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The long history of haunts here includes Adda (also called Ava or Eva), a teary teenager who has been seen in the main entrance and lobby. She is said to have been killed by a runaway carriage, and her ghost walks up to guests and, before vanishing, says “Pardon me, I am, …. very lost.” Adda has fair skin, pulled-back brown hair and brown eyes. She wears black, flowing clothing, and carries a clutch which she may drop. Some say she smells of roses or lilacs.

A ghostly middle-aged 1920s couple also is said to stroll the halls and grounds. They also are often seen on the third and fourth floors. And the ghost of a man around age 20 with long hair and bellbottom pants is said to play tricks on the guests and cleaning staff. He also may run out into the street and has even been seen on security’s video surveillance. He has also been known to peer into guests’ rooms from the outside, no matter what floor they are on.

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833 Poydras St
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
United States

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29.950185, -90.0728618
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Orleans, LA (0.3 mi.)
Gretna, LA (2.7 mi.)
Harvey, LA (3.2 mi.)
Terrytown, LA (3.7 mi.)
Marrero, LA (3.9 mi.)
Arabi, LA (4.1 mi.)
Jefferson, LA (4.9 mi.)
Westwego, LA (5.2 mi.)
Metairie, LA (5.3 mi.)
Timberlane, LA (5.6 mi.)

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  1. I have a first hand account of the Lepavillion. I can tell you with absolute sincerity that the hotel is haunted. I have never publicly shared my account but i will try and describe the events. I had several occasions to stay at this beautiful hotel. It was on my 4th visit that my experience occured. I was with my son in a room on the 9th floor. It was the day President Obama was elected for his first term and the hotel was in a festive mood. I had retired to my room and was laying in my bed while my son was sitting across the room. My back was facing my son and i was drifting into sleep. I felt something press down on the side of my bed by my back. It felt as if someone had gently sat beside me and i thought it was my son. I looked over but he had not mooved so i attributed it to my imagination. It happend a second time a few hours later. This time my son was awake but in his bed and i was facing him. The same feeling of someone sitting on the edge of my bed occured. I asked my son if he was playing a trick on me . He said he was not and it would have been impossible since he was in his bed and under the covers . A few hours later it happened again…this time he was asleep and it was dark in the room.
    The next morning i was trying to rationalize the events of the prior night. I went to the restroom and looked into the mirror as i prepared for my shower. The mirror was clean and unmarred. I climbed into my shower and i rmarked that if there was something in the room that i wished that it could give me definative proof such as who it was or how it died. I got out of the shower amd looked at the mirror. It was steamed over and still unmarred save for one item. Written in what looked to be fingernail scrawl was one word…”murder” ….i might add that the door was locked and my son was asleep at the time of the incident. Lat i found out that on my floor there was a history of a woman who sat on beds and even stroked guests hair as they slept. This had been documented to the extentent that amdoctor staying there saw the apparition as she stroked his hair and she said”i will never let you go”. This is doccumented at the hotel. I will say that i never felt in danger from the ghost. It was very gentle as it sat on my bed..much like a mother would sit when she tucked in a child.

  2. So I am writing this on behalf of what I was told by my Mom – who does NOT lie! My Mom and Sister had visited the hotel for a girls getaway. They stayed in room 303, late November 2016. My Mom said that she was awakened one night and when she opened her eyes, she saw the ghost of a man and woman, standing at the foot of my Sisters bed, watching my Sister sleep! I asked my Mom if she was freaked out and she said at first, she thought maybe she was imagining things but indeed, she saw what she saw. My Mom said they were for for about 3 or 4 min. My Mom said that it seemed they wanted nothing to do with her (my Mom) and since they did not seem to be hurting my Sister, she just closed her eyes and went back to sleep. When they got back from vacation, my Sister told me the story and since I’m interested in these types of stories, I HAD to look up this hotel. One of the first websites to mention the hauntings, mentioned that the ghosts of a couple is frequently seen, standing at the foot of beds, watching people sleep! This was NOT something that my Mom or Sister even thought about (a haunted hotel) prior to going. But I thought the story was interesting, and I’ve been researching this hotel ever since! Pretty cool! Glad I wasn’t the one who saw it but….still cool!

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