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Juxa Plantation, formerly the Gregory Plantation, is no longer an inn but a private residence.

Original owner Jehu Gregory was once said to haunt the place. His ghost was seen most often in the on-site family cemetery. But so the tale goes, after the repair of some tombstones, Jehu never made another appearance. Still, other odd things happened in the house. Witnesses heard arguing and singing coming from empty rooms, and pillows were rearranged by unseen hands.

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Geographic Information

117 Wilson Rd
Union, SC 29379
United States

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34.66939896779495, -81.54129689444278
Union County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Monarch Mill, SC (4.1 mi.)
Union, SC (5.7 mi.)
Carlisle, SC (6.9 mi.)
Buffalo, SC (9.0 mi.)
Lockhart, SC (9.3 mi.)
Whitmire, SC (12.2 mi.)
Jonesville, SC (14.0 mi.)
Gayle Mill, SC (17.3 mi.)
Cross Anchor, SC (18.1 mi.)
Chester, SC (18.7 mi.)


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  1. I’ve personally been inside this house walked the driveways and seen a white figure in an upstairs window my dad done work in t b e house because some of his friends family owned the place he’s had multiple encounters there as In a bed upstairs shaking and lifting off the ground him and his buddie was working on some floors in the house one day my dad went upstairs to cut off the bathroom light hot downstairs seen it was back on asked his buddy did he cut it back on he said no I was in the kitchen downstairs so they went up my dad cut off the light it came back on he told his friend to quit messing with him said I didn’t mess with it so my dad cut off the light and kept his hand over the switch and it came back on they left in a hurry and my dad got pushed out the door while trying to close and lock it

  2. Does anyone now the new owners of this places would love to get permission to investigate this plantation from Edge Paranormal Research

  3. Kristen Gregory  |  

    My family owns this plantation, and it is VERY haunted. I often see my great x4 grandfather lurking in the halls at night, and I always smell my great x4 grandmothers perfume, even though she died 100 pus years ago, and I have even talked to her. She promises her family is nice, but my great great great great grandfather is shy.

  4. Dear Kristen,

    Thanks for your interesting comments of 10 May 2017.

    I live in Brussels, Belgium.

    I was recently (July, 2017) in Abbeville, S.C., attending a Bowie family reunion.

    I had promised an old friend of mine from college–Sundra Gregory Malcolm, now residing in Eugene, Oregon, that I would drivé by Juxa

    Plantation and take a few photos. (Sundra is a

    fourth or fifth generation granddaughter of Isaac Gregory.)

    Unfortunately, I did not have the name and

    address of Juxa with me at the time, nor Sundra´s telephone number (I received them from Sundra the day after I had been in the area.) .

    Hence, I was not able to find and drive by Juxa..

    However,. I will be returning to South Carolina in the near future to begin building a cabin in the Eastatoee Valley (near Pickens, S.C., on some land in the mountains near N.C. that I inherited. So, I will have another opportunity to come by Juxa.
    I hope I will be permitted to take a few photos.(I would also love to meet yours and Sundra´s great x4 grandfather and great x4 grandmother, although this privilege may be reserved for relatives. )

    Sundra has sent me some of the Gregory family history, which I also find really fascinating.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,
    Randall Bowie,

    • Hollie Gregory Gentry  |  

      Kristen were related then. I have not had the chance to visit the plantation yet. My parents moved to Michigan before I was born.

  5. I’m learning About my family’s history and my dad side Gregory come to find out my great×5 grandfather owned this plantation I can’t wait to book a trip to go visit my heritage

  6. Christopher Newman  |  

    My family is the original founder I’m related by 100% blood by Isaac Gregory
    Gerard Gregory
    Mary Gregory
    Alfred W. Gregory
    Malinda C. Gregory
    Sarah Elizabeth Carnathan wife of My 3rd great grandpa James Walton Herring they had a son James Windom Herring and he had a son Rufus Allen Herring he had a son Rufus Gene Herring which is my grandpa he had a daughter Brenda Marie Herring and she had me

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