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Witnesses have reported such ghostly happenings as objects that are moved when no one is around, doors and cupboards that open and close by themselves, and orbs that appear in photographs.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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57 W Vine St
Tooele, UT 84074
United States

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40.5303964, -112.3001908
Tooele County, Utah
Nearest Towns:
Tooele, UT (0.1 mi.)
Erda, UT (5.7 mi.)
Stockton, UT (6.2 mi.)
Stansbury park, UT (7.4 mi.)
Grantsville, UT (9.9 mi.)
Copperton, UT (10.9 mi.)
Ophir, UT (11.3 mi.)
Rush Valley, UT (14.0 mi.)
Herriman, UT (14.1 mi.)
Oquirrh, UT (15.6 mi.)

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  1. I lived there and it is Haunted there is a women for sure on the 3rd floor. we would come home and the chair would be turned closet door open and she appeared once in my room after the death of my father. this is true!!

  2. there are a lot of ghost because in are hotel we have a old lady and a old man and a little boy he always plays with my tv or my shoes or door he got a hanger and threw it at me I talk to him sometimes and you can here him say stuff back like hello or he will ask me if I can here him and the 2 floor if you take a picture he can see a pretty lady just looking right at you.
    this is true!!!!!

  3. I used to work at the kirk. the third floor definitely has the most activity. one time i was cleaning the wall and when i walked back to grab the disinfectant and when i came back to where i just cleaned there were some bloody smudges. In the same day when i was cleaning the door handles i got to a room that was under construction, no one was in there but as i cleaned the door knob the door bumped shut… some weird going ons there

  4. We were walking through the 2nd floor halls we came back to one hall and there was a broken chair that was laid on the ground like it was thrown and no one was around

  5. Back when I was 8 years old me my mom an my brother lived on the third floor, I’m 24 now and remember this as it was just yesterday very frightful experience I had, my mom was great friends with the owner and his wife. I always had bad feelings about the place.. One day me and my brother were sitting in the livenroom when a vace shattered into millions of piece’s I thought wow maybe it was the wind that knocked it over due to the window was cracked a bit.. Then the day after I was in my room playing some music my mother was taken a nap. My bedroom blinds feel down an went up an back down an my radio station turned an then it turned off I imidiatly ran in there with my mom scared I told her she said its the wind I said no there’s no wind comen into my bedroom. That night my mother had went to the bar came home me and my brother were in bed asleep.. We herd her hollar my brothers name get ur ass in bed now we ran in there an said what going on she said y’all can just stop playing games we looked at each other an both said what we r asleep she said bullshit u was under my bed shaking it we said no we wasn’t even in here a few mins later she felt someone in her bed playing with her hair she turned the light on an nothing was there… After all this we stayed until I started seeing a lady standing in are window from out back in the yard… Very scarey place I couldn’t go back

  6. I lived at the Kirk for a year around 2002. I had several experiences when I lived there. Everything from voices and footsteps when no one else was around to things moving right in front of me when no one was touching them. At one point, Lizzy (she was a big old black dog that wondered from apartment to apartment, she didn’t really belong to any of us, she was the Hotels dog) would stay in my apartment with me at night because my husband wasn’t there and I would get nervous being there alone. I was laying on the couch half asleep, and she was sleeping on the floor next to the couch, all of the sudden I heard her start growling. All the hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stood on end, and I could hear strange voices that sounded like they were coming from my bedroom, but I knew that no one else was in the apartment with me. I thought that maybe it was someone out on the stairs or in the hallway, so I went over to my door, I could hear footsteps and the voices seemed to be getting closer. It sounded as if they were very angry, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but it was getting very loud. I opened my door to ask them to keep it down, but there was no one there. I walked out into the hallway and couldn’t hear any voices or footsteps anymore. I walked down the hallway to see if I could see anyone on the landing or the stairs and they were empty. I walked to the door for the outside stairs and went out on the landing to see if I could see anyone outside in courtyard, on the stairs or out on the roof across from my apartment, but everything was empty and everyone’s windows were shut. I never really felt like I was in danger, but I did feel uneasy there if I was alone.

  7. I used to work in the basement of the kirk and have taken mutiple pictures and have caught so many thing including orbs, ghostly faces, a little girl in the furnace room (where i worked)

  8. I currently live at the kirk, This place is the most haunted place i have ever known. one day i had just gotten home from food shopping and i was putting my grocery away when i opened my fridge and all i saw was a bright light and someone or something shouted zool. I was pretty freaked out so i naturally called up some experts, well the whole experience was pretty neat. got to meet some new people and also became a dog. Id recommended anyone to go check it out for yourself!

  9. I use to live there till I graduated and I would hear children’s giggling and having to wash down the hall way I would be in the Tony wash room on the 3rd floor and I see shadows move past. A piece of my life must reside there still my mother god rest her soul passed away in the apartment..if you smell pall malls it’s just her so don’t worry.

  10. The Kirk is not haunted. The smell of smoke is from the manager smoking in the maintenance room off of the court yard and tenants who smoke on the third floor out their windows. The manager has told many tenants of her skill in photo editing. If you look at the photos posted to The Kirk website, you will find that they do not resemble the actual appearance of the apartment. I would not believe any of the photographic “evidence.” Besides the multitude of mirrors and glare from lighting up the immense amount of dust particles this old building collects could easily be the cause for “orbs of light” showing up in photographs. The children giggling are the tenants children including the manager’s daughter playing hide and seek throughout the hotel. Mental health is a reasonable question when it comes to the people, who claimed to have encounters ghosts, living there. Especially, the old woman who lives in the basement and the man who claimed to be the maintenance man, though he is not. Broken furniture is often left in the halls by management.

    • Interesting perspective… or lack of. How long did you live there? 6 months? Maybe a year.. probably 3 months. Amazing that in your brief time at The Kirk you dismiss it’s History and disrespect it’s management. I can promise you that “she” didn’t have the time nor the desire to do what you are implying. Your blind insults and unfounded reasoning brings to question YOUR mental health. Most if not all the ghostly encounters on this or any site took place before the editing out of pipes.. trash cans or other blemishes for marketing purposes. Besides.. what do pictures on The Kirk website designed to show the individual units have to do with the topic being discussed. Did any of them claim to show anything paranormal? Did anyone mention seeing anything in the mirrors, which btw have been in every unit since the early 1990’s.

      Have you seen any of the “photographic evidence”? Do you know that two paranormal investigative teams, separated by 20 years, have taken with them undeniable photo and verbal “proof”?

      I could question your poor logic, obvious ignorance and complete disrespect for The Kirk’s tenants, management and their CHILDREN, but you’ve done the work for me. Besides, as you know MICHAEL, “she” and I run the place by ourselves and don’t have the time or energy it would take. Especially after picking up your dog’s feces that we watched your wife fail to pick up all over the property time and time again.

      Maybe you’d carry a different tune had “she” not taking the time smudge your apartment prior to your arrival you judgemental, ignorant, arrogant ass.

      Do your research and choose the correct forum next time you choose to slander The Kirk, it’s tenants, children and Management.

      We’ll see ya around,
      Jason & Karmen

  11. SupernaturalUver  |  

    Well i used to live there, I woke up in the morning and heard a loud scraping. I was thinking someone was moving in the floor above us. it was the 3rd floor. i asked my ‘brother’ actually a good friend if he knew what it was. He told me he hears that every morning, and a lady (apparition) close to the drags around a chair on the floor. Also my friend josh lived close nearby to me, and he said he heard a German Sheppard barking and roaming round the halls. He said he went outside and saw nothing but felt a freezing gust of wind. I know for a fact this old hotel is indeed Haunted.

    • That dog was believed to have been killed on site over a decade ago and now just haunts the building. I’ve seen him. It’s the ONLY “dog” mine will bare her teeth at.

    • My dog and I were taking a walk around in the hall and my dog started whining and barking when nothing was there. I started to get worried because I had knew the hotel was haunted, when I saw my dog turn around and start snapping at the air that’s when I turned around and saw a dog-ish shadow run and vanish in thin air. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

  12. I lived at the Kirk hotel while working at Dugway. Garth wanted a painting by his bike rack…i splattered paint on wall pressed a glass on wall…the next day we noticed all the faces coming out of wall…i wonder if it’s still there….i took a picture of the painting and clearly see faces

  13. I was there for work nearby about 8 years ago . I stayed in a lower level 2 bedroom unit with a co worker . I experienced 2 things. First, the presence didn’t like furniture to be moved. It would always move it back. Second, I was choked in my bed by a woman. When I stopped moving furniture it stopped . It never happened again.

  14. I am a current resident and we experience a handful of experiences a day. I have a one year old. I’ll here crying coming from her monitor when she’s not in her room. Occasionally I’ve heard a woman singing to her at night over the monitor. The 3rd floor is currently vacant of residency but I go up there to check out the construction and the new models and I’ve been pushed by nothing, have had doors slam back in my face, ive heard angry voices, and been told to leave. The scary experiences are on that floor. I’m on the 1st floor. I hear voices outside my door all day and no one is ever there. I’ve seen shadows walk down the hallway through my peep hole. Ive had a dark cloaked figure stare at me from outside my kitchen window(about 10ft from the ground to my window)and he’s occasionally knocked. He likes to stare in my daughter’s room at night. I recently found out the people who owned this property when it was still a hotel lived in my specific apartment. Im feeling there’s negative energy forcused on my unit because of this..

  15. I lived at The Kirk for a few months in late 2001. I’d heard the rumors that the place was haunted, and frankly, didn’t think much of that aspect. I’d joked with friends that since I was moving in in October maybe I’d go on a ghost hunt. I did actually wander the halls on Halloween night…I saw nothing. And for the first two months there I saw nothing. Then about midnight one night in Jan 2002 I got home and headed to my apt on the 3rd floor. That hallway coming from the main stairs was a bit “thought-provoking,” I mean 99% of the time you’d see no one else coming or going from their apartments. So when you would round the curve and see someone it would be memorable—not necessarily scary by any means, just different. Well this one night as I rounded the corner there was no one down the hallway. I headed to my door, almost half way down the hall, and when turned to unlock it I heard a light “swishing” sound to my left. I turned and about 30 feet down the hall was, literally, an “apparition” I guess you’d call “her.” An older woman in a black top (dress?), grayish long hair. I could only make out the upper half…she had no legs. She appeared to be looking past me, not acknowledging my presence at all. Well, I’m a scientist, and I’d always thought that I’d LOVE to see an “apparition” so that I could ask questions and examine the encounter. I was a bit taken aback seeing someone there, and as I realized that the “person”wasn’t real—somewhat see-through and with no lower half, I blurted out an odd question: “where are you from?” As soon as I started talking I noticed that the apparition seemed to fade, and as soon as I finished the question she was gone just like that. No words, and still appeared like she was looking past me, never really at me. And I don’t know what caused the swishing sound that made me turn to begin with. I went in my apt and spent some time pondering whether what I saw really just happened—it was shocking to me. Never seen such a thing. I would look for the “lady” in the hall for the remainder of January 2002, but never saw her again.

  16. My mom and stepdad ran the Kirk for 5 years and we have a little girl at the Kirk that we assume is about 6-7 and she like to play with the stuff around the hotel and we have an old women that would sit on the main stairs in her favorite chair and watch she once tried to reach out and touch me my first Christmas there because my older sister was carrying me up to our apartment and she didn’t want me to get hurt

    • My Husband And I And At This Time We Only Had 2-Of Our 3-Children Lived In The Hotel In 1973 And 1976-77. We Rented Monthly We Lived In The Bottom Floor-Not The Basement,Because At That Time The Basement Was The Washing Area It Held If I Remember Correctly 2-3 Washers And Dryers. I Hated Going Down There To Do Our Laundry. It Was Such A Creepy Area. All In All It Was A Nice Place To Reside. The Top Floor At That Time If I Recall Correctly Was Rented Out Weekly. The Main Floor Had A Pool Table A Phone Booth And Telephone Of Course And A Few Chairs And I Believe It Was For Renters To Just Gather To Socialize-Although I Rarely Saw Many Taking Advantage Of This Room. My 5-Year Old Daughter Who Is Now ,53 And Myself Would Hate To Have To Use Phone,Because Once Inside Was Not Quite As Easily Getting Out. It Would Seem As Though Someone Were Holding The Door To Keep Us In,So Needless To Say We Used It Very Rarely.y Daughter And Son Also Had A Couple Of Playmates Who Lived On The 3’rd Floor. They Would Sometimes Play On The Roof Area-They Were Allowed By The Parents. My Daughter Swore There Was A Elderly Lady With Grey Hair Who Would Be Bathing In A Clawfoot Tub Day And Night. Our Toilet Lid Would Close By Itself Also Our Bathroom Door And Ad I Related Before We Lived On Lower Level Floor. This Happened Do Often My Husband And I Gave The Ghost A Name I Don’t Know Where We Came Up With George,But The Name Just Sounded Right So That’S What We Called Him.

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