    San Bruno, CA (9.6 mi.)


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    1. The fact the owners have rigged this place for effect pretty much invalidates any experience here. After finding the set ups listed above the Ghost hunters shut down operations. It is unclear if they found everything but just the stuff they did find should make any one doubt an experience here.

    2. Pt. Pleasant cemetery in elk grove california . And it’s surrounding homes, my Grandmother’s in particular, has had some of the most terrifying things seen by 7 of my friends and mother at one of the most worst haunting of the century old home. Myself and 6 others were visiting me while I wad house sitting for my gma. My cat was hissing and growling for what I thought was no reason, as myself and my friend entered the home he started screaming get her off of me, mind you I never told any one about this evil poltergeist that takes form of a mid 20s Indian looking woman who wears her hair down and a white long nightgown and I have seen and felt her cold hate moving things in the home…so, my friend Aaron enters the home and he is screaming get her off of me, as I am watching me and my sister call this sinister ghost Mary, she was standing behind him I couldn’t say anything, the rest if myvfriends, and mom ran in to see him taking his shirt off, as I told him to do trying to not mention the ghost so nobody would think I was crazy thinking I was still the only one of 3 she ever showed herself to, I told Aaron that maybe his shirt had something scratching him….but after he took his shirt of everyone started screaming “what the *is that? A letter y was slowly and painfully pushed out of his chest and abdomen skin from the inside like a dull razor first down then up, as my other friends saw this and the figure describing Mary to the exact, I didn’t know what to do do i grabbed him and my mom pRaye I covered him as much as I could with my body, we asked if he was a believer in Christ, he said he just wore the cross, he accepted Jesuspect right then and there , my other friends drove off and sworn to never return, which they haven’t it been near 13 years since thus incident, aaron still bares the scar of the letter y carved in him ,inside out, blood came out ever so slow from the skin that was raised and cut slowly. We felt it,her, the poltergeist Mary turn to a freezing temperature and head in the direction of the pt. Pleasant methodist cemetary, aaron told alot of ppl about this incredible paranormal experience, but every one except those who saw her or felt her believed him not! HD don’t talk about it ..we told him later that it was not just him mary has haunted that homeland cemetary area for as long as I could remember, but became violent a few weeks prior. A boyfriend of my sisters stayed while we house sat, he laid on the spare bed as we were all getting ready to call it a night I went into the bathroom and could feel a cold pushing feeling pass through me giving ne what felt like pure evil and what sounded like a thousand ppl talking in a whisper at once, I shook it off and finished getting ready for bed and my sister screamdd, I ran into the spare room and her bf Joe was about a good 3 inches pushed into the mattress with Mary on top, ….again praying we casted her out in Jesus bame. We asked Joe if he was ojay, he said what the hell was that,curse words added. …we said nothing we just asked what he thought just happened he said he felt cold and thought a window was open when he suddenly felt himself being pressed down and held down by somebody something cold with a female voice, he said she whispered “you’re mine “, he also is still a Friend and no amount of money he would ever return there. I just had my first actual personal encounter with her a few months back while visiting my grandma and her caretaker. I made no mention of this to the caretaker who is very religious, I figured she would think I watched to many movies, which I dont, I don’t watch any thing over pg. She told me of some thing, a spirit in the house, not just a ghost a evil spirit, I asked without telling her I knew anything, she described her as a black haired lady in her 20s that wears a old style flowing night gown, she said she was in bed after her prayer time, when something held her fine so strong she could hardly reach her Bible…she lit candles and blessed the house, I then told her of the strange prior incidents. We looked into it a bit and it seems that it might be, the house that is, built over an indian burial ground. The next night o had one last aweful experience, I layer down to sleep on the couch when I closed my eyes I felt my heart stop, I could feel her squeeze my heart, I barely caught my breath ,sat up screaming and crying ,I realized it was now 3 am. SHE DID NOT Show me her normal mary face pale and fairly pretty, s h e wanted me scared I think,, her face was that of a screaming skinless face. This is about all I could handle, we called in 2 pastors to bless the house, and salt and all these things I felt so crazy…but it is there, gone for now though. She left toward the cemetery direction. Idk what it is or why she it is there, but I wish someone could put this on video. …it’s freaky . so, just wondering if anyone in that area of old historical franklin and hood Franklin to pt. Pleasant cemetery has had any of these things happen around there????,

    3. I was walking along the harbor which is very close to the restaurant on afternoon with my dog who was a puppy at the time. It was very foggy out and not a soul around. Rocco was doing his doggy duties and I was turning around to pick up after him when I heard in my ear a lady’s voice saying puppy. I could feel the breath. Scared me so we left. I wish I would of hung out.

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