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We grew up in this pre-Revolutionary Farmhouse outside of Media, PA. My mother and three brothers all mentioned seeing an attractive woman in a white nightgown on several occasions. I personally never saw her, but I could sense her presence and pinpoint her location even when other’s couldn’t see her. There were two other spirits that I could clearly discern by sense: a protective fatherly persona that wondered the grounds outside the house and a not benevolent something in the basement.

Our dog absolutely refused to spend more than a minute or two in the basement and would quickly take off running for the stairs. Once, while I was working on repairing a small alarm clock in the basement, I suddenly became aware of the fact that something was in the shadows behind me. All of the lights had gone out, except for the work-light directly over my work-space. Even the lights in the laundry room area were out. Someone would have had to walk within arms length of me to flip the switch. Worst feeling I’d ever had there.

The woman was definitely benevolent. The dog would sit up, look expectantly up the steps as if it was someone she knew, and wag her tail whenever I sensed her coming down the steps. She liked children and especially babies. Our baby brother would stop crying shortly after she entered the room he was crying in and I could sense her nearby whenever I was lonely or depressed as a child. We believe she was a young woman who died in childbirth in a bedroom on the third floor in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I believe the family living there at the time were called the Matthews. An elderly man, who said the spirit might have been an older sister he never knew, stopped by in 1964 with photos of the house from when he was a young man.

I felt very comfortable with the wandering spirit in the back yard. It felt very fatherly and protective to me. I had the feeling it was the original owner (Benjamin Kirk) or one of his sons and was not related to the spirit of the woman in the house. I also got the feeling that it did not get along with the thing in the basement, and it may have even felt its job was to protect the house from it.

(Submitted by Rick Cole)

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Geographic Information

1041 Willowbrook Ln
Media, PA
United States

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39.930264, -75.395239
Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Media, PA (1.0 mi.)
Rose Valley, PA (2.4 mi.)
Lima, PA (2.6 mi.)
Swarthmore, PA (3.1 mi.)
Springfield, PA (4.0 mi.)
Rutledge, PA (4.0 mi.)
Morton, PA (4.1 mi.)
Broomall, PA (4.1 mi.)
Brookhaven, PA (4.3 mi.)
Parkside, PA (4.6 mi.)


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  1. Steve Walton SR  |  

    I grew up in Rose Valley, PA, in the house my Grandfather built for his wife, (my Grandmother) on Prices Lane. It was called “Rose Cottage” because her name was Rose. Next to that house is what used to be my great Uncle’s forge. And next to that, the house my great Uncle built as the home for he and his wife, ( my great Aunt ).
    When I was about 10, I was laying in bed, and saw a small glowing figure across the room. I was about to go over and see what it was when it advanced to me, growing in size. It was my Grandfathers face, who had died in the next room 5 years before I was born. I dove under the covers and waited… nothing happened, I went to sleep.

    When I turned 16, my Father had to sell our homestead as it was costing way too much for him to maintain. We moved 2 doors over into my Great Uncle’s home. He had passed way before I was born as well, but his wife was living in what used to be his forge, now transitioned into a home.
    It was a 2 story plus basement and garage. I had the entire second floor to myself, while my Parents lived on the first floor. This place WAS spooky. A flight of oak stairs led to the second floor, exiting to a sun porch at the top, and a bedroom to the right. To the left was a 1/2 bathroom and the hallway to main, large bedroom. Through the door, into that large bedroom, on either side were 2 closets made of cedar with cedar doors.
    One night, I was partying next to my bed when I heard a door slowly open…it was the cedar door to the left. It opened, then just as slowly shut. I heard the sound of footsteps, and the cedar door on the left closet slowly opened and the closed. Not being a believer in the supernatural, ( sorry Sam and Dean ), I thought it strange, but attributed it to the house being so old and perhaps it had settled a bit.
    Another night, I was in the bathroom, when I heard my bedroom door open, again, the sound like footsteps walking down the hall to that room to the right at the top of the stairs. I then heard the latch pop up, ( no doorknob, just an old style latch ), the door to that room open, then close and the latch closing.
    I called a buddy up and told him about all of the above. Now, he DID believe in spirits and such things. He drove down, and we set up one of my guitars on a stand, in that first bedroom, along with a lit candle. We waited at the door in the hallway, about 5 minutes or so, there was an odd noise…sort of like an owl might make, and the door popped open, the guitar was strummed once, and the candle was blown out. We set it up again, but nothing happened. So, we went back to my room, and sat on a bench I had in there. After a while, the right side closet door slowly opened, footsteps again, but this time, the main bedroom door opened, and did not close, but the sound of footsteps walking down the hall and down the stairs raised the hair on both our necks. back on the bench, we knew there was something going on…and it was not long before those footsteps could be heard walking up the stairs, down the hall and back into the right side closet, door opening, then closing. My buddy said he felt cold, and got goose bumps.
    The doors opening and closing, along with the sound of someone walking, happened a few more times throughout my time living there.

  2. Hi all,i used to live two doors away from this house when i was a young kid.the folks who owned it then (in the early 1970’s ) were the Cole family.spent many a day playing around the house and yard.NOT Haunted AFAIC.never saw anything out of the ordinary.

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