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At Lake Gardner, some say, the ghosts of children and adults who have drowned here can be seen and heard in the sandy and wooded areas.

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Geographic Information

Glen Devin St
Amesbury, MA
United States

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42.86425955447549, -70.94362521136645
Essex County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Amesbury, MA (0.8 mi.)
South Hampton, NH (1.5 mi.)
Merrimac, MA (3.8 mi.)
Seabrook, NH (4.2 mi.)
Kensington, NH (4.3 mi.)
Salisbury, MA (4.5 mi.)
Newton, NH (4.6 mi.)
Newburyport, MA (4.9 mi.)
West Newbury, MA (4.9 mi.)
Hampton Falls, NH (5.4 mi.)


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  1. ABSOLUTE BULL!!! I have lived in Amesbury my whole life, been to Lake Gardner and the surrounding woods hundreds of times, day, night, dusk, dawn – not only have I never experienced an incident, but I don’t recall anyone I’ve spoken with or know of or newspaper story or gossip or water-cooler talk about anyone else seeing/hearing/smelling/feeling any ghosts, sounds, laughter, or anything else that you would consider “paranormal”…such bull. Please do not sully the good name of this town with your childish fantasies about ghosts or any other non-existent phenomena. Thank-you.

  2. I agree with Greg I have been going to lake gardener since I was little and have never seen or even heard that people think the lake is haunted. This is news to me and I have lived in the area for 38 years.

  3. I used to live very near the lake, and I was not the only person to tell the home owner of the house I rented that I could sense a ghost. The house I lived in was at least 130 yes old. The whole time I was there, I always felt I was not alone. It was very strong. The former tenant and several visitors over the years had the same experiences. I was told. The woods were 20 ft from the house, Those woods terrified me. I could feel someone watching me when ever I walked back there. pretty scary!!!! I grew up playing in the woods,I was never afraid. there is something very different going on over there.

  4. I went to the lake from very small child and into my teens….day and night. My best friend lived on the lake and I have camped out in those woods right on the edge of the lake……NEVER heard any “haunting” sounds….

  5. I have felt prescence about half way up the trail and I’ve heard odd sounds several times. I always feel there’s an other worldly feel at lake gardner trails.

  6. A photo of Gardner Lake on April 8th 2021. Yes, I felt accompanied when traveling the trails for the first time to magnet fish in the lake that day. I believe the bottom of the lake has an abundance of metal objects as my magnet was constantly dredging up various items and magnetic shavings.

  7. this lake is in my back yard it has alot of history recently there was a drowning death of a 17 year old boy and up on powwow hill through the trails was an Indian burial ground I have seen strange lights at night up on the hill but during the day it’s a beautiful area

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