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Moon Point Cemetery, aka Moon’s Point Cemetery or Moon Creek Cemetery, is older than the Civil War and legendary with those who like to tell ghost stories. It was thought to have begun as a family cemetery for early settlers Jacob Moon and his family. The cemetery’s most-talked-about ghost is called the Hatchet Lady, a female apparition of a woman who, as legend has it, often visited the cemetery to watch over her son’s grave after he died during the Civil War. When she died, her ghost took up the vigil, carrying a hatchet. She has been heard yelling or whispering earnestly at visitors to “Get out!” Other reports say a ghost boy and strange dancing lights along with red and white orbs appear here and in the surrounding areas. The sound of sarcophagus lids moving and other strange noises have been reported as well. Because of vandalism, local residents and police take great care to prevent people from trespassing at night when the cemetery is closed to visitors.

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Off E 3150 N Rd
Streator, IL
United States

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41.08706641247025, -88.84156170493952
Livingston County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Streator, IL (2.4 mi.)
Kangley, IL (4.4 mi.)
Long Point, IL (6.3 mi.)
Cornell, IL (8.9 mi.)
Leonore, IL (10.1 mi.)
Grand Ridge, IL (10.4 mi.)
Dana, IL (10.6 mi.)
Ransom, IL (11.1 mi.)
Wenona, IL (11.1 mi.)
Lostant, IL (12.0 mi.)


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  1. Me and my Bf got stuck there all night we where running for or life park under this one tree heard 3 knock and the train I swear so much happend seen the hatch lady the boys and look like army man how where trying to keep us save

  2. The story I heard when I was a teenager, that the hatchet lady or some call her ” Bloody Mary” had killed her family(2 kids and her husband) and took her own life. The story does talk about orbs and apparitions in the cemetery after dark around midnight She appears. Also around midnight,(Some say Thursday the thirteenth) when the train goes by it is said that if you are in the cemetery at that time, your car will not start until the train passes and then at that moment the orbs and possibly the hatchet lady appears.It was said that long ago some kids were there and their car stalled on the tracks and a train hit them and killed them all. I was with a few friends of mine that lived in Streator and knew the legend a talked me into going there at midnight. My car ran fine and had no issues in starting. Well we went on a thursday the 13th at midnight and we heard the train and seen small lights all over (orbs). We heard someone say get out and we dashed to the car and locked it and i tried starting it. It would not start. We were scared to death and crying. The train kept blowing it’s whistle and I could not get it to start. Little lights were flickering all around us. We thought we were had by the hatchet lady. We seen a ghostly fog in my front windshield.. Then as soon as the train passed, my car started and I got us all the hell out of there! The cemetery Is now watched by the police and they are said to be leery to go there also. The cemetery name was even changed. I would never go there again at that place at that time, That is the most spookiest place and I can’t believe I got talked into going there at that time when I was a teenager.

    • I have heard that a couple went there and the husband killed his wife. Then I heard that the husband raised a daughter who went crazy and kills her husband 2 kids in the house then went outside. Outside she killed her infant and herself.
      Someone, that I am close with, loved ghost hunting. Her and her husband went to the cemetery, then a few years later and after a 9 year marriage, there marriage turned for the worst. Her husband tried killing my friend and just about succeeded. I think if your depressed about something bad spirits cling to you. Stay away from that place! I’ve done research and tied these situations together and believe a lot of these things happened by going there and not knowing how things happen.

      • She was holding her two–year-old son when he shot her on Moon Creek Road leading up to the cemetery. All true. I knew the son. He was a friend. All in the news archives and police records.

  3. Amber Phillips  |  

    I was out there one night checking out the cemetery. We never went in but we saw a lady standing in there. I never thought much about it until we got stuck by the train. We were stuck for like fifteen minutes on the side by the cemetery.

  4. A bunch of my friends and I went driving out here after a football game. We waited for the train to pass and Hatchet Lady came after us, then the car dies in the middle of the cemetery and I had to call my parents to come get us.

  5. There was a great deal of devil worshiping going on in that immediate area back in the 1980’s. One could easily tie the increased paranormal activity to it.

  6. Back in the 70s and 80s, Moon Creek was a popular place for underage drinking. The story of the Hatchet Lady was just a story older siblings would tell younger siblings. Everyone heard it but back in those days, she was supposedly a real person who lived in a house out there who would come after your car with a hatchet. Never heard her referred to as a spirit or ghost back then. Never heard of lights, orbs, sounds, cars dying back then either and where Moon Creek is located is a small town area. Not a chance I believe these things actually happened and no one else heard about it. It would’ve spread like wild fire. Seems like it’s only become a paranormal thing since the paranormal movies and tv shows have come out many years later. Now simple creep out your friend or sibling stories of the past have become “supernatural” bs and everyone has an experience to tell. If this cemetery is so haunted, why didn’t my older siblings and their friends experience something while out there? Why didn’t me and my friends on the many occasions we went out there walking around at night? Or friends of friends? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s supernatural or paranormal bs that’s based on stories told years ago that were made up stories. To tell the truth, I was more creeped out by the old barn near the cemetery that supposedly a man had hung himself in than the cemetery itself but it’s funny I never hear a word about the barn. The only thing anyone needs to fear about Moon Creek or Moon Point Cemetery is the train that used to come at a certain time at night and if you got caught on the cemetery side, you were stuck till it finally passed and might not make it home in time for curfew.

    • I agree Bob . I’ve been there..with equipment and my ability to sense them. It was a peaceful place .. Just let the dead rest..It’s like the axeman’s bridge all legend no backing..

    • I agree with you and Michele. I cruised around there a lot at night when gas was 36.9 a gal. but I never saw or heard anything unnatural. It’s the perfect place for a ghost story especially with the one lane dirt road and the wood bridge that made an ungodly sound when you crossed it. If you came in from the west it was a great way to scare your friends. I’ve been stuck in the mud more than once.
      The worst vandalism, one of the culprits told me later, happened in the late 60’s. He and some football teammates thought it was great fun to kick over some headstones.
      Another place that should be haunted but isn’t is Dr Hill’s house (yes, Streator has a Hill House). A woman murdered by her son and buried in the basement is worthy of a ghost but the scariest thing in Streator are the living.

  7. The only actual murder committed there was done by a man who served no jail time and was welcomed to his church and community. The activity has nothing to do with so called Satanists in the 80s and possibly a whole hell of a lot to do with Christian hypocrites 70s.

  8. Michael Koehler  |  

    My wife and I recently visited the cemetery during the day , being a music contributer to a film in the works about it, I had to visit it. Small cemetery and very peacefull.

  9. Here is the story I heard . There use to be a red barn and a broken gate to the cemetery when I was in high school . There also was a bar near by and people would go there to catch a buzz and other questionable things . It was believed to be a place where a satanic ritual occurred in the 1800 . A so called cult lived in the area and a lady named helene lived with her husband and new born baby. But her husband left her for another woman and took the baby. Her husband lived in town with his new lover and she became obsessed with the child claiming that it was her child. Helene was devastated by this she never went into town because she was labeled a weirdo a outsider one of them. But this didn’t hold helene back she reported to the sheriff that her husband had taken her child. But nothing was ever done about it. But helene would not let it be. Finally she she went into town killed herhusband and his lover and took her baby back. But the people that lived outside of town felt her baby had experienced a unpure act of helene actions and preformed a cleansing ritual to wash away any evil. But the night of the ritual the sheriff showed up with a posse and killed the child helene and the all that were present during this ritual . Burning there corpse in the very same red barn that sat out at moon point cemetery. Some people say they have seen a red barn out there .but that just not possible that red barn burnt to the ground in the 1800 . Others say they have seen strange fires others have claimed to see helene her self appear in a field where the red barn stood.aka the hatchet lady.

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