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King Richards Antique Center is housed in a structure that was built in 1903 and was once an old citrus packing house. Two workers reportedly have died here: One who was closed into a freezer in the basement and another who was crushed by falling machinery. Witnesses have reported black figures, appliances working when not hooked up to a power source, pictures jumping off the walls, and cold spots.

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12301 Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90602
United States

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33.9748634, -118.0462885
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Whittier, CA (0.8 mi.)
South Whittier, CA (1.0 mi.)
West Whittier-Los Nietos, CA (1.3 mi.)
Santa Fe Springs, CA (2.9 mi.)
Pico Rivera, CA (2.9 mi.)
Montebello, CA (4.1 mi.)
La Mirada, CA (4.4 mi.)
Hacienda Heights, CA (4.6 mi.)
East La Mirada, CA (4.8 mi.)
Avocado Heights, CA (5.3 mi.)

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  1. This place is right down the street from my house, it’s really cool to shop there too. Well everytime I’ve been there and I go to the lower level I seem to get really dizzy and light headed… It happens everytime…. There are also a lot of cold spots all over that building.. Either way it’s cool and I won’t stop going.. Lol

  2. a few years back a friend and i were looking around at all the interesting things. We landed up in a small room that had some old firemen items. As we entered the room we got very cold, neither one of said anything to each other, but a couple of minutes passed when at the same time we looked at one another and said, “i”m done looking here lets go” and go we did, we made a fast exit and once outside the room we both admitted to the strange and very uncomfortable feeling we had experienced and how cold the room felt. We never went back.

  3. I agree with Diane about the small room.It always gave me a “pressure on the head” similar to a si us headache and aclosed in feeling and I was always anxious to get out.
    The uncomfortable feeling disappeared as soon as I was out.
    Also, there isdefinitely. Someone in the southeast corner of the basement.very scary there. I saw a shadow going up a short stairway to a room back there. Some employees would not go near that corner. I spent a lot of time at KR

  4. i use to go there all the time when i was a little kid and my grandma toke me upstairs and i was scared shitless cause i could see tones of people staring at me a bunch of big black shadows i was able to distinguish between the antiuqs and the shadows that and in the back and the secdond was super haunted especially the small room since i happen to be more sensitve to that given the fact i was 7 that and turnbull should be on the whole town should be my house in whitter was right next to the canyon bevrealy bvd in case you want to see it its the biggest one there its re-done and i dont live there anymore

  5. A few years ago, me and my sister were there on the lower level shopping for clocks, when we turn to leave we heard a music box start playing all by itself. We heard the music box but could not locate then box, then my sister found it stashed behind some larger items out of sight. My sister than placed the music box in front of the sales area where it cab be seen by all who passed by.

  6. I went today to check out the location. They have many items that I found interesting. The atmosphere in some of the locations in the store are eerie, but I’m going to do some more investigating to confirm it’s haunted.

  7. Walking around with my husband, I started feeling dizzy and began getting a dull headache. Once we walked down the stairs to an area below, I suddenly got a vertigo feeling and my ears felt clogged, and I broke out in a sweat. The feeling of the room was heavy and I jokingly told my husband, “I feel dead people” I had to go back upstairs. We left right after that and within 2 minutes of being outside, I felt completely fine again. It’s called being an “empath” if you are able to “feel” the energy of passed souls. I feel this in all antique or thrift stores, but it was particularly heavy here.

  8. I almost died (or was seriously injured) there as a child! It was probably around 1958 or 59 and I was 5 or 6. My Mom was shopping there (It wasn’t King Richards then), Anyway, there is an old delivery driveway that goes under ground surrounded by a railing. I went hand over hand to the very end and was hanging over a 20 foot fall and realized that I could never make it back in time before my strength gave out! I started yelling and someone came out and rescued me.:) No Ghosts though.

  9. Me & my family always go to king Richards. We are mostly known by all the employees there. We’re practically #1 buyers in most of the booths. Anyways I have very strong senses & I sense a lot of tension in the basement. One day me & my sister went down there & me being me as a 13 year old called out to any spirts, within seconds I got an edgy feeling & suggested we go to the upper floor but when I passed the locked door by the stairs the door seemed to try to open. As if someone from the inside tried to open it but failed I immediately got the chills & ran up stairs. I looked a wrist and saw a small scratch. Whatever is down there isn’t a friendly spirt & surely didn’t like me wanting to communicate. Another spooky experience I had at King Richards was a room near the Barbie section down stairs. There was a strong odor near a door & a corner. I immediately remember bad spirts have a odor & could feel the coldness. I tell this day am “gifted” because i can see, hear, & sense things regular people can’t. & king Richards I have to say is haunted. All over the place you feel someone staring & watching your every move. You feel cold sports & erry feelings. Light headed & dizzy as my mother often feels when she’s shopping here. Well I’ll keep you guys updated with further investigation.

  10. A few years ago I was there with 2 friends and we where walking around, we where on the second floor and a object Flys out of a shelve and broke! It happened right in front of me and my friends saw it too including one of the workers, the workers had told us that it happens alot especially at night.

  11. I have been to this store several times by myself and with my good friend and or my husband. Today my friend and I both smelled a STENCH ! like a seis pool (typo) or worse! it was BAD ! really bad ! and we both smelled it on the main floor exiting one of the aisle to walk down the stairs to the 2nd floor where Eddie Munster room is located. As soon as we went down the stairs we didn’t smell it anymore as soon as I stepped down to that floor I got an INSTANT HEADACHE! I felt a coldness which I have felt there on that floor before towards the back. The one room right before Eddie Munster’s room when we were about to exit that floor I got a very heavy feeling and got scared. As soon as we went back upstairs my headache was GONE INSTANTLY! But we smelled that rotting smell again ! When I asked the cashier what the smell was she just laughed and said “the building’s old” Yeah right! we never smelled that rotting smell before! and I’ve read rotting smell is a bad spirit.

  12. I grew up in Whittier, and I knew Richard Bowlin (neighbor) who was King Richard. My mom also had a few spaces there in the early days. In between the fruit packing and the antique mart, the space was a straight up junk…or to be more progressive..salvage/upcycle spot when Bowlin bought it. When a building has that much history, and holds content of “things” disposed by way of estate sales, antique dealers etc.. there is sure to be a lot of activity that holds on. I recall as a child walking around in there before it was an antique mart, and more of a salvage site…my dad liked to go there when it was more salvage and I would get to go with always felt like I was being watched, and this was in the 70’s before hi-def cameras. A Whittier institution..coincidentally very close to the Fred C. Nelles juvenile facility.

  13. I’ve been going there for years and never felt anything until yesterday! They opened up the top floor so I was wandering around and I heard children playing in the back of the floor. I walked back there but nobody was there and the sound stopped. I walked away and heard it again! So I walked back there but again, nobody was there. There were no windows and no doors open to the outside at all. Then I felt that I was being watched. It was a feeling like I wasn’t welcome up there. I continued to shop, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling. So I went down to the main floor and I felt better there. Something is in that building!

  14. Oct. 28 2017 around 4pm was my first time entering King Arthur Antique shop with my husband James. The first thing I sense was a spooky feeling which I text my sister right away. I stop to inquire about any paranormal activity because I started getting cold. The day was in the mid 80’s, nice and warm and so was inside the shop. A young man didn’t or couldn’t give out such information. So I continue looking around and certain areas were just getting very cold. I told my husband that I felt like I was in Alaska. I was shaking, trembling and very unsettled. Also a sense of being in another era. Although I fell in love with their antiquities I knew there was activity.

  15. I never knew that king richards was haunted I remember when I was just there in September was downstairs checking it out there were some very cold areas like refrigerator cold then walk a couple of feet it was like walking through a curtain sounds of lumber being cracked into I thought it was a employee

  16. I used to play in there as a child. On a pool table on display I remember a few friends and would go there after school and play on the pool table and check out all the cool stuff. I also remember feeling those “cold spots” throughout the different stores and isle of old antique toys and knick knacks of all kinds. We always used to say that place has ghosts…

    Whittier resident since the the 70s

  17. I was stopped at the top of the stairway leading to the upstairs floor of the store.
    Somebody was standing at the top stair, facing me as I walked up.
    A “Get Out” feeling came over me.
    Whoever it was, did NOT want me up there.
    I honored them. I turned around and left the store. I told the woman at the desk. She affirmed that there have been many reports and that things get moved around.

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