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Here you may see a ghostly lady in black walking the grounds, and hear the screams of trapped miners coming from the old well.

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Geographic Information

Highway 101 and Arroyo Seco
Soledad, CA
United States

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36.403991656571904, -121.31774103632779
Monterey County, California
Nearest Towns:
Soledad, CA (1.5 mi.)
Greenfield, CA (7.1 mi.)
Gonzales, CA (10.0 mi.)
Chualar, CA (16.0 mi.)
King City, CA (17.0 mi.)
Spreckels, CA (23.7 mi.)
San Lucas, CA (25.2 mi.)
Carmel Valley Village, CA (25.9 mi.)
Salinas, CA (26.6 mi.)
Tres Pinos, CA (26.7 mi.)


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  1. me and my brother went to check it out along with some other family members,i was 15 at the time and one of my cousins said there was a person dressed in black that had climbed one of the trees by the house,i looked up and i did see what appeared to be a man all in black hanging from the tree i got my brother who was 4 at the time and carried him running along with my cousins,when i looked back there wasnt anyone on the tree.Later that day when we got home i was talkig to my mom about it when my brother said that he had seen a man hanging from a tree and then he dissapeared so me and him and my cousins saw the same thing,since then i do believe its haunted.

  2. Back in 2005, I took some people there very late at night. Nothing happened but it was still cool to see the place up close. The original owners was a Mexican family and lost it after the 1848 American invasion (California was part of Mexico up until then).

  3. Hi,
    My Family & I Born & Raised In Soledad Mission
    There are more buildings in this area that are extremely haunted.
    Like The Old Mission School that Burned Down across New Mission School & The Old Victorian Place out @ Wraths Winery. Theres also 2 Old Labor Camps. I lived In One Of Them. Also 2 homes Where I lived out in the mission & lots of scary things experienced there. I even had Soledads Priest Go Bless 1 of the Homes.
    Los coches has its terrors & the lady in black stands in the intersection across the building almost by the entrence of bridge.

    • Yeah I have heard about the school being haunted too,when i was 15 me and my brother and cousins along with family went to see the house there was a door opened but we didnt go inside however something really weird happened that day we where by some trees and I saw my little brother who was at the time looking up and pointing to my cousins.I looked up and saw what appeared to be a man all dressed in black with a western hat on.I didn’t see his face because he was facing his back to me,I felt really uneasy and at the same time my cousins screamed and ran.I got my brother and carried him,I remember my aunt was with us and she said what and started walking fast,I could tell she got scared but didn’t want to show it.well we only ran uo to where the house was at since the rest of the family was there,I remember that I kept looking back as I ran ut there wasn’t anything on the tree.My aunt asked me what happened and i saud that we saw a man up on the tree she looked at me like if i was making it up.Later that day when we got ho,e I asked my brother what scared him,he said he saw a man dressed in black on the tree and when i aked my ither cousins they also said the same thing.I believe this place is haunted,if not them how could we explain that all of us saw the same thing but my aunt didn’t whe.she was looking at the tree too,and how could it be that when i started running I looked back right away and there was nobody.

      • I was only about 5 or 6 years old .
        I was in kindergarten @ Soledad Mission School (new building )
        And i saw a old slender light skinned Tall man. Across the st. All dressed in black as well with a hat. Yet he took it off & he was bold. Yet couldn’t make out his face. He called me over. He held a brown bag/ or pouch? In his right hand. He stood next to a tree that was next to the dirt rd that was next to the old burned down mission school.

      • I can also confirm that the Old Mission School has been demolished (probably around 2010 or later). I’ve been in that place twice back when it was still standing (early and mid 2000). It was a known ‘haunted place’ then among local teenagers. It was right across the road from the new Mission School, so you had to find a good hiding spot for your car. You also had to jump a fence to get to the old school. That place was way out there in the back roads. Went in there with a night vision monocular because flashlights would stick out like a sore thumb. I didn’t see anything strange in there aside from a spray-painted pentagram symbol. Even took a picture but it was lost in an old digital camera from 2001. So, if you just found out about the place, don’t bother because it’s long gone now. If you’re curious about its history, I would get in touch with the Monterey County Historical Society.

  4. Miguel M Correa  |  

    Haunted because Many Mexicano’s were hanged there, as testament that the Anglo saxons/ Spaniard’s were now the Owners.
    The Indigenous Natives / Mexicans were the victims of the Genocide as they were starved an Hanged.
    My Dad, born 1921 an Buelito Correa born 1899 told of those hangings. I in 1944.
    The massacre of the original Peoples is what HAUNTS LOS COCHI’S

  5. The Los Coches Adobe, vacant for several decades now, sits alongside Highway 101 in a part of Soledad that lays claim to the Soledad Mission and has a story that is integrally associated with the people of Soledad, past and present. Originally built as a Rancho in 1843, Los Coches’ most continual contribution to the area was as a Wells Fargo Station Agent office, post office, stagecoach stop, and inn. From 1854 until 1868, the Adobe became a popular inn and stagecoach stop for passengers of the Bixby Overland Stage, running between San Francisco and Los Angeles. On December 20, 1872, the railroad reached Soledad connecting the region to San Francisco and creating an important stopover for travelers. Until 1886, Soledad was the terminus for the railroad and there was a turntable located at the end of town, on which the train was turned around for its return trip north.

    For those wishing to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the train would arrive in Soledad late in the afternoon at the end of the train line and the passengers often stayed at the Adobe until they could continue their southward journey by stagecoach. The Coast Line Stage Company ran stagecoaches from Soledad south for those travelers and was based at the Adobe, where the horses were changed, travelers could eat or opt to spend the night. In fact, it became a popular vacation adventure to take the train to Soledad and then head out for a stay of a week or two at Paraiso Hot Springs.

  6. there is a male and female ghost that walk around the premises, holding hands. there is a Woman in Black that is seen walking around and a Man in Black sometimes climbing a tree or walking around the grounds. Along the boundary, people have made claim that they have seen a man hanging from the tree. Nearby, an old woman with glasses is seen sitting down and holding a long wooden pointer,A man with broken teeth is sometimes seen at the old Victorian place near the Wrath Winery and dead women have been seen roaming around the old labor camps. Los Coches Adobe has plenty of history. It was built in 1843. It was once a ranch. Then a Wells Fargo Station Agent Office. Then a post office and finally a Stage Coach Stop and Inn. Bixby Overland Stage controlled Los Coches Adobe when it was a stage coach stop for people traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Locals say that Pinkerton Detectives and Wells Fargo Agents in 1876, would drop by and question the passengers about Charles Earl Boles aka Black Bart. Ruth Batista from Rancho Cucamonga says that there is dark force roaming the grounds. She claims that she was actually thrown to the ground and she could feel something walking on her back. She got up screaming and ran to her car as fast as she could. Ruth says that she would never go back to this hellish depressing place.SOLEDAD CORRECTIONAL TRAINING FACILITY – THE GHOSTLY ESCAPED PRISONER
    Soledad Correctional Training Facility is a mere 9 minutes driving time away from Los Coches Adobe. Soledad Correctional Training Facility is also known as Soledad Prison. I would say that all prisons are haunted, because of the suicides and murders, there will always be some lingering spirits hanging around prison walls. Here is an unusual story. Katie Cornejo of Santa Cruz says that while visiting Los Coches Adobe, a man in blue prison garb approached her. Katie immediately thought he was an escaped prisoner from Soledad. The man grabbed her shoulders and said: “Get me out of here!” Katie was terrified and then all of a sudden the prisoner disappeared. The prisoner vanished, but she could still feel his grip on her shoulders, then finally the grip was gone. Katie drove out of there like there was no tomorrow. Katie says she will never, ever return.

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