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Jaquin’s Pond is legendary in local ghost stories. The area is basically a swampy woodland with some narrow dirt roads through it and three bridges. All three bridges are said to be haunted by George, a former school bus driver who killed himself in despair when a little boy died in an accident involving his bus. Legend has it that those who stop at the third bridge and say George’s name three times will hear their car doors lock and see George’s ghost appear. According to another legend, a fork in the road splits into two paths called the Light Path and the Dark Path. The Dark Path is said to be a popular spot for teen suicides.

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Geographic Information

Caflisch Rd
Clymer, NY
United States

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42.01623800671261, -79.60283195920056
Chautauqua County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Clymer, NY (1.4 mi.)
Columbus, PA (5.3 mi.)
Bear Lake, PA (5.4 mi.)
Corry, PA (6.9 mi.)
Panama, NY (7.4 mi.)
Sherman, NY (9.9 mi.)
Elgin, PA (10.7 mi.)
Wattsburg, PA (10.7 mi.)
Sugar Grove, PA (13.8 mi.)
Spartansburg, PA (13.9 mi.)


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  1. I just moved into a very old house in Corry pa. I often hear someone walking upstairs and to the first landing coming downstairs. I have been frightened by hard, loud knocks from the basement door. I unlock the door immediately and nobody is there. I walk down the steps and the outside door will be locked, as the landlord keeps a padlock on the outside. The first time I thought it was a joke. The second time I searched to find an answer to debunk it. I also asked a few friends to help me figure it out, as it only happens in the early hours of the morning and only a few times during the month. We found nothing. Then one morning my 3yr old was talking to someone through the door and I heard a faint giggle. Once again I unlock the door quickly and yell hello. Nothing. I went down yesterday looking for a wrench when I realized a small wooden door that is locked with more than one kind of lock. All needing a key. When I asked my landlord about it he told me that part of the basement is unfinished and unsafe to be in and he doesn’t want a lawsuit. I told him about the noises and loud knocking. He said it’s an old house with lots of sounds of settling. I would have let it go, but my neighbor over heard some of our conversation. As soon as my Landlord left, my neighbor ran up to me and told me how the last girl left in the middle of the night without any prior notice to the landlord, and they payed my neighbor to clean it out. She told me how surprised she was that I had moved in only two weeks later. I asked my neighbor if the girl had complained about anything strange or frightening in the house. The girl had told the neighbor that she was awakened by very loud powerful knocks from the basement door every now and again, and that her young toddler was talking to voices behind the door at times. She too would investigate the sounds and found nothing. She went as far as having the police search the whole house and surrounding area with no avail. I have searched archives and have found nothing on the history of the house or area. I had been living a few blocks away with a friend just prior to moving and He was terrified at times outside, because he continued to hear a little girl talking to him once in a while and he felt he was going crazy. I believe the two hauntings are connected. I feel that there must have been some kind of accident involving children or perhaps a crime against children in this area.

  2. I’m actually from Panama I went to school out there and I used to visit Corry all the time due to my grandma going to church out there. What part of Corry is this? and I definitely agree with Rachel I would get a priest to come especially if your child is talking to random voices, you can never be too careful.

  3. I’m from the area. I don’t live in Clymer, but very close in a near by town. I’ve heard this story for many year’s. I have never been there, but the people around the area say it is true. This might be why I’ve never been there. I’m very curious and would like to see, but the story is so real around here, it makes me not want to go. Messing around with spirits is not a good idea. From what I hear this place is the real deal.

    LEE: Your place might have some serous shit going on. You need to address this imminently. I just looked at the date you wrote this. I hope by now you have figured it out. GOOD LUCK!

    • I grew up in clymer, we often went on hayride to yell George 3x and nothing ever happened. The road is closed now I believe, but we as teenagers went so many times and nothing happened. This guy is talking about a house in Corry that has nothing to do with 3 bridges road and George. It just something fun to do as a teen, nothing ever happened and i was there probably more than 50 times. Its false.

  4. theres a store front in corry that is haunted, I have been in there many times, and seen ppl, and heard them whispering.none of the other places has this. very creepy place.

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