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This former church now houses an upbeat café and tattoo parlour, and is rumoured to be haunted.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

117 East Division Street
Arlington, WA
United States

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48.1989639, -122.12605450000001
Snohomish County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Arlington, WA (0.0 mi.)
Arlington Heights, WA (3.0 mi.)
Bryant, WA (3.1 mi.)
Smokey Point, WA (4.1 mi.)
Stimson Crossing, WA (5.9 mi.)
Silvana, WA (5.9 mi.)
Sisco Heights, WA (5.9 mi.)
North Marysville, WA (7.0 mi.)
Riverside, WA (8.2 mi.)
John Sam Lake, WA (8.3 mi.)


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  1. When I was younger I spend the night at the mirk wood when my friends parents owned it I woke up late at night to use the restroom and something followed me and breathed down my neck and the whole night I slept there I felt it watching me. I will never stay there now past a certain hour.

  2. I went there for the first time the 22nd of june for the karaoke. I knew i didn’t have a lot to drink.. I’m very much a believer of the paranormal and I sometime feel things, even when im sober :p
    I went to use the rest room and i sware i could feel someone watching me, i turned, maybe someone was just standing there but no one was there. I went to the rest room and it took me a few minutes i felt a little uneasy. I m definetly going back of course!

    • Is your Mother’s name Charlotte and your Father’s name Kip? I walked past this place you are talking about The MirkWood Cafe Except for some Reason or other I couldn’t see it as a Cafe. I could only see it as a Methodist Church. I had Originally planned to go inside because of a dream I had that is what brought me there in the first place. I am a Medium/Sensitive, Ready for the big punch line? I see dead people. But really I sometimes see but mainly sense spirits, one of the Spirits there said these are your parents names. Is this true?
      I have had a lot of experience with the paranormal in my lifetime. I’ll be 52 on Sept. 7. At least that is what my birth certificate tells me. Wow I am getting old, haha! Anyway back to what I was trying to say this spirit brought you to my attention if you are the same person I was told of. If so, you should definitely go with your gut feeling you said you believe in the Paranormal and sometimes feel things right? Well you do have abilities to sense things. You were not alone in that Cafe, even though you didn’t see anything you were right. Faith Nichole? You were being watched very closely. Well until I find out if you are the right person. Daughter to Charlotte and Kippling I will leave this on that note. Thanks for your time. Sincerely -S.

      • I was a kid in the 70’s and attended the church with my family. I didn’t ever have any experiences there but remember it was fun getting into all the basement area and different rooms.

  3. Went for late lunch there yesterday. Haven’t been to Arlington before and stumbled upon this place. Immediately upon entering I felt something around me. The place was very quiet at this time. I sat down and immediately felt surrounded. I ended up eating my lunch outside but still had weird vibes. Asked the waitress if this place was haunted and she said it was and they don’t discourage them. Interesting.

  4. My grandma is a native american shawmen and growing up she always told me not to go into this place. So when I began experiencing spiritual things I decided to go here to see if anything would happen. I was on shrooms and brought a ouaji board with me. The women let me in at 2 am and allowed me to sit there and play. I spoke to a entity named Abby, who was burned to death in this church. She showed me things pertaining to my life in exchange for my help. I still don’t know what she wants. I’ve came back to this place many times since and each time leaves me increasingly baffled. My girlfriend came with me once and asked me if I slapped her ass when we were in the basement playing pool. And I swear on everything I never touched her. I’ve had dreams about this place, and the employees allow me to walk around like I own the place and allow me to bring my ouaji and people I have met in my travels and play in their basement. I’m always looking for answers with this place and wish they would let me work here. I’ve seen eyes there that follow. Being in there i can see people’s vibes, feel their emotions, it’s like i’ve slipped years ahead in growing spiritually when i’m in that place and i can tap into that realm more then i can in any other place. My girlfriend and I have been trying to have a child for over a year now and she can not get pregnant. We both have had a dream that we conceive a child in there and that’s just wild to me because it seems her body is unable to bare child.

    • I’m a sensitive, as well as a pawn for spirits to come to me to tell someone near me and they talk through me.
      Try telling the person meant to receive message that!!! Yes they always give me the crazy look but I have always seemed to give information that must get them to believe in me so they can get the message. It’s crazy!
      In any case about your story. You keep going back with no contact again to you directly right? I could say perhaps the shrooms gave you these vibes when you went first time and believe you were contacted through the board. I’m taking your side and I’m believing you did the first night. It plz note, ad teenager I loved shrooms and each time is a different high. I’ve seen stuff I couldn’t explain etc. so it’s hard for me to rate your connection while on shrooms and using that devil board that if you made a connection it was a lie and you could have let something very bad into the building.
      I don’t know if I’d ever touch or be around one of those boards ever again, but trust me, the boards lie because they are evil and should not be played with.
      If you are meant to have contact again, you will receive that contact when they or whoever decides to contact you.
      In fact it could have followed you home, it could be silent until it gains energy and that could be years , but I do know that you playing with that board in a building known for thousands of deaths and poor treatment back in the day that this spirit or demon will come to you when you least expect it. It could connect with you in many different ways.
      Dreams, a touch, moving something around such as hiding things of yours, it could barely show its self in the middle of the night. It could also cause you physical issues such as unexplained headaches, body pain, depression, rash etc. you may have already been contacted and you missed it.
      They have no time. What could be 5 minutes to them is really 20 years for us.
      I wish you luck I. Your search though I’d do it clear headed without devil tools.
      Much love Teri

  5. I was a kid in the 70’s and attended the church with my family. I didn’t ever have any experiences there but remember it was fun getting into all the basement area and different rooms.

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