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Ball Hall at Keuka College is rumored to be a hot spot for the spirit set. George Harvey Ball himself, the college’s founder and original president, is the one believed to be doing the haunting. Witnesses say TV’s turn off by themselves, beds move, and a ghostly woman’s voice has been heard. In Room 423, some have noticed a feeling that they were being watched. The smell of cologne and objects that had obviously been moved add to the mystery.

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Geographic Information

141 Central Ave
Keuka Park, NY 14478
United States

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42.61520240815728, -77.09053462745942
Yates County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Keuka Park, NY (0.1 mi.)
Penn Yan, NY (3.7 mi.)
Dresden, NY (8.3 mi.)
Dundee, NY (8.6 mi.)
Sylvan Beach, NY (10.4 mi.)
Prattsburgh, NY (11.9 mi.)
Rushville, NY (12.2 mi.)
Hall, NY (12.4 mi.)
Gorham, NY (12.9 mi.)
Lodi, NY (13.6 mi.)


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  1. I currently attend Keuka college, and trust me, it is not Just Ball Hall that has activity!
    Ball hall has a deceased couple, as well as GHB himself.
    The chapel has major activity, mostly at night.
    The lake has a princess who is very moody!
    Even our brand new building (Keuka Commons) has some residual energy that got turned up with the soil.
    Harrington Hall has the spirit of the Old RD ( he is pretty cool, say hello to him he likes to be called 119)
    Hegeman hall some chill energy upstairs, but once you hit the basement, that all changes.

  2. I attended Keuka in 88-89 as part of the first class of men at the college. After putting up with crazy drunks coming back to campus at all hours, Myself, and a couple other RAs would go up into the 5th floor attic area and scream, yell, stomp and call the elevator up, freaking out kids, who claimed, it was haunted… I was in room 403. Never had a problem…

  3. I did most my work late at night either in the main lobby or green room of space hall. I’ve had some FREAKY stuff happen. From windows that can only open manually, ( you would understand if you saw them) swinging open. To a girl asking u for help… look all you want. There is no girl there.

  4. Space hall definitely has some activity as well. I’ve consistently heard knocking on my door to open it and have nobody be in the hallway. The green room windows open by themselves and they’re hard to open manually to begin with. The Oak Room has a girl that I swear I’ve seen out of the corner of my eye reading a book only to look over and her be gone.

  5. Hauntings are definitely not just something that occurs at Ball Hall. At Space Hall, there is a spirit that had been nicknamed “Pearl” and “Space Queen”. Tonight specifically, a friend was just possessed by this spirit while we attempted a group reading twice, then again afterwards at around 3:00 am.

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