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The former Marymount College merged with Fordham University, then was sold to EF Academy in 2007. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its founders, Father Gailhac and Mother Butler, on hand to protect the former woman’s college’s students. More sinister tales tell of ghosts who shake the beds or spy on students in the Gailhac and Gerard Halls, and evil spirits who lurk in a parking lot, remnants from a house torn down over 100 years ago, before the college was built.

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Geographic Information

100 Marymount Ave
Tarrytown, NY 10591
United States

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41.07674762909911, -73.85001772629039
Westchester County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Tarrytown, NY (0.5 mi.)
Sleepy Hollow, NY (0.8 mi.)
Elmsford, NY (2.2 mi.)
Irvington, NY (2.8 mi.)
Greenburgh, NY (3.1 mi.)
Hawthorne, NY (3.5 mi.)
Fairview, NY (3.6 mi.)
Nyack, NY (3.7 mi.)
South Nyack, NY (3.7 mi.)
Grand View-on-Hudson, NY (3.8 mi.)


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  1. I work at what is ef now and I have had experiences there like seeing shadow figures hearing whistling being touched in a non harmful way there have also been claims of seeing a little girl in a a white dress and doors slamming shut on there own it has also been rumored that a girl hung herself in one of the buildings

  2. I used to date a student who lived in Gailhac Hall in the late 1980’s. One summer when she stayed on and the dorm was 90% empty we occasionally saw a smokey figure at on end of the hallway on the 3rd floor and sometimes would hear a murmur of something like “come here,come here”. One night during the week when the power went out we heard a scratching at the door. When I opened it there was no one there but when I went out into the corridor I saw the figure at the end and it was very pronounced and looked sort of like a negative of a photo, it was waving and saying “come here,come now”, I just froze and looked at it, the figure became more pronounced and took on the image of a young girl in a plain white dress,long light strawberry blonde hair with deep blue eyes. It made really strong eye contact with me and started to speak louder and with a sort of deeper pitch. My girlfriend came out into the hallway and started screaming and the windows started to rattle and the figure seemed to be drawing me into a vacuum. When she pulled me away the windows at the end of the corridor that over looked the car park just blew out and the figure vanished-there was no smoke, no hocus pocus, just a metallic rain water smell. We were so scared from the experience we spent that night at the Tarrytown Hilton and after that my GF moved back to Atlanta for the rest of the summer(and the following semester stayed in Gerard). She never went back into Gailhac again but did find out that during the 1950’s a Freshman had hung herself in the shower of her room and thats why all the pipes on the showers are now stop hangings. Just drove by Marymount this past weekend at around 10pm and although Gailhac was empty, a light was flickering at the end of the 3rd floor corridor, needless to say I was scared.

  3. I was a student in there last year, it’s true that EF TarryTown campus is haunted. I lived in Bulter once, but then i changed to Lugari building, I have experience some unexplainable events that can proof it’s really haunted.

  4. Once when i was in Spellman-Auditorium at night after dinner. I wanted to find my music teacher, but he was already left. It was strange because it didn’t locked by the securities. Normally it’ll be locked immediately right after the Voice Lessons end. But it didn’t. However i was happy about that i could hang out in there alone. So i did, i was on stage and played piano. Soon, i heard some whispers, human-like voices and noises behind my back. At first i thought it was my friends who tried to scared me. I didn’t care at first. I kept playing piano. But afterward i felt weird because nobody showed up. I started tho feel scared.. I can still remember that faint cold feeling. Somehow the sound of that piano was getting very off pitched. Right after that, i could clearly felt a cold breath whispered beside my ear closely. And that thing touched my arm. Im sure it was real because i saw the breath that blowed my hairs on the side of my face. I didn’t understand what did it say but it was very quick and clear!! I’m not even sure if that’s English. Also i was normally COLD.That scared the crap out of me i swear, then i ran out of that horrible auditorium as fast as i could without taking my jacket or looking back. I tried to tell my friends, and they told me that they believed the campus is haunted. I swear to god that’s really true.

    • Working over night in Marianne build heard foot step behind me it was 3am,flashed the light down the hallway nothing was there felt some lightly put pressure on my left shoulder turned around swing my flashlight at nothing ran down the stairs snap a pic from my cell phone.told others about incident, we looked at cell phone there was a pic of a short blonde hair girl looking at me.never worked the overnight again

  5. I think it was 2008 and my wife, daughter and myself were on the way back from NYC, heading
    back to our home in Massachucetts when we decided to visit the campus.
    My wife had graduated from Marymount in the mid seventies when we both lived in NY.
    The grounds at that point had been sold to the language school that it is now, but we drove right
    up to Butler Hall, where my wife had lived, and walked right in.
    A security man followed us in and told us very nicely that we were trespassing.
    We explained that my wife had been a student there and asked if he would just let us have a
    quick look around just on her dorm room floor. He very nicely opened her dorm room and was in the
    process of opening the room next to hers when I heard a distinct knocking on the door, but very
    obviously coming from the other side of the door.
    Strangely, my wife didn’t hear the knock but I could. see from the man’s reaction that he had.
    My daughter looked up at me and said “Dad, Somebody just knocked at the door.”
    The man opened the door and let us in. There was no one in the room. I looked around
    trying to find a source that could have explained the sound but I couldn’t.
    My daughter looked very uneasy.
    Looking back, I think that the security man was aware of more than he let us know.

  6. I lived in gailhac hall for four years during my time in college. I was young and loved to hear the stories of haunting. I never had any crazy experiences. But there was this room off the forth floor that was just insanely creepy. We would go up there at times and just hang out and it was the creepiest feelings. Also the basement was not somewhere you ever wanted to go alone! If we had to do laundry you always brought someone with you. People would talk about a little boy playing with a ball but I never experienced it myself.

  7. I went to MMC in the late 80s. After reading all these stories I now understand why my Ouija board was banned. I played with it regularly.. candles would go on and off, things would be moved…. in Gailhac.. but once we went to the Dome and as we were playing, we took a break… when we were about to start, the eye started moving by itself, no one touching it… we all ran scared and the next day or a fewdays later cant remember well, I went back to get it, and just like in the movies, it was filled with dead pidgeons…. the dome was banned after that…

  8. I graduated from Marymount in 1970. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Father Gailhac never visited the place. He founded the religious congregation that founded the college. Mother Butler’s remains rest in the Marymount Convent crypt, and I don’t think she’s been interested in haunting the place. The haunted parking lot is the site of Sacré Coeur Hall, which was one of the original college buildings. It was traditionally the freshman dorm, with wings added in the 1920s. Having lived in Sacky myself from 1968-69, I can attest that it was still around until after i got my BA. So… while it’s a good story, the FACTS here are a little skewed. Ah, well… The campus is more likely to be haunted by the spirits of alumnae who wanted to see Marymount survive for more than the hundred years it did.

    • Yeah, I was a security guard there in the mid nineties and graduated from their weekend college program which was coed as fordham was acquiring the campus. I worked there full time, and also worked as a security RA for EF international who were housed in St Johns. I was constantly on that campus between full time work and taking classes. I did not drive at the time so I frequently slept on the premises between shifts. I was all over that campus at odd hours. I slept all alone in the Tea house-locked in-by myself, the top floor in Marion, I would even catch Zees in pitched dark Spellman at night. If that place was haunted, I should have seen something. And other than waking up in the middle of the night in the upstairs dining room at Marion by my friend Sister Eddie who had an apartment up there….and being woken by a pretty EF student who snuck into my RA dorm room in the middle of the night- but that’s another story HAHAHA-I had no scary encounters there that could not be easily explained over a three year period of time.

  9. I graduated from mmc 1987. I lived in Gailhac hall for two years. Room 410 facing the Tappan Zee Bridge. I never had a ghostly experience. I miss MMC!

  10. I attended MMC in the early 70s. The story I heard was that a girl in Sacre Coeur had been haunted by the ghost of a young man hanging in the bathroom. She did some research and found that a young man did indeed take his own life in Sacky years ago because his fiancée had jilted him. Allegedly the haunted girl resembled the fiancée.

    • Update: Even Mother Butler isn’t a local resident anymore. She’s been moved from the crypt at Marymount Convent and now rests with other deceased religious, including many of my former teachers and friends, in a section of one of the Westchester County cemeteries. Anyway, who could compete with the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow? Go look there for your ghosts. 😉

    • Got documentation on that? I lived in Sacre Coeur Hall. No young men hanging in bathrooms. No jilting fiancées. Just a nice old house overlooking the Hudson. Miss it.

      • I also graduated from MMC in the 90’s. I’m skeptical about the story regarding a man hanging himself in a shower at Sacky. While the guest rules were relaxed when I attended, I can bet men were not allowed past the downstairs lobby/sitting room in the days this story allegedly took place. There have been many stories shared over the years there. One story I had heard was a student died in the Sacky fire and haunts Gailhac hall. I am a believer in the paranormal but not necessarily the stories that have been rumored as a basis for the activity.

  11. I’ve worked there as a security guard,had 3 incidents,while moinitoring,camera during 4to midnight shift,saw a white mist,kept changing form,and floating around one of dorms outside camera,many security staff witnessed it on camera,I had the courage to go down personally, didn’t see it by the naked eye,but people saw it floating around me,till just shot off and vanished. Was working the guard both 1night I saw a shadow,figure watching me from the spellman theater,another saw a young woman walk by me ,while working the guard booth,wear blue Jean’s and white shirt,dark hair worn in a poney tale,thought it was a student ,went out too ask for ID,she vanished into thin air,that was the last straw for me,I quit after that.

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