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This beautiful castle was rebuilt on the shores of Lake Worth by a former owner, and is believed to be haunted the apparition of a young man, who has been seen wandering the grounds as well as inside the castle. The second apparition is a ghostly bride who has been seen running across the entrance road before vanishing.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

9115 Heron Drive
Fort Worth, TX
United States

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32.79378440228953, -97.47616034739622
Tarrant County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Lake Worth, TX (2.0 mi.)
Lakeside, TX (2.2 mi.)
White Settlement, TX (2.6 mi.)
Sansom Park, TX (4.3 mi.)
Westworth, TX (4.6 mi.)
River Oaks, TX (4.9 mi.)
Westover Hills, TX (5.0 mi.)
Eagle Mountain, TX (7.1 mi.)
Saginaw, TX (8.0 mi.)
Azle, TX (8.1 mi.)


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  1. My sister and I went with our husband’s and we did see a white shadow in the upper left window. The light on the right turned on about 5 min in that showed the razor wire and what looked like construction, then afterwards talking about it the light to the front of the home turned on. The husbands say it was a motion sensor, but it was weird how it came on and off randomly. We did not see the bride but we are certain this place is definitely haunted.

  2. Me and my two girls went out there one day to take pics. We parked directly across the street where
    a old tree stood. When we were finished and got in the car my car would not start. It could have been
    coincidence but it was weird. I called my husband to help me out and after about an hour the car started. I had no problems with my car before or after that happened.

  3. Me my cousin and our two girlfriends went to see the castle about midnight. We parked right in front and got out. My cousin climbed up on the wall and started walking on the wall acting silly and we noticed a woman in a window watching us she was wearing an old white dress and her face was paste white. She didn’t look right. We jumped in the car and before we could start the car she walked right through the window and floated right towards us. She chased us all the way down the street. We knew she was a ghost.

  4. I was really drunk one night and decided to swim from the otherside of the lake to goat island. Then from there I swam the rest of the way, ending up in font of this place. Now I had never even seen or heard of this place before. So I jumped the little wall to go check it out, then I heard dogs and some guy yell “HEY!” So I turned right the F around and that was it.

  5. I grew up down the street and had the opportunity to tour the castle during an open house several years ago but these days it’s fenced off with cameras and motion sensing lights. There is a large foyer contains a fountain with a full sized statue of Poseidon in the center. I think most people catch a glimpse of a human figure in a big dark place and think it’s an apparition. Sorry to burst your bubble, I still love to look at the castle but I don’t think there’s any validity to the ghost sightings.

  6. Sad to see this neat structure in such bad repair. Didn’t see any ghosts just two big guard dogs that barked the whole time I was taking pictures.

  7. I once knew the guy that owend the castle though I havent seen it before not till i today seen the upload of it. I heard it burnt down GUILLERMO G WILLBANKS 1755 tyson st blue mound tx. WANT TO JOIN A TEAM OF SCIENTIST AND THOSE OF A HIGHER CONCIOUSNESS

  8. Guillermo, if you can get them to let people do a paranormal study on the castle, I am in! I am sensitive to spirits and have quite a bit of experience with them. I have tried to track the ownership records and it is a dead end. I cannot seem to get the attention of the people in the caretaker’s cottage to talk to them. There seems to be no way of getting to this castle.

    • I too am sensitive to spirits I’m the one that wrote the article here. Charlie July 24,2015
      I would love a chance to help with paranormal testing of the Castle like I said Im sensitive and spirits are attracted to me I’ve felt and sometimes seen spirits all my life. This is a beautiful place I don’t like to see it go to waste.

    • It looks like there is someone staying in the small house attached to it my best recommendation is to go knock on their door or leave a letter if they don’t answer I’m so curious as well I just went by today and walked all the way around the castle

  9. I am taking a girls trip to Ft. worth and would love to see it. I have always wanted to see a castle (haunted or not haunted). Is there a tour for the castle?

  10. I took my daughter and a couple of her friends about 1 am. As i am coming up the road and slowing down in front of the castle I had to come to a stop completely because of the full black Apparition running from the lake in front of my truck to the castle. I froze my daughter was sitting in the middle of the back I never said a word as she said mom what was that. I said okay you saw it too she said mom go go go!!! I have since been back with my kids. And we have all kinds of images and just creepy faces on photos from the castle all the way up and down that road.

  11. Had a unique opportunity to tour the castle in the mid 90’s. It was so long ago, the owner had just purchased it and was going to renovate it. Im horrible with names so i dont remember his name or his secretary’s name. It was myself and my friend and the owner. When you open the front door and walk into the foyer, the back wall was a huge concrete fountain. In its day it must have been exqusite. The owner said he had plans to do away with it and build a single fountain in the centre of the room, a mythological god or something. I pleaded with him to restore the one that was there but i see from the posts he went ahead with his plans. He told us that during prohabition, bootleggars and outlaws like bonnie and clyde were visitors to the castle. There is an underground tunnel in the basement that runs under the front walk and street all the way to the lake and comes out on the side of a cliff. There used to be a boat dock and boat. The tunnel has been filled in and was like that when the owner bought the castle. I believe he was going to restore the tunnel. We didnt tour the whole castle because it was to dangerous. There were caved in roofs, holes in the floors grafitti sprayed on the walls and its for sure haunted by a female spirit the owner referred to as mary. The owner asked if i believed in ghosts. I said i did and he told me a story… The first encounter with mary occurred when he was sleeping in the castle. His office was in the caretakers house and he was staying there during the renovations. He was having trouble with tresspassers and vandals late night at the castle so he slept there and was awoken latenight not by vandals but by a female apparition hovering right above him. He said she was dressed in white. Mary liked the kitchen and basement so we went to the kitchen to go to the basement. Parts of the kitchen floor were missing. He warned us not to run if we should see mary or feel her. Because we could get hurt by falling through the floor. He was super serios. There was no door to the basement, just concrete stairs going down. He warned us again not to run. He seemed pretty sure we would see her but we didnt. But i can tell you this…more than mary hangs out in that basement. It felt heavy and i was slightly nauseated. I just wanted to leave. While i didnt see anything in the basement, i felt plenty. Also let me define basement. This was just a large downstairs/underground pantry/cellar that was reachable through the kitchen, out of which the lake tunnel used to run. I wish i could remember either of their names because they were super hosts and interesting people. By the way the owner had a cougar for a house pet. Ive seen it curled up in front of the fire in the caretakers house.

  12. I’ve never been able to tour the castle, but when I first saw it one day driving by the area I researched the property and found the story of the Lake Worth Castle It has a fascinating, entertaining, and sordid history all at once. There are no records of its construction or original owner, but its construction began in 1860. Originally the castle was known as Inverness Castle. Now it’s simply called The Lake Worth Castle and sometimes referred to as the Castle on Heron Bay. The original owner built the first wing for his soon-to-be bride. On the day of the wedding the bride’s dead body was found floating off the shore of Lake Worth. I’m sure there were suspicions, but it was never proved she was murdered. A month later the man married the dead bride’s sister. It’s said that you can see the ghost of the bride running across to the lake shore and vanishing there. Probably the same entity others have said they’ve seen in the windows or chased by.

    As time went on, the property changed hands several times and the next ownership records it being owned by the Whiting family in 1920 after it was lost to them in a poker game. I thought that was funny. But soon, tragedy hit the Whiting family after they moved in. Their young son committed suicide in there, then the place burned down to the point all that remained were the stones. After that the property changed numerous owners and fell into disrepair.

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