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This road, also called the Mystery Mile by residents, is said to be haunted. What else could the explanation be for strange white apparitions and the tendency for animals here to turn from tame to fierce and bloodthirsty? Strange sounds are also heard along this road and in the forest through which it cuts.

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Geographic Information

Kelly Road
Ohioville, PA
United States

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40.65833310983291, -80.43555185659181
Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Industry, PA (1.4 mi.)
Midland, PA (1.9 mi.)
Shippingport, PA (2.1 mi.)
Ohioville, PA (3.4 mi.)
Georgetown, PA (3.5 mi.)
Glasgow, PA (3.8 mi.)
Hookstown, PA (4.5 mi.)
Beaver, PA (7.3 mi.)
Chester, WV (7.4 mi.)
Calcutta, OH (7.5 mi.)


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  1. Mary Melissa Knight Deeter  |  

    Kelly Road is not Mystery Mile. Mystery Mile is located as part of Wolfrun Road. Also it is in Industry. I grew up on Kelly Road & have traveled both Kelly & Wolfrun including the part That is called Mystery Mile, at night, & never experienced anything unusual. It got the name years ago when it was laid down. Can not remember details now but something about that they laid down the start of the road & stopped. It was called that because of why would they place it there & not finish. Years later they finished it. But the main part of the road on Wolfrun was used up to where you turn off to go up hill to head towards Midland. I can not remember that roads name. But when the paved it, they extended part of the paving from that point, for about a mile & stopped. The rest, if I remember the story right, was a dirt road that years later, got finally paved. By that time it was known as Mystery & people already, not knowing why it was named, made up tall tales. The only ghost story I heard as a kid was about a girl ghost, hitch hiker that if you stop & she gets in & won’t talk & then disappears from your back seat. My Aunt said she had a cousin die there in her teens, during the 70’s & she is suppose to be that ghost. None of my other family has seen or heard of any ghosts. My opinion, including the story of the girl, are all false. It was named because nobody knew why they paved a mile of it for no reason & then stopped. People thought it should have stopped at the hill & the rest stay dirt.

    • brayden knight  |  

      Thabk you so much for stating that it is wolf run rd..everybody says it is Kelly rd but I live on kelly and it is not mystery mile. .you are one of a few smart people out there

    • brayden knight  |  

      Do you actually live on kelly rd? Because if you did then you would know that wolf run is mystery mile. So therefore im sorry that you are a wrong person.

  2. They’re making a movie about mystery mile. Sounds like they’re going with Wolf Run Road as the location. (

  3. Johnathan Flaim  |  

    It is Wolf Run Road. i used to live on kelly road. mystery mile is wolf run. i take it every day to and from work. and when u walk the road u just have an uneasy feeling the whole time. there is only one street light at the beginning of kelly road which comes off of wolfrun and goes to engle.

  4. That road is very very very haunted. I’ve have had plenty experiences on that road. An so have others. I can go on for hours the stuff we have seen an heard. Stop making are cars stop dead in the middle of the road. Seeing kids walking on the road an when u stoop to speak with them they are gone. Like I said could go on for hours. We used to walk them roads all the time when we was in r teens. Then drive them when we got drivers licenses. Shit is very scary at night an u can feel that something does not want u to be there. Rushes u to go an keep going. Anyways gotta look behind ur back bc u think something is coming up on you. It’s the most worst feeling ever. Use to hate it. Never walked the road unless there was a group of us walking. Would never drive on that ride alone. I can feel spirits there an they are not good ones. Ugh I got the creeps talking bout it Now. Took my girl an her mother on that road tonight they said the same thing that they felt uneasy feeling ever an it wasn’t a good feeling it was a unwanted feeling.

  5. Does anyone know about a little White House or shack? It is said to be somewhere on mystery mile along with a wishing well that a girl fell into. I have a friend who lives in midland since he was younger and he found the well but not the house. The house is said to be home to witches and be extremely haunted. Another scary story is no face, he had no features just a burnt face and would scare people on the right bendy road. I’m just looking to find the house and well anyone let me know at my email. thank you.

  6. Charlie No Face was a real person. He was burned in an accident with trolley cables in Beaver Falls. My dad said about seeing him as a kid or teenager.

  7. Robert Cumberledge  |  

    I think Paradise road is more haunted in Industry than Kelly road is because of the green spirits that can bee seen towards the end of the road near Wolfe run.
    We were told the road was called witches hallow.

  8. Is there a half human half animal on that road. I can sense it! I don’t know why! But people need to keep there windows up at all times going down that road!

  9. Another thing! When we went down that road. My friend had seen a little girl about 6 or 7 crawling up a hill with a white dirty slip. And long sandy brown hair. Can someone give me an explanation of the history of this?! She was climbing up the hill and digging into the hill as if clawing her way up it real fast! Thanks Marie

    • There was a little girl who lived on the road and was killed there in the 50s. The murder remains unsolved. That’s the only verifiable story relating to a little girl. Never heard of any ghost activity tied to this story though.

  10. What part of Kelly road I live in ohioville for 20 some odd yrs and only heard but never seen and plan on going down the road the ghost hunt and find out if it’s real.thank you

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