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The ghost of an old man apparently wanders the streets at night. Reported by numerous residents who claim to have seen him.

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Geographic Information

Lilly Lane
Hueytown, AL
United States

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33.466894, -87.039512
Jefferson County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Concord, AL (0.5 mi.)
Rock Creek, AL (2.5 mi.)
Hueytown, AL (2.7 mi.)
Sylvan Springs, AL (3.7 mi.)
Pleasant Grove, AL (4.3 mi.)
Maytown, AL (5.4 mi.)
Brighton, AL (5.8 mi.)
Edgewater, AL (6.3 mi.)
Bessemer, AL (6.7 mi.)
Mulga, AL (6.9 mi.)


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Comments (13)

  1. It Is indeed haunted. My grandparents live in Hueytown I go there a lot, this man is there everyday almost. We have asked the man if he needed a ride multiple times and he just looks at us and keeps walking. According to my grandmother he’s been there for plenty of years.. I am huge in paranormal so I asked around and done research no one knows that man.

  2. Does anyone have photos of the paranormal man? If so, please share. I live about 45 minutes away and would like to see this “spirit”!

  3. Several years in my High School days me and few of my friends were at the end of this road. (It turns into a dirt road). Up to no good of course, and an elderly man came out and said we should leave. So of course we did, while we were driving off we didn’t see anybody on the road walking. Thought it was kinda strange, told my dad about it and that’s when he told me that street was haunted.

  4. I actually live in Hueytown and I have ever heard of tis until now I would love to get the chance and go check this out myself sometime

  5. My grandparents have lived on this road my whole life me and my pawpaw were outside one night and seen him walk right past us

  6. The Baptist church on the orher side of the road has Several witches buried. In the cemetery. There pentagrams are clearly marked on there graves on the back of the graves

    • BS

      MY family is all buried there and my family owned 50% of the land in Concord
      there are a few Freemasons in there with the penta but u must know the symbol and not bs stories
      as a Registered State of Al historian and a keeper of CONCORD/Hueytown history
      don’t spit hear say

      and the old man sighting…..pure mush — my grandfather walked to the old store daily and people waved —never a day you didn’t see him walk to story and also pick up trash
      he passed over 10 yrs ago
      and people talk about how they miss seeing him and his wave

      so its all mush

      spirt in peoples minds

      • Sorry but you are wrong, not about your story. This is a real haunted street. Trust me this is not all mush as you say. I have been on this street and have seen a man in the bushes and weeds. Me and my friends have seen this man. We have also seen something else with red eyes and also a glowing ball in the trees. We thought it was an animal or a firefly but it was none of those things. I still have are video somewhere in one of my phones or cameras…pictures too. This story is real and will always be real.

  7. I lived in a house on Lilly Lane and I have seen that man on the street and in our house. My mom told me that he was just keeping an eye on the neighborhood and to not be scared of him. Some other freaky stuff happened in the house, so I think he was not the only one there.

  8. He was always called “The Man in the White Shirt”. I grew up in and still live in Concord. Never saw him myself, but was there at the time of an encounter often enough that I believe. And yes Sarah, your mom was right, he’s just keeping an eye on things.

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