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The college has a beautiful and small campus, but what lies beneath the surface is chilling. Many have heard whispers and seen entities playing the back room of the library where the books and archives are located. The elevator has also taken its riders to their destination without the pushing of any buttons (including the buttons outside the elevator on the separate floors). No one knows who these entities are or why they are there, but they become active in the early hours of the morning.

The Castle, the college’s trademark, has many lost souls that still roam the halls. Originally, the castle was home to Mr. Whitelaw Reid, a millionaire. His three children died in the castle during a terrible fire, and still roam the hallways of the west room right where the painting of them is. Other strange occurrences include the temporary immobilization of tour guides while giving tours to students, cold spots and sensations of being watched while roaming the halls. There are several accounts of doors opening and closing by themselves.

Just behind the Castle, you can find the graveyard, final resting place of the founders of Manhattanville College and the nuns that once worked there. During the night, you can go see the three statues, if flash pictures are taken, they may come out blurry or have orbs surrounding the statues.

A quick walk down the path from the cemetery is the Old Chapel, complete with an underground catacomb system that acted as the final resting place to the nuns who passed away while working at the college. It wasn’t until the chapel was abandoned that the bodies were moved to the cemetery. Dark shadows can be seen when exploring while footsteps in the gravel outside can be heard in the early morning.

Unfortunately, the residence halls have no shortage of paranormal activity either. Residents have experienced odd scratches down their feet as well as locked doors swinging open in the middle of the night. Spellman Hall, the freshman dormitory building, is most famous for the Ghost of 118. It is said that back when the school was of a Catholic persuasion and the faculty of nuns lived on campus, one nun hung herself in her room, Spellman 118. Since then, the room has been renovated and combined with a surrounding room to accommodate to the Resident Advisor. The door was covered in bricks and the number 118 was removed, but was the ghost? Her spirit has been felt roaming the halls, opening doors probably to check on the children that used to be in her care.

Manhattanville College is absolutely haunted throughout its campus.

Source: Heather

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2900 Purchase St
Purchase, NY 10577
United States

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41.03086617050972, -73.71482563023164
Westchester County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Purchase, NY (0.7 mi.)
Rye Brook, NY (1.8 mi.)
White Plains, NY (2.5 mi.)
Pemberwick, CT (2.8 mi.)
Glenville, CT (2.9 mi.)
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  1. I had an experience while residing in Daman Hall. I was laying down trying to go to bed when I heard the tapping of nails and it kept getting closers and closer to my bed and when I tried to turn around I couldn’t. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk , I felt like someone was holding me down. I started praying the Hail Mary and suddenly it went away. Scariest experience ever!

    • That is a classic ‘hag attack.’ it would be curious to know a) if any other residents suffered from it over the years and B) the history of the place. what might have caused it.

  2. When I was in 5th grade my school took me to a field trip there. When inside everyone said they felt the creeps and some said they were very cold and had goosebumps. Also many others including myself felt like one of the paintings was looking and following us with their eyes. A handful of students mentioned it as well, I just kept my mouth shut since I thought it was just in my head.

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