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Once the Kern County Kids Shelter, the Mexican restaurant Sinaloa’s 100-plue-year-old building is said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity. The feelings experienced here are generally good ones, reports say.

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Geographic Information

2031 P Street
Bakersfield CA
United States

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35.37749596516757, -119.01214848717194
Kern County, California
Nearest Towns:
Bakersfield, CA (0.5 mi.)
Oildale, CA (2.9 mi.)
Greenacres, CA (5.5 mi.)
Rosedale, CA (7.5 mi.)
Greenfield, CA (7.5 mi.)
Fuller Acres, CA (7.8 mi.)
Lamont, CA (9.8 mi.)
Weedpatch, CA (11.1 mi.)
Edmundson Acres, CA (14.8 mi.)
Cherokee Strip, CA (15.3 mi.)


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  1. Victoria Barton  |  

    I was there today. it is not a busy part of town. it felt very peaceful almost. like it was in the middle of nowhere and not in the middle of a city. felt very serene and happy

  2. I live in Bakersfield, CA and have eaten here many times over the past 40+ years. Although I’ve never personally seen or heard anything, I have talked to the waitresses who have worked there 30-40+ years and they all say it is definitely haunted. They say the most haunted spot is the bar area upstairs and that they have a hard time keeping a bartender because no one wants to be up there alone. I know that for me personally I have ALWAYS HATED the ladies restroom. I am always scared to death in there and that has NOT changed over the years! (Oh and the food is great here too!)

  3. Mary satterfield  |  

    So…. years ago I was meeting friends at Sinaloa restaurant in old downtown. I’d never been there before and had only went because my two male friends asked to meet there. The entire restaurant looks like it’s from the 1970s? Velvet pictures, orange booths and green walls. We were the only people in this place besides a couple who I had been low key staring at (the back of their heads) off and on for about a half an hour. So after a beer and some chips and salsa I notice something is off…. Suddenly there was a 3rd body sitting in between the couple. A young girl about 10/11 years old, long blonde pony tail and tall enough to see her hair and neck. I stare at her wondering where she came from and started to notice odd things…
    1. The parents were both Mexican and she was white as.. well a ghost.

    2. She did not speak to them.
    Like, at all.

    3. She did not move. at all.
    No head turning, no laughing, no talking, no signs of the annoying 10 year old that resides in most girls her age.

    4. They did not speak to her AT ALL.

    5. The booth was made for two people. A child that large with two adults would naturally have sat on the other side because.., personal space, elbow room etc…

    So after noticing all of this I turn to my male friend and say.. hey, you see that blonde head child sitting there? I don’t think she’s there. I tell him my reasonings and as I’m whispering it the child’s head whips around SO fast and she grits her teeth at me. Just stares at me gritting her effing teeth and then promptly whips it back around to blank stare the wall. SO….. I freak. I cracked the code! I’m a genius. She could hear me and it made her mad (all this I’m whispering to my friend while he’s scared shitless)
    Very quietly and surprised as hell I whisper OMG SHE’S NOT THEREEEE! SHE’S PRETENDING those are her parents!!! They can’t see her!!! Omg!!! she WHIPS back around and starts growling. Her teeth are soooo long and her eyes are sunken in, she looks insane and angry and on that note we JUMP up and run Up a stairwell to a bar that looks like it crawled right out of the shining. There is a balcony outside of the bar that views the entire parking lot and we are having a beer standing around talking about it when we see the couple leave ALONE…. no child in tow, nobody but the two of them holding hands together and driving off. About a half hour later the old man that owned the place came out and of course I had to ask… sir, are there ghosts around here frequently? He says every night they are closing up music starts blaring from inside the walls. He said they gutted the place like a fish (his words not mine) but they’ve never located the music. I asked what the place was before it was a restaurant and he says….
    AN ORPHANAGE. the end. M

  4. I have been eating there since I was a child and my family knows the owners family well. As an adult some friends and I got permission from the owner to spend a night there. Witnessed many incidents that night. We stayed upstairs in the bar area. One door open and closed on its own. Saw a shadow figure run from one end of the bar to the other side and disappear into the wall. We got a EVP say “We had a fire here”. The owner later confirmed that was true. He told us you could not know that because I never told you about. Sadly, the building and restaurant are now for sale.

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