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Mathers Bridge used be home to Mathers Bridge restaurant, which had unfortunately closed in 1992 after 52 years of business, due to the neighbors who had made their homes near the restaurant complained of the noise and cars. Across the street, there was also a small hotel, that burned down a few years before. Both buildings had murals painted by Wiccan artist Kevin Tipton, who had a passion for the local wildlife, painted 100 manatees on the side of the restaurant in support of a local manatee support charity. The hotel itself was painted for Egyptian lore, the roof adorned with the astrological signs. On the old fishing deck of the restaurant, was a sculpture he made of his own creation The Watcher, a sphinx who was made to be a guardian to the local wildlife. Over the course of 1988 to 1991, he had adorned the buildings nicely. Unfortunately, the only still standing is The Watcher, expansions to the bridge make the statue go largely unnoticed, tucked away with his face fall en, continuously guarding the manatees.

Being popular in the “hippy era” of Melbourne, the area was popular amongst locals for apparitions and happy spirits. Despite the unfortunate condition of the area now, the local fishermen that fish off the bridge say on weekend nights, they can hear the faint tones of music coming from the old posts of the dock.

(Submitted by Cayce C.)

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S Tropical Trail
Indian Harbour Beach, FL
United States

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28.14909355209323, -80.60743913054466
Brevard County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Indian Harbour Beach, FL (1.2 mi.)
Satellite Beach, FL (2.1 mi.)
South Patrick Shores, FL (3.7 mi.)
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Melbourne, FL (4.5 mi.)
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June Park, FL (6.9 mi.)


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  1. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence…but my step son fishes here all the time. We moved into a rental home in Martesia in may of this year. I noticed first that during the afternoon but mostly at night when the house was finally still that I heard muffled voices. It was almost like people were talking or yelling into pillows in the hallway. I couldn’t make out what was said but I would hear them distinctly. Then other times it sounded like a tv was on & it was an info commercial and then news. I told my husband about it and my parents but thought nothing really about it Bc it is an all tile house in a neighborhood w families sonit could have been a baby monitor or something somewhere. My husband said “sure-you have voices in your head!” Well I heard them first Bc I don’t sleep thru the whole night well–I get up and let the dogs out or do laundry or check on kids sleeping or my husbands snores send me to the couch. Sometimes I would lay on the couch and hear the voices & I wouldn’t speak up –” hey what are you guys talking about? Can you all talk or take it somewhere else? What’s your names? Can I help you?” No response -no pause…nothing. Almost as if on repeat–same sort of muffled discussion I think male and if IT was something…it was just reliving and nothing to worry about. I was the only one hearing it anyways and maybe I was sleep deprived…?? Until my husband when I was away said “I heard them!” He heard exactly what I heard…then when we were both away, a friend housesat for us & didn’t know the story and told us ” hey I heard people here in your house and at one point I thought the tv was on!” Now I and my daughters don’t stay there very much at all…I had a miscarriage, we went to Gatlinburg and a week later the burnings happened, and since we got back my husband who is still in the house has had the tv come on inexplicably in the middle of the night and the remote is across the room, he has felt power surges thru his body that will wake him up from doctor prescribed sleeping aides, and last night he was held down in the bed and choked with no one in the room. He fears for his boys as inwould fear for the girls, I’m hesitant about going thru the house even during the day to go clean by myself, and I won’t let my girls stay. I’m not sure if something is getting stronger, if something got attached somewhere, if something is getting unanswered, or if the place needs blessed…or if the actual house has memories or was built on a spot that was cursed or sacred or Indian…??? I’m not sure what to do and I will go out on a limb to sound crazy but I will be calling the landlord tomorrow to tell him if any other renters have had issues ever. Another coincidence is that years ago when my husband was in the Air Force he traveled a lot. I believe in Texas? Or somewhere out west he stayed at a famous haunted hotel and didn’t know it until the next morning…a woman was left in her room at the hotel strapped to the bed by her husband and left to die…he was almost suffocated there–got scared and slept in his car until breakfast the next morning where he found everything out. I don’t know if spirits or anything can feed off of past memories or see our ultimate fears??? But everything is kind of eery coincidental here.

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