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Employees here say they’ve seen ghosts that come along with unexplained pounding sounds.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

4842 W Franklin Rd
Meridian, ID 83642
United States

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43.6051689, -116.45407699999998
Ada County, Idaho
Nearest Towns:
Meridian, ID (3.2 mi.)
Star, ID (6.3 mi.)
Nampa, ID (7.1 mi.)
Eagle, ID (8.0 mi.)
Kuna, ID (8.0 mi.)
Garden City, ID (10.9 mi.)
Middleton, ID (10.9 mi.)
Caldwell, ID (12.3 mi.)
Boise, ID (12.6 mi.)
Melba, ID (16.3 mi.)


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  1. This place is for a fact haunted, I danced there when I was younger and besides the pounding locker doors that cant open and wont stay open on their own would do just that. Later when I bartended there I was touched, equipment that was completly shut off would turn back on and on one occasion while I was alone getting ready to open the bar I turned and saw a man standing on the opposit side of the bar staring at me. You could just feel something there and being alone in the building is really unsettling, all you want to do is finish your work and get out. Whoever or whatever is there has no problem making itself known.

  2. I’ve never been in there, but live just up the street from there on Ten Mile. Does anyone know when the building was built, what the business was before or what was on the land before? Has anything “bad” ever happened there?

    • The neighborhood on black cat and ustick is definitely haunted. There are many spirits there. One of them seems to bug my best friend and I at night. We call him peeping Tom because he’ll be at a window and his presence is overwhelming (or it might be this other darker spirit I just discovered). We know there’s a little boy who hangs around in the neighborhood that must have been murdered and keeps directing us to this old creepy house. Just recently when we went to Walmart we sensed this powerful presence and it shut the lights off near the store and locked the car before we parked and I was fucking around with it and said if it was bad it would turn the light off but nothing happened then I asked if it was good and the same thing happened until we got home and it turned off a garage light on the house. Then it appeared in the bathroom and when I went to close the door the temperature was fucking hot! And u could tell it wanted to harm us but it couldn’t do much since it was wasting a lot of it’s energy. Later on the dogs started barking at the spot where I was sensing it at and it left bc of them. As you can see a lot of shit happens in this neighborhood especially at night!

  3. According to a long time patron, there was a dancer that was murdered around 1986-87. She was stalked by a ex-boyfriend and was stabbed in the parking lot. She was actually able to drive about a quarter mile west down Franklin Rd. where she ended up wrecking and died. Trying to find more info. The club is now closed and set to be demolished in the next few weeks. Has a long sordid history with tragedy, violence, and consequently hauntings and negative energy that remains.

  4. Yes,, the Kit Kat Club is gone. (darn it) I used to go there quiet a bit and I heard stories…. I found it to be haunted by beautiful girls who seemed to have an adversion to wearing clothes….

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