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Kennedy Brothers Memorial Apartments are rumored to be built on top of an old cemetery. Now, folks say they are haunted. Witnesses have reported disembodied footsteps, the sound of crying, and a ghost girl. The sound of someone playing basketball has been heard in the gym when no one was using the courts, and much more activity has been reported. In May 2014, a woman, age 60, was found burned to death inside one of the apartments. The cause of the fire was unknown.

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447 S. Schutz
El Paso, TX 79907
United States

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31.6850439, -106.33280669999999
El Paso County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Socorro, TX (2.7 mi.)
Socorro Mission Number 1 Colonia, TX (4.2 mi.)
Sparks, TX (5.5 mi.)
Horizon City, TX (7.4 mi.)
San Elizario, TX (7.8 mi.)
Clint, TX (9.0 mi.)
Fort Bliss, TX (10.0 mi.)
El Paso, TX (10.4 mi.)
Morning Glory, TX (10.5 mi.)
Agua Dulce, TX (11.6 mi.)


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  1. desiree love cadena  |  

    I saw the little girl in our master bedroom. Little girl looking straight at me. Dog barked and clothes fell which was hanging from my doorknob. Apartment #347.

    • I lived in the kennedy brothers from 2010-2016 and we experienced many paranormal things. I saw my sister’s ghost in the restroom once, then walked into her room only to find her there. I also saw a black figure standing in between mine and my brother’s bed. We’d always hear our names being called from downstairs at random times, we would hear dishes clashing together in the middle of the night, my brother saw a man with a hat in our closet. One year on July 4th, I was looking outside at the fireworks and I looked down to see a woman standing at the lamp post in front of the cemetery. Almost immediately after I saw her, she vanished. I honestly had trouble sleeping sometimes because I’d get so paranoid and scared. In the master bedroom specifically, most of us experienced sleep paralysis and anytime one of us would stay home alone we’d get an uneasy feeling particularly while being downstairs. I once had the TV turn off and turn back on it’s own late at night, it was weird. Could have been a glitch but it was pretty creepy. Anyway, that and more has happened to us true stories I grew up in Apt 92.

  2. cameron martinez  |  

    I lived there and my sister saw this girl in my moms room. I used to see a lot of things there and i had an expirence where i saw a little girl and my sister wanted to close the door then the girl told me she would come in the room if i did

  3. I lived in apt 117 growing up. There was a man dressed like he was in the navy but from the 1940s he walked from the front room on the right of the stair case straight accross to the back room. On the left was my room my window faced the back yard willow tree. A man lived in my closet he came out at night and watched me sleep sometimes the middle of my bed would push up like if it was kicked so id wake up. Theres a little kid that plays on the stairs at night she peaks her head over to the kitchen or living room and ud see her shadow. The doors would be knocked on. Doors opened and closed. You always felt like someone was watching u from the staircase. My moms room the main bedroom her door would slam and her stuff in the closet would be thrown off the top shelf. I actually wanted to interview the pple who live there now

  4. I have lived at the Kennedy’s for 12 years and my experience has been that I hear footsteps and I hear people talking, and I see shadows of kids walking around. Also I felt someone sitting at the edge of my bed and after a while just leaving until one day my niece said that there was a little girl sitting on the edge of my sisters bed and playing with the yoga ball we had.

  5. Family lived in the Kennedy’s (that’s what we called them back then) when they were first built in the ’70s. And yes, they are built over a cemetery-we saw the movement of “dirt”. You know there is that cemetery on Zaragoza Rd-that entire cemetery was all the way to Padilla. We used to see a man in a white t-shirt, would hear dogs barking, glassware clinking, pots & pans rattling…like if someone is preparing to cook – so much racket that my dad thought it was mom preparing breakfast! Things got really spooky that we even had the apt blessed by a religious party! We would also see someone walk to a pay phone that used to be near the office & basketball courts… but then disappeared when he actually got to the phone. We got really scared when my dad was pushed down the last 2 steps…he said he felt a hand on his back and thought it was one of my brothers’, until he turned around & saw NO ONE. All true. lived from 1972-1076, apt 359

  6. all true! we lived there when the Kennedys were first built in the 70s. The cemetery extended all the way to padilla from Zaragoza -we witnessed the movement of “dirt”….they were built on top of the “dirt”….similar to the movie Poltergeist.
    apt 359

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